Koh Rok By Touch Your Life

My unexpected trip to Koh Rok due to my trip to Koh Mattra was cancelled due to storm.

My journey started from Bangkok to Trang

Spending a night on the mainland at Trang Andaman Resort and 2nights on Koh Rok

Quan Trang Ku Pier: taking boat to Koh Rok (2hours)

Arriving to Koh Rok and going for diving after lunch

This trip we camped 2 nights on the island, it was comfortable, and had national park staffs take care of cleanliness in the area.

Koh Rok was quite shady and peaceful due to most of tourists were coming with a day trip package which mostly were foreigners.

So there was only us...

It was about time to discover the under water world.

I was so glad that we had seen Koh Rok Waterfall. It was very impressive because mostly of the time we could not see as there was no water up there.

Then continue with diving trip at other islands around here...

Stone Grouper and Red Seabass

You must try Trevally (see the menu for dinner)

The green one is Marine Algae.

There was still plenty full of corals and some of them were hard to find.

After diving, we went back to the island and waiting for a big dinner.

Koh Rok was so quiet and peaceful by the time we got back..

Umm...Smell so good^^

Fresh fish and octopus (Guarantee quality)

This was the highlight menu: Trivially Sashimi dripped with wasabi, it was very delicious even more than salmon I would say.

Grouper menu: Chu Chi and Crispy fried with garlic

After sharing our idea at late night, we went to bed in the peaceful atmosphere.

In the morning, the beach was still our private area, so we were walking around, taking photos and enjoying the peaceful moment.

Another diving trip...

Star Fish

Wholly corals

Dish Coral

Feather Star

Brain coral

Tridacna Gigas

Clownfish in Sea Anemone

It was not easy to get those beautiful photos, we had to go down quite deep.

We must concentrate and try to clear our ears with in one breath when ears block.

After tried of diving, we went back to Koh Rok for dinner.

This was our dinner, Indo-Pacific King Mackerel

Siting down by the beach and waiting for sunset

Local style of grilled King Mackerel

King Mackerel Sashimi

After dinner, we were talking to national park officer about how to keep the beautiful Koh Rok for as long as possible before went to bed.

Boiled rice with King Mackerel and hot coffee was such a nice breakfast.

After that, we had to pack our back and go back to the city.

Before went back to Bangkok, we went to dive at Emerald Cave and Yai Cave.


Such a peaceful day at the Emerald Cave

At Yai Cave, we saw many sea fans and soft corals which was very beautiful.

Time to go home

Thank you all national park officer for taking care of us the whole trip.

For more information about camping on Koh Rok you can visit our page here:


Rapeepol Wuttipanichakul

 Monday, February 8, 2016 11:04 AM