Today, I feel excited to visit The oshino hakkai village. One of the famous Thai tourist. All the best transportation starts here at Kawaguchiko Station

map of Oshino Hakkai Area.

I take a bus at 08.00 hour. It is hardly no one on the bus. Don't worry about it. The bus run by schedule.

30-minute ,the bus arrive here.

Across the road to small alley ,walk 10 minute. you will see the pond no.7

Green moji. No English! It is written by Thai. ha...haa..

It looks like pork meatball.

Ah! I want to eat some of them.

The pond looks crystal clear as well as the koi fish.

A short video of me.

I like those fish a lot.

This is the most famous Nigori Pond.

- History of Oshino Hakkai Village -

Oshino Hakkai (忍野八海) is a touristy set of eight ponds in Oshino, a small village in the Fuji Five Lake region, located between Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanakako on the site of a former sixth lake that dried out several hundred years ago. The eight ponds are fed by snow melt from the slopes of nearby Mount Fuji that filters down the mountain through porous layers of lava for over 80 years, resulting in very clear spring water that is revered by the locals.

I want to swim so bad. ha..haaa.

Next to one pond, visitors can drink the cool water straight from the source. The ponds are quite deep and have interesting freshwater plant life and large fish that make a visit to the ponds almost like visiting an aquarium. Although the ponds have been developed into tourist attractions and can become quite crowded with visitors, they have a pleasant atmosphere as long as you do not expect untouched nature.

I like the local minimart.

I want to take Koi back home.

Thanks for reading.

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