I speak only Thai,but you can see how the cave looklike is.

This is my first time to visit Ice cave. When I googled it, I feel surprised how the ice stand inside the cave in Summer. That´ll make this one is extraordinaryMy guesthouse is about half-kilo from Kawaguchiko station. It is good for walking exercise.

I have a Fuji-Hakone 3-day Unlimited Pass. It can take all the bus in 5 lakes around Mount Fuji. If you don´t have it, there are several option ticket which you must contact the office at the station.

Today, I will take Green Line to Fugaku-Fuketsu cave from Kawaguchiko. Look at the photo below.

****Another option bus from Kawaguchiko Station, You can take the Fujikyuko Kawaguchiko Line Or Fujikyu Yamanashi "Saiko/Aokigahara Area Tour Retro" It takes about 1 hour to Fugaku Fuketsu ****

walk to the Jungle 5-minute

At least,I arrive at ticket booth.

I deicide to buy the combine ticket. I get 100 Y discount.

Single ticket

Ticket Adult 350 Y

Child 300 Y

I get the ticket.

The wind cave is more easier than the ice cave. It is only me to find out.

The information board is written both English and Japanese.

I am ready to get in there.

I can feel how the mystery cave is.

It is a bit chilling here.

Fugaku (富岳風穴 / Fugaku Wind Cave)

201 meters long with an average height of 8.7 meters, is found in the Aokigahara area. It is so named from Fugaku (富岳), a literary name for Mt. Fuji (富士山), and Fūketsu (風穴) for wind cave, because there is enough circulation of air on the cave. The walls of the cave are mostly made of basalt.

Inside the cave, there are icicles even in summer, lava terraces and rope-like lava forms. From the Edo period to the Meiji period (ca. 1600 to 1900) this cave was used to keep the eggs of silk worms.

It looks amazing.

It feel like living in the fridge.

I spent around 20-min here. The cave is so small.

Address: 2068-1 Aokigahara, Saiko, Fuji-Kawaguchiko-cho, Minami-Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi


Telephone: 0555-85-2300

Open Hours : 9:00-17:00

Fee : Adult 350 Y Child 200 Y

Website : http://www.mtfuji-cave.com/contents/wind_cave/

I walk back to the ticket booth. Then, you will see the natural trail to Ice cave.

I enjoy walking the trails.

I spend about 30-mins walk.

Finally, I arrive The Ice Cave Entrance.

I need to show the ticket again.

Walking in.

The Zero temperature in the Ice cave. It is only me to find out.

Let's go now.

Narusawa Ice Cave 鳴沢氷穴

The Narusawa Ice Cave (Japanese: 鳴沢氷穴, Narusawa Hyōketsu) is a lava tube located in the Aokigahara forest, in the part that belongs to Narusawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. It is one of the three larger lava tubes at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji, the other two caves being Fugaku Wind Cave and Lake Sai Bat Cave. All three were designated as Natural Monuments of Japan in 1929.

The Narusawa Ice Cave is 156 meters long measured along the visitor route with two lobes, with the width of 1.5 to eleven meters and the height of one to 3.6 meters. The average temperature inside the cave is about 3°C.

The cave was long used as a natural refrigerator. During the Edo period, ice cut in this cave was sent to the shōgun and his entourage in Edo. During the early 1900s, ice made here had been used in the refrigerator before the electric refrigerator arrived.

It is getting cold down here.

I'm inside the cave now.

จากนั้นก็ย่อตัวเยอะหน่อยครับ มุดตามผนังถ้ำไปครับ

Address : Narusawa Ice Cave Information Center

Telephone : 0555-85-3089, 0555-85-2301

FAX : 0555-85-3497

Open Hour : 9:00am-4:00pm

Fee : Adult 350 Y Child 200 Y

Website https://www.mtfuji-cave.com/en/wind_cave/

The main entrance.

I walk back to the Fugaku Wind cave bus stop in order to take the bus to Iyashi no Sato Nemba (healing village)


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