Soooo high and thrilling!!!!

Do you want to scream out loud? If so, once in a life, you must try this zipline out. It would change the way we look at the world because we will take a look from a high angle of 250 meters above the ground! This distance seems close but so far, and this long distance allowing us to scream out loud, haha.

Tat Fane is a large waterfall of Paksong in Southern Laos region. The signature activity for tourists seeking for adventure is zipine. Zipline here is known for being the highest and the most thrilling line in Laos. This place is not far from Thailand, we can take a bus from Ubon Thani province. There are 4 lines of it which takes less than an hour to complete. The good thing about this place is we don't have to walk in, it's accessible by car from the start, we just have to walk a bit after finishing it.

The longest line is the first one which is 450 meters long. It's also our first line. To get to experience the highlighted line first makes our experience even more thrilling.

There're 3 packages for tourists who wish to challenge themselves:
1. Ordinary zipline: just flying along the zipline without stopping in the middle of the line is 1,400 THB.

2. Zipline + Coffee time in the middle of the air is 2,400 THB.

3. Zipline + a hammock bed in the middle of the air is 2,400 THB.

Are you brave enough to do this?! haha, well, it's not often that we get to have our adrenaline running so much and our heart beats so fast. I guarantee that it'd be so fun and worth every scream!!!

For those who wish to stay over, there's also a resort right by the waterfall. That we are already here, we must stay the longest possible. Restaurants and coffee shops are also available.

In addition, there're also several other attractions nearby like Tad Yueang, Tad E Tu, Tad Pha Suam, coffee plantation, and several viewpoints. It is indeed a great getaway. Let's give it a try, the most thrilling zipline in Laos. 💚

If you love adventure, you must also learn to correctly wear the safety equipment :) see you guys again soon.

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 Tuesday, November 13, 2018 8:09 PM