" Taking a Ferry Ride" crossing the Gulf of Thailand to "Hua Hin"

Royal Passenger Liner

The best of short cut, straight to two coastal cities

Hello all the travelers.....Today once-a-month will bring you all to experience a new way to go to Hua Hin...

Why do I say a new experience? It's just Hua Hin where some people travel there countless times already? Well, I'm sure that some of you have yet taken a ferry straight from Pattaya. So today I'm taking you guys on a ferry from Pattaya to Hua Hin together. But first of all, let's get to know about this ferry better.

Royal Passenger Liner Pattaya-Hua Hin

  • The Royal Ferry is a high speed catamaran. Its high speed safety has been certified by the government and in accordance with international standards.
  • It can accommodate more than 300 passengers. The ferry is divided into 2 classes: economy class and business class. It also comes with a VIP lounge.
  • It is powered by water jet system, the speed is 32 knots.
  • The Pattaya - Hua Hin ferry route is 116 km.
  • The travel time for the ferry is only 2 hours which is different than taking a car which takes up to 5-6 hours.


  • For online reservation, click www.royalferrygroup.com
  • To buy a ticket at the pier on the day of departure (please arrive 1 hour before departure time)

From Pattaya: Bali Hai Pier, the 2nd floor of auto parking building
From Hua Hin: Khao Takiab Pier


** Document for buying a ticket: ID card or Passport


Departure time from Pattaya is 1 p.m. and from Hua Hin is 4 p.m.

** Please arrive 30 minutes before departure time for check in and baggage check.

Ok now, enough for the information, let's get our trip started!

Let's go

We travel on Saturday early morning. We reach Pattaya at 11 a.m. and stop at Terminal 21 Pattaya for food. The food here is cheap and delicious just like the one in Bangkok. Then, we quickly find a parking place for our car because this ferry is a passenger boat which do not take the car on board. There's an auto parking building at Bali Hai pier. A scooter can also park nearby. After parking, we quickly run to the pier as it's almost time now. We must arrive 30 minutes before departure time in order to check in and go through baggage check. So please do not forget to spare some time for this.

We are going to board at C pier. Our ferry is quite easy to spot as it's so huge.

We need to go to a counter for check in and baggage check. It is quite strict here for security check, its standard is similar to the airport security check. After that, we can wait inside.

Once we are in, we can leave our luggage at a designated area and soon the staff will move it on board for us.

Also... we can take a bicycle on board as we see one today.

When it's about time for boarding, the staff will take our baggage up first before allowing passengers to board.

There're a lot of seats in a room. The first room we see is for economy class.

Let's go up stairs to take a look at business class and VIP lounge.

Let's start with business class seats.

Next to a business class towards the head of the boat is a VIP lounge.

Now, let's take a look at restroom. We will be spending two hours on board, so it's necessary to check it out. No worry, it's enough restrooms for everyone. They are located at the back of the boat.

After this short survey, it's about time for the ferry to depart, let's get back to our seats.

And also..... life jacket is placed under every seat.

While the boat is leaving the pier, the staff will also start serving a bottled of complementary drinking water to every passenger.

Then, we can also order some food from the menu and please be noted that only cash is accepted.

While the ferry is running, for a security reason, we are not allowed to go outside a passenger room.

Like I said, it takes about 2 hours on board, let's now kill time by taking a nap, haha. Well, see you again in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin

When I wake up again, I see the mountain view from my window. That's right, we are now at Khao Takiab, Hua Hin, our destination. We reach Hua Hin at 4.10 p.m.

While the boat is docking, we get a permission from the staff to go out and capture some atmosphere for you guys too.

When the boat comes to a complete stop, the staff will open the door and let passengers go out first.

After all passengers are out, the staff will take our baggage out and place at a designated area for us to pick up.

For the boat, it will go straight back to Pattaya as the passengers from Hua Hin are now ready to board. See you again tomorrow.

Very soon, the boat is out of our sight. It runs quite fast.

That we are now at Hua Hin, let's first take a photo to check in :)

Let's head to our hotel now. We walk from the pier to the mouth of an alley and contact for a scooter rental service. We didn't plan to rent at first but just find it upon arrival. Luckily, this shop is willing to deliver a scooter to us here at the alley. From here, we ride it to our hotel (the rental price is 250 THB).

White Villa Hotel

This time, we are staying at "White Villa Hotel" which is located on the opposite of Hua Hin Market Village. And it is only 5 km away from the pier.

** We forgot to take a daytime photo of the hotel, our apology.**

After checking in, let's go see our room.

The room is quite spacious, with a terrace and a chair.

Electronic facilities are also fully equipped like a TV, a fridge, AC, hot water kettle, water heater and hair dryer.

The parking lot is on the back of the hotel which can take up to quite several cars.

Bath amenities are also fully provided.

We simply rest in our room for the sake of cool air-conditioning as outside is too hot. Let's wait to go out for food all at once in the evening.

While waiting, we search for what we wanted to eat. Finally, we agree to eat a grilled seafood buffet, haha, which is just our style. The restaurant is called "Hua Hin Seafood Buffet". It is located on the way from the pier to the hotel. And around 6 p.m. the sun is set so we are getting ready to go out again too.

When we reach the restaurant, it's not packed yet. So we luckily get a table although we didn't make any reservation. Soon after, people start to show up and pack the place.

The buffet is 399 THB per person including beverages. The good thing is that they offer unlimited time for eating.

There's quite a variety of food. There's a zone for seafood like shrimp, shells, crabs and fish and there's also a zone for ready to eat food, deep fried, and barbecue.

What a good time, we are now so full. Looking at time, it's now 2 hours already. Let's now go for some exercise. We will take you guys to walk at a market, in case we find something to eat more........oh no, in case we can find some souvenir home.

Here is Cicada market which is near the buffet restaurant. It is on the opposite site of the restaurant. If you are driving, you can enjoy a free parking on the opposite site of the market too.

The first thing you see after entering is an activity park where teens are out for playing music, dance, or even a stage play.

The market offers both hot food and desserts, as well as cute and beautiful souvenir.

After walking for quite a long while, we start to feel exhausted so we decided to go back to the hotel.

At the hotel, we see beautiful lighting at Hua Hin Market Village. We then also go to capture some beautiful night lights.

After finishing photo taking, we start to feel sleepy now. Let's walk back to the hotel.
Then, we take shower and go to bed as it's quite a tiring day and we still have more things to explore tomorrow.

Morning at Hua Hin

Let's go for a morning walk at the beach. In fact, we can walk form our hotel too as it's very near but we decided to take a ride. The beach is behind our hotel. Actually, walking is a better idea as there's no parking place. Do not panic when seeing a barrier, we can still walk in.

The morning atmosphere at the beach includes people coming out for exercise, horse ridding and parents taking kids to play in the water.

It's really fresh in the morning but when the sun is strong, it's getting warm and we are now getting hungry too. Let's go back and enjoy our breakfast at the hotel.

Breakfast is served at the 5th floor, which is the top floor of the hotel.

After breakfast, we take shower, pack, and check out. But we leave our stuff at the hotel first as we will go to find some delicious things to eat in Hua Hin before coming back to take our luggage to the pier.

Our first destination is Seen Space. It is a hotel which offers several delicious restaurants inside. Let's go take a look at atmosphere inside together.

The interior atmosphere is quite beautiful just like Loft. Now, let's go for a coffee time at studio by the sea, which is a coffee shop located inside this hotel too.

Inside the shop is a nude cement and decorated just like a photo gallery and we love it. I found out that the owner is a photographer too so there's a lot of chic corners for us to take photo as well as a film camera as a prop.

After coffee time, it's time for lunch. We searched for what we wanted to eat while staying in a coffee shop. We agree to eat a noodle at a shop called duck noodle Ratama.

Most of the food has duck as a main ingredient. We want to try different menu so we order duck with rice, fried duck with basil and rice, and a duck soup. A short comment for this shop is, you must come, it's so good!

After all full and happy with this meal, it's time to take our luggage from the hotel and head to the pier.

At 3 p.m. when we return our rental scooter, we go to check in to board a ferry at the same pier we got off yesterday. Soon, the boat comes and the staff wait until all passengers are out and do a check before letting us board.

When we are on board and with a cool AC, I can't help but immediately sleep and wake up again when we about to reach Pattaya.

I think the hotel we stayed is very convenient. It is neither far from the pier, nor the city. It is also located just opposite to a shopping mall and has a walkway to the beach. I didn't think it'd be this convenient when booking this hotel, for more information, please click โรงแรมไวท์วิลล่าหัวหิน

And do not forget, you can reserve a ferry seat at royalferrygroup.com

Fun time is up.... here ends our another weekends. A trip that open up our new experience of Hua Hin 2 days and 1 night by taking a ferry from Pattaya to Hua Hin. It is such an exciting, fun, full, and relax trip. See you again in our next trip.
Let's stay in tuned for where we will take you next.

Please follow us here once-a-month :)

P.S A parking fee is 270 THB which is calculated as a little more than a day fee.

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