After suffering from travel, working and traveling heavily It's time to rest And take care of yourself Looking at the mirror, seeing the black face, rough skin and shocking, We seeing the need to find a specialist.

We return to Bangkok Oasis Spa again. Like the previous time, because of fatigue, hard work, hard work But the first time that it was a full-scale massage therapy program like King of Oasis, it took 2 hours and was fully treated. Bangkok Oasis Spa Health 31 but this time we changed the atmosphere Bangkok Oasis Spa Sukhumvit 51,

The route to Bangkok Oasis Spa Sukhumvit 51 is not difficult. If coming to the BTS, there will be a shuttle bus from BTS Phrom Phong, but if you drive yourself, can access both from Sukhumvit 39, 49 and 51 (Soi Pass through each other) If entering Soi 49, drive until you see the intersection and turn right. The spa is on the left hand side. If entering Soi 51, it will be at the end of the alley, turn left. Spa on the right hand side

When we arrived he was impressed with the first Bali style resort decoration. Lotus pond in the middle of the house And bohemian interior The beautiful staff walked to welcome us with fine Thai suits. Welcome and take the inside.

Chic doors with floor-to-ceiling glass add light and airy. Show off the shady atmosphere outside The juicy water with numerous plants and trees.

Lotus pond in the middle of the house

The entrance to the house is adorned with marigold flowers, etc.

The glass door is strange, beautiful, decorated on the wall periodically.

Beautiful pink lotus.

Inside, we will meet with the staff who will take care of us. Welcome us with a drink and a cold towel. Then will come to know about the spa and massage programs so that we can choose according to our needs.

Another corner is the Bangkok Oasis . The spa Cosmetic is "Kin".

Fresh and fragrant, with a variety of skin care products.

We were invited to sit in a corner of the room. That is arranged with a unique style Use red blood Together with wooden furniture And cut with the color of the flower, the color is arranged like a marigold Giving a magical atmosphere And luxury in the same.

Once we have selected the program for today The waiter also took a detailed form about the service. And questionnaires about health And the light weight of the massage we need After talking for the break The beautiful waiter requested to see the beauty of the treatment room first.

In the lounge there is something interesting to watch. Sit and watch all the time Whether it is furniture Blended decoration A warm ginger drink that helps the blood flow well. That does not mix any sweetness of sugar.

Sunlight from outside May make the light go a bit But the coldness from the air conditioner helps relieve heat from the outside Refreshing Blessed with fragrant aromas that drift within.

While waiting, there are customers gradually coming to use the service continuously. Which, of course, most of them are customers who have already booked in advance. Because if the walk-in comes in It should be a risk that the service will not be returned. Because the queue is quite full throughout Especially during the weekend that continues with holidays.

Once the treatment room has been completed The same waitress then immediately invited us to enter the treatment room. During the walk from the reception room to the treatment room We find decorative items that indicate the taste, placement. beautiful and interesting.

Today we choose the Oasis Pampering program, which takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to do body and facial treatments. Starting from body scrub By using natural products And relax with aromatherapy oil massage Focused on the neck muscles And the back area By using warm oil that has a distinctive smell with lavender And eucalyptus That helps the mind relax And the body gets rest.

End with a Thai facial treatment, facial cleansing, facial scrub, facial massage, facial mask and skin tightening, helping to clean the facial skin. Naturally moisturized Which looks to suit our needs today

Treatment room today Is a double room with two people divided into two parts The first part is the preparation of the body. The interior of the room is decorated with fresh pink, so it is almost red. Cut the sweet lines with green vine pattern. The furniture in the room is wooden furniture, all nude colors. Thus allowing the atmosphere to look more luxurious The roof of the bathroom and the bathroom is decorated with beautiful and delicate woodwork.

In the second part, which is the part of the massage room Will be decorated with turquoise color cut to the ceiling and fresh pink lotus The treatment room will use dim light to avoid interference. Use the aroma of essential oils and soft music to relax during massage.

At the tub from the Jacuzzi in the room is decorated with 'Chanderlier', elegant and fits well with the overall decoration.

Oasis Pampering begins with a bath, cleanses the skin first, then begins with body scrub or body scrub with honey, black sesame, milk, yogurt and cereals. Helps make the skin awake Remove dead skin cells.

The mild scent of body scrub is the smell of sesame. Which is an ingredient that provides moisture to the skin as well Once the whole body scrub has been completed Will go into the process of washing the scrub To wait for treatment in the next step Yet We have a smooth and flexible skin that is good from scrubbing.

Then entered the process of Aromatherapy massage with warm exotic oil that contains lavender and eucalyptus With a pleasant smell to help relax Massage style is a combination of Thai massage and oil massage. The weight of the compression hand is well trained. So it fits perfectly to help the body relax.

When the oil massage is completed Went into the process Facial treatment With nourishing the face, Thai herbal formula is a light weight massage and nourishment of the palm. Start by washing the face, wiping the makeup with cleansing. Followed by orange juice toner And scrub the face with Tanaka Use genuine honey, massage over the face and neck, then use a hot cloth to cover the face to open the pores. Then the face mask with sliced cucumber slides, followed by using a cool cloth to close the pores. Add moisture to the face with a moisturizer. And end with a massage with a shoulder head massage.

Including 2 and a half hours in making Oasis Pampering Spa already After the massage, we feel very relaxed. Skin smooth and soft Feel the moisture of the skin. Soft facial skin bounced up before changing clothes. By not having to bathe in the water so that the aroma oil is fully absorbed into the body Should leave at least 2 hours.


After completion of the service We returned to the lounge again. The same beautiful waitress Bring cool herbal water and snacks which are fruit. Ask about the satisfaction of receiving services. Before informing the shuttle to send us to the next destination.

Herbal water and fruit after service

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