A great benefit of traveling to some where near is that you will have a lot of time to spend and enjoy your destination!!!

Because we don't have to waste much of journey time.

KHAOYAI is one of the popular places for Thai people, it's complexities of nature beauty and not far from Bangkok!

I travel to Khaoyai often and enjoyed each time I went. Just looking at the road side view, seeing the nature along the way make me already feeling happy!

The end of year 2014, I got an invitation to stay at an English styled hotel in Khaoyai.

That was Thames Valley Khaoyai, located in PakChong, Nakhonratcharima Province.

Thames Valley Khaoyai, Conceptual Hotel is inspired by architecture from a small rural village, where lies on the basin of the Thames river. The design and decoration are under the concept of English-style countryside hotel.

Here, guests will find charming of English rural, which makes you feel at home and easy going life style.

The surrounding is surrounded with pure nature, floras, steams and mountains.

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This review is SR from Thames Valley Khaoyai

Thames Valley Khaoyai located on Thanarat road, A. Pakchong, Nakhonratchasrima, on the way up to Khoayai

The hotel is on your right hand side at Km. 18. It's about 1 Km. past Palio. From Bangkok to here does not take that long!!

the hotel provides 2 parking spots on the left is for hotel's guests

on the right is for dinner and afternoon tea


Check-in lobby is an English style building, is just near the parking, surrounded with English garden.

Welcome Drink is served at the same time as cold towel.

Lobby's interior shot at twilight time.

I can sense the English style at my first step into the Thames Valley Khaoyai Hotel.

The inner area is represented as English countryside village by using house architecture as the main and putting small canals. On the ground is full of greens and flowers. There are many photo spots for photo lovers.

If you like to have a photo here either ask someone to help you or make a selfie, just don't be shy!!


Let grab something to eat before going to the room at THE CASTLE RESTAURANT

the restaurant is near the lobby and let enjoy the English Homemade

The restaurant is set Castle-like surrounded with darken wooden color tone and it's high ceiling.

Big glass window on the wall allows natural light to flow in. It's just like you are sitting in an English Castle.

The special menus are from well selected ingredients from the local.

My first meal was pretty easy. it was just a single dish, pork ribs roasted in red wine sauce with steamed rice, along with a glass of sweet pink smoothy.

Clotted Cream Tea Room.

After lunch, let myself relax among scenery :)

Then it's time for afternoon tea at Clotted Cream Tea Room, not far to walk because it is next door from the restaurant.

The Clotted Cream Tea Room offers Original tea room style English with great quality tea from world luxury tea brand,TWG, one of the best tea leave in the world.

There are well-designed tea cups to serve along with the beauty of nature.

The hotel has its own tea from a good green tea root, which planted in Thames garden. With mild aroma blended with light rose makes it even more enjoyable.

The tea room serves also variety of daily fresh snacks such as sandwich, scone and cookies.

The high glass wall allows you to rest your eyes in the garden view fully.

Or sitting out-door to get closer to the nature


After getting full now it's time to get to the room. (they also have golf cart for your convenience)

But I decided to walk to enjoy the garden, take photo, it was also joyful.

Here I go, get in from other side

Each house and each room is designed to give you the feeling of “English Country Home" which reflects the English rural life style.

The Thames Valley Khaoyai has 7 room types

1 Deluxe Highgarden, on the first floor, 40 Sqm.

2 Deluxe upon Thames, 40 Sqm., Country style on the 2nd floor, with mountain view

3 Deluxe Pond

4 Glory Suite, 48 Sqm. for 3 people

5 Family Suite, 88 Sqm.suitable for a big family

6 Pool Villa,130 Sqm.

7 Duplex Pool Villa, the largest villa, 185 Sqm.

My room was a Deluxe Highgarden, which is on the first floor, 40 Sqm. large, interior design is inspired from an English bakery in countryside.

Decorations are telling the same story, bakery shop's equipment. A comfortable couch lies in my living room, looking very comfort.

A big LED TV screen and free WiFi are provided in each room for your entertainment.

Mine is very comfortable double bed, deeper sleep until the morning!!

Room equipment, safe box, umbrella, touch light, bathrobe and slippers are there for you in your room.

Free mini bar included chips, soft drinks, fresh fruit, coffee and tea, for your little moment.

There is only normal shower, no Jacuzzi. Soap and shampoo smell like herbs.

Rose Spa

Let's move to the next place, Rose Spa. Imagine, the whole hotel is an English village, the Rose Spa is in the front zone of the hotel, close to the lobby.

Let yourself release all stress from your mind and body, get relax and wellness through out your body at this spa.

The professional therapists not only give you a full treatment service but also consult about your skin treatment, which you can practice on your own.

The Rose Spa with Greenovative product line helps you to balance mind and body perfectly

For the skin treatment, the Rose Spa introduces you to a greenovative product line from the premium brand "Dermalogica" without contamination of alcohol, perfume and color. The most important for Greenovative is anti animal experiment.

Variety of massage, Thai massage, oil massage and aroma oil massage.

Looking from Spa is a large pool middle of village!!

Glory Suite

Let me bring you to other room type!

Glory Suite is 48 Sqm large, very similar to Deluxe High-garden

Two beds are in this room, one big bed for two and a single bed, of course for one, Ideally for a small family with one kid or if your are three friends no need to ask for an extra bed!!

there is a bathtub in the bath room as well

Pool Villa

Is in the inner zone of the village, 130 Sqm. large with a private pool, as I first have seen it, I just wanted to jump into the pool, really!!

The villa is complex with living room, bath room, and bed room. The concept of the villa is English tailor.

There is a balcony for garden view.

Twilight is coming! it's time for photographer to catch the best shot!!

This is the time, I grab my camera and walk around with my passion for the excellent photos.

The first photo is a bridge, which is near the lobby, we have to cross over when walk out from the lobby to go to your room after checking-in

Mostly only for over night guests, who can enter to this area.

Turn your head over is Clotted Cream Tea Room, with twilight and lighting adds more life and romance into the picture.

This is the building, where my bed room is, the candle light is on, on the first floor, with balcony for relaxing with garden view.


After tons of out-side pictures are taken then let's get in THE CASTLE RESTAURANT for the Dinner.

Dishes are well presented, taste is also touching Thai tongue

Ceasar Salad

Deep fried spring roll

German Sausage


Pork Chop

Morning twilight, the light of beautiful day begins......

I went up here yesterday afternoon, my focus from higher should be the best in the morning, so here you see morning shot from roof top....

The morning light woke up me to save great pictures into my camera's memory among chill fresh air.

Taking photo with enjoying, it's worth to get up this morning to chill like this.

This is one of the pictures from roof top, which I aimed yesterday. Big garden, green, canals, trees, English houses and mountain on the back ground!!!

Here is the front of the restaurant, presents castle alike, it's so beautiful......

Parking for dinners

The awaited second twilight

I missed taking evening twilight yesterday be course of raining.This trip was almost no sun light but more raining.

But the rain made delighted scenery, the only issue was for photo is difficult, so this morning I could take some.

First picture is early morning, the origin was very dark, I have tried my best to make it better.

I like this picture, the only missing is reflection in the water be course the water surface was always moving.

I really want to confirm that the morning here releases your stress and empties your mind.

It's good for photo every corners edges!!!

My shooting was relax as I were walking in a peaceful garden with chill soft wind touching me gently.......

I would love to stop the time just to be right at this moment.....

I tried to get reflection in the water again, still difficult because I was on the curve of the bridge, my camera could not stand properly....


Fill up energy, here we are still at the Castle Restaurant for my breakfast...

I got up for photo early morning until now no one up for breakfast......

The Castle serves buffet line for breakfast with difference style, Thai variety; steamed rice and soft boiled rice and western variety.

Salad, fruit, coffee, bakery, variation of eggs and egg in a hot pan are also here.

There is beauty hidden in each period of light throughout the day....

These are pictures between twilight to day light.

Different light different feeling, I think this light is so romantic very suitable for pre-wedding shooting...

Canal, flowers, tree and soft wind, this is "sensational"

I was walking around with my buddy "camera", camera stand and two lens without noticing it weighs.....

I wish this could stay forever.......

I don't want to leave.......

I will miss the village with the canal.....

I can't get enough being here among this lovely atmosphere.....

It is not enough for 3 days 2 nights, No! not enough!!!!!!!

But the party is always come to the end, the end is the starting for next party.

My 3 days and 2 nights at Thames Valley Khaoyai

I fall in love in many things here; architecture's design, simple English elegance, garden, service from the staff, very photogenic, food which touch Thai taste.

The location is not far from Bangkok, surrounded by many attractions such as Palio and Khaoyai

The privacy between hotel guests and outside guests.

Just a down side of this visit is my room's size and a bit too pricy.............

Thank you so much to all followers, voters, commentators, like clickers, and sharers

Thank you to The Thamed Valley Khaoyai for my three days and two nights with all delicious meals

Most importantly, thank you to Readme for giving me chance to share my traveling experience......

Lastly, I would like to tell you that all what you have seen here is just pictures, which is often time retouched and finished on the computer's screen. It might over estimate. The moment I press the shutter is incomparable once you see by your eyes .

Why don't you pack? And allow yourself to experience what I have just said.....

Travel in Thailand with happy smile.....

See you again for the next review


Chaiy Katawan..................


 Saturday, April 25, 2015 1:26 PM