Travel with sister : Let's go low (carbon) at Koh Mak (2DAY 1NIGHT)

Many people know well about Koh Chang which is listed to be the 3rd biggest island in Thailand and they also known about Koh Kood which is listed to be 6th biggest island in Thailand. But not many people talk about Koh Mak which located between Koh Kood and Koh Chang. And this is one of the most beautiful island in Thailand because of this island still keep their nature by local people. If you visit here in low season during May-October this place is very quiet. However, local people still living and working as usual. There are fisherman village, farmer. But still some tourist visit here during off season and stay long period to learn and experience local slow life.

We started the day with special breakfast before we take one hour from hotel to the pier.

Arrived at the pier and get on the speed boat and we will reach to Koh Mak in 1 hour.

Small pier on Koh Mak not too much crowded people there.

We arrived to Ao Nid pier on Koh Mak and then took another 10 minutes by local truck from the pier to the famous seafood restaurant name Koh Mak Seafood where the museum of Koh Mak also welcome us with the long history of this island.

The owner of the old house which turn to be a museum told us about history of this island, his family and his house but one thing that I think it was so amazing is in the past when the first group of tourist visit to this island (they are from Germany) by the wooden boat which took 7 hours (while we took only 45 minutes).

Because it was long time ago since this island was not the world map so it was difficult to come to this island but that tourist group come to this island almost every year. Till now there are many tourist from many countries visit this island every year as well.

After listening the history of the island we start our lunch (seafood lunch). I can say that their seafood menu is "hot & spicy" as it should be.

My favorite menu is fried fresh squid eat with sweet and sour sauce while my friend like seafood soup with coconut milk but we finished all. Other menu which we ordered like deep fried sea bass with green curry on top,fried mix vegetable,Thai omelet etc.,

After finished lunch then we again took local truck around 15 minutes pass the village, vegetable farm, coconut plantation, local community and reach to hotel "Seavana" (meaning in Thai is sea and forest which located in the same place).

We very impress with the way they welcome us and I saw another 2 guests from difference group checked in at the same time with us. Welcome drink made from butterfly pea and Pandan leaf, straw made by lemongrass and decorate with lovely orchid on the top serve in a bamboo plate.

Just one sip of welcome drink we put the glass down, it was not because the taste is not good but because the view from the beach is so stunning. Then we moved to the beach to get lots of picture.

Staff was waiting to take us to the room so photo shooting have to stop. My friend a little bit upset (she love to be in the frame everywhere we go).

Arrived to our room, it is on the 2nd floor and when we get in to the room we saw a very nice sea view. Room is not that close to the beach but it is high enough to see how beautiful of their beach.

Peaceful sea, with summer wind come in to the room when we open the glass windows. We both were thinking the same thing "take shower and then lay down on the bed for 3 hours"

But that was only think because we came here for "low carbon" trip and we are planing to go cycling this late noon. Then we both took shower and changed and then go out to meet other friends before we start cycling to the village and see around the island.

When we all ready to ride, we took local truck to the Ao Nid pier where the tour guide prepared bicycle for us and instruct how to ride on this island and where are we heading to.

The small road lead us to the rubber plantation.

We met with a guy who busy working with rubber tree but he is very friendly and allow us to take photo of him.

After that we continue to visit the organic vegetable farm which very success with idea to reduce import fruit and vegetable from the mainland to island. This farm belong to Koh Mak Resort and by this farm they can reduce cost for fruit and vegetable up to 280,000 Baht during 6 months.

Lemongrass juice from organic farm help us refreshing. Staff at the farm explained us about how they build this farm and show us lots of fruit and vegetable they plant in this farm. I found one of my favorite fruit "passion fruit" and this is fresh passion fruit from organic farm. I should try.

But a farmer suggest us try passion fruit with honey bee. Why not.

The taste of passion fruit with honey bee is amazing. After I tried then all of us also tried and they also like it.

Next stop is we have to ride up on the hill and down to see the sunset at the most beautiful sunset view point on Koh Mak.

And when we reach there, the stunning sea view in front of us are amazing. The long wooden bridge lead us to the sala at the end of the bridge. And some people are there already for special moment.

It was not our day today so we can not see sunset down to the sea because the sky full of cloud. But we got many nice shots.

This is the place that we spent longest time during this trip. The view that we saw hold us here we sat on the wooden bridge and enjoy a drink, some lay down on the sun bathing bed and relax.

Till the sky become dark and it is time to move to dinner. I got one last shot before we left there.

We are not much hungry but when we reached to the restaurant. No one take photo of food for this meal. But all start enjoy eating till we finished all menu. I think we have to sleep at midnight after all the food we ate already digest. But are not forget to plan for the place we going to visit tomorrow.

In the morning, we were enjoy wonderful breakfast at resort with very beautiful sea view.

This morning we all spent longer time for breakfast as the view in front of us are very beautiful and all of us wish we could extend some more nights at this island. But a lot of work waiting for us so we have to leave. But this island is not for one time visit but we all decided that we will come again for sure.

After say good buy to the sandy beach, crystal clear water and lovely staff at Seavana Resort then we moved to the pier to take speed boat to Trat mainland. Good bye Koh Mak, small hidden gems island.

Completed the trip with lovely sister Amp who always ready whenever I count 1,2,3...

Special thanks to my sister go along with me this time. You can see how tired she was from her face.... :)



 Wednesday, June 5, 2019 1:47 AM