Hi everyone, today I would like to introduce you to

"Khao Ngon Nak" Nopparattara Beach - Phi Phi Islands National Park

General information about the place before starts our journey...

The greenery mountain is beside the beach where wild animals live with the distance of 3.7 KM. Khao Ngon Nak is 500 metres high with wonderful viewpoint especially for the sunrise and sunset.

How to get there: From Krabi, we take road no. 4034 to Baan Nong Talae, continue straight to intersection of Wat Klong Son then turn right (straight to Nang Bay) until see Klong Muang Intersection turn right again. You will pass Klong Muang Plaza and many hotels and continue straight until the end of the road. We will arrive to the natural trial and viewpoint.

For the natural trial, there is the entrance at Tub Kaek by driving to Klong Muang, Koh Kwang, and Tub Kaek until the end of the road. There will be forestry officer who always welcome us and will be the guild for us to Khao Ngon Nak

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Are you ready??? Let's go>>>

First of all, we have to register at the national park office for recording number of people who go up there.

Hiking distance of 3.7 KM... Be strong^^

There are signage along the way, you will never get lost.

In the first kilometre, the path is not too bad. There is waterfall flowing and voice of gibbon along the way.

After that the path way is getting more difficult, need to be more careful. We should dress according to our activity that we do and take only necessary items with you.

The forest is still very plentiful area with wild animal and aged tree all over the place.

When we go up higher, the path way is even more difficult.

Place to sit and drink some water...

one hour pass, we are here at the viewpoint that we can see Klong Muang Beach, Hong Islands and Phangnga Bay (quite far away).

View point 1...Beautiful as in the painting

At the intersection between waterfall and viewpoint, I decide to go to viewpoint and from that point we can go to the waterfall. "Bor Nam Ta Nak" is the name of the waterfall.

The viewpoint before reaching to the top of the mountain^^

Here we are the top of the mountain. It takes about 2.30 hours. The beautiful view releases all of my pain.

Whole the rope while taking the photo at the cliff

Everyone who comes here must has this moment but you have to really be careful because it is very high.

This is my companion "Nook"

Come to the end of the trip, we have to endure and try so hard to get to the top of the mountain. We spend 5 hours for the whole hiking trip but I think it is the most valuable scene ever.

"Khao Ngon Nak" Nopparattara Beach - Phi Phi Islands National Park

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