Whoa!!!! Believe it or not, it’s the most expensive coffee in the world!?


Have you heard of ‘Kopi Luwak’ or ‘Weasel coffee’?

I heard of this coffee first time when I was in Vietnam. To be exact, at one of the local market that sells stuffs mostly for tourists. I got it for real cheap, brought it back home and my fam told me something like, ‘This is a fake one. Weasel coffee should be much more expensive..‘. I just had no idea as really, I had never heard of.

A few week ago I had a chance to go visit the province called ‘Chumphon’. We went there without knowing what’s there. Just ask around, play it by ear and sometime just browse around on Google maps.

Weasel coffee, Chumphon (กาแฟขี้ชะมด ชุมพร)

As simple as that on the map and just suddenly caught my attention ‘Weasel coffee, Chumphon (กาแฟขี้ชะมด ชุมพร)’.

I love coffee for its aroma and the energy it gives me.

This would be even more special as it’s not just regular coffee but weasel coffee! No hesitation, we went there the next day by riding a scooter from Chumphon city a bit south of the city (1.5hours) to get to the place.

It’s not just a weasel coffee shop but it’s the whole entire weasel farm attached!


Yes, I pretty much exclaimed the same thing. It’s way beyond expectation. Before ordering any coffee, we’re guided and walked around the small weasel farm. It’s not the big but they have a good amount of the animals. 60 of weasels in total.

I simply asked how they got started and why weasels.

A lot of us know that weasel coffee’s worth a lot more combined with the situation that locals hunt weasels, try to sell them to the restaurants to cook food. The coffee shop owner saw the opportunity to both do the business and save their lives at the same time..

Also, in the cages, the black buckets prepared. As its nature, weasels live in dark tree holes.

Weasels usually eat banana and other fruits/veggies. Only 3 months of a year that they are fed coffee and poop out such valuable coffee beans. No, not that easy. There are certain things they need to process to have a fine cup of weasel coffee.

  • Weasels eat coffee
  • Poop out the coffee bean with peel
  • Keep it for years (At least 2 years)
  • Clean, peel, roast
  • Grind
  • Make an awesome cup

The true taste of weasel coffee

After getting to understand the process, we went into the coffee shop and ready to enjoy a cup or two of the famous weasel coffee. The barista somehow recommended ‘Espresso’ as we get both the concentrated one and diluted one. Great way to enjoy the different tastes. We sure take her on that recommendation plus another cup of Americano.

Real dark coffee served. First sip, I got a bit goosebump. It’s that bitter and strong. The after taste, you would still feel the bitterness in your throat. Some may even feel that for the rest of the day, they say. The espresso is sure much stronger and as mentioned, it’s served in 2 cups with 2 different tastes. The aroma’s just super duper.! Loved them all <3

199THB for the hot one. The cold one doubles the price as it’s 2 shots.

The owner was so nice and kind. Not just a great info of the place and the coffee itself, we’re treated a set of coffee flower tea. First time in my life!! Again, that soft coffee aroma plus that unique taste of coffee flower. We did buy 2 packs of that back home. It’s that lovely!

If you enjoy the cups of weasel coffee so much that you wanna bring back and make some at home, you sure can. They sell both the roasted beans and also the ones with poop all over still. The longer the coffee’s kept, the more expensive it get. The single roll in a container costs 100THB.

Wait, didn’t someone say weasel coffee is the most expensive in the world?

I have been told (by the owner) that weasel coffee is the most expensive one exists. Just that their farm sell it for cheap compared to others. We had a cup of it for 199THB ($7) but the exact same thing in Bangkok would cost you 1000THB ($33)

Like, seriously, how do people value the price of something more expensive than another. I think I could just sell instant coffee for $150 a cup, then that would suddenly become the most expensive one.

That was just some random excuse to say, after doing some research and getting the community engaged, I found out, the elephant coffee beats it!

I drank that once up in Chiang Rai at an elephant preserve. Elephant “kee” coffee. It was 1500 Baht for one small pot of coffee for two people to share. Glad that I tried it but I will never get it again. It just tasted like coffee! – @chefsteve

Oh my!! Weasel coffee, Chumphon (กาแฟขี้ชะมด ชุมพร) was such an experience.

I was super duper glad I came across the place and had a chance to go visit. I learned so much and enjoy the special cups we got. The coffee flower tea was so delicious as well. I so recommend the place if you ever come visit this less touristy southern city, Chumphon!

กาแฟขี้ชะมด ชุมพร
Address : 182 Tambon Na Kha, Amphoe Lang Suan, Chang Wat Chumphon 86110
Tel : 081 616 8992

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