At the first restaurant in Chumphon, a province down south of Thailand, I was so impressed how the place gave us free vegetable and chilli sauce along with what we ordered. ‘Wow, this place’s so kind‘, that’s pretty much what I said. Once we started to go eat out more and more, then we knew, they give free veggies and chilli paste in most of the restaurants in Chumphon! Even Padthai places! Whoa! At this popular place recommended by a local also, Nong Nite Southern Thai food restaurant.

Simply delicious Southern Thai food at Nong Nite Restaurant

The place sell pre-made food. It’s one of those places where you can go point what you want and they top it on rice for you. That simple. That quick. I didn’t have a hard time choosing the food as they’re all looked good and yes! spicy.

Stir fry frog & Panang curry with pork

I chose this combination of spicy stir fry frog with herbs and yes, even in the morning, I need some heat in my blood. Then, to contrast with that spicy one, I chose the curry dish called ‘Panang’, one type of red curry but a bit sweeter.

Yellow curry with bamboo shoot and mussels & deep fried pork

I have tried many of yellow curry but really, never had one with mussels ever so there we went without any hesitation.

Pineapple soup

One thing I totally couldn’t pass on was this pineapple soup! Yes!!! Pineapple soup! I have had curry with pineapple as an ingredient before but never before in a bowl of soup. Also, Chumphon is famous for its pineapple (Cheapest one I have ever seen!) so we might as well give it a go. Well, I love la piña.

If you have never been to southern Thailand, you probably don’t know that it’s famous for its intense food flavours. Like, more of everything. Spicy, salty and all. Plus+ that unique southern Thai taste which contains turmeric, galangal in quite a lot of their dishes. Nong Nite restaurant makes such a great jobs on everything. No surprise why it’s recommended. One of a few places I would say it’s a must try when in Chumphon!

Nong Nite Southern Thai food restaurant
Address : 178 11 Soi Tha Taphao, Tambon Tha Taphao, เมือง Chang Wat Chumphon 86000

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