When we went visit the weasel farm (One of the most expensive coffee in the world) in Chumphon, the owner lady told us where else to go visit around the area and one of them sounded like a must! ‘Koh Phitak

Koh Phitak (เกาะพิทักษ์)

A very small island in Chumphon province. How small are we talking about here? Probably the smallest I have been to in my life and to be exact, 1.1392 km2 with around 40ish houses. We could totally walk around the island for less than an hour or something.Most of the people on the island work as fishermen and export seafood to the main land which is pretty close.

Besides fishing, squiding and all, seems like ‘Running a homestay’ has become such a trend for all the households. Of course we went for one!

Lovely fisherman neighbourhood on Koh Phitak

After settling in at the homestay, we’re so excited to walk around and check things out. Found out (also read about it before hand) that the island’s real small. We strolled around for not even 20 mins and that got us from one end of the island to the other.

One thing that really impressed me was that, they live such a simple life. There’s not much going on around the island at all. Probably one or two small restaurants and a few shops. Oh! one small little cafe.

While walking around, I was thinking this with myself,

‘Don’t they sometimes want to go for a movie or something?’
‘What about to go sit at a nice cafe and work on a laptop for a bit?’

Fishermen’s activities

Well, probably they don’t crave all that at all as they’re not used to it or never experience once.. Their lives are probably completely different. I am not assuming but from what I observed.. I walked past a guy when he was painting his boat with colour mixed with rubber oil or something.. Then, next thing I saw was a family’s helping each other making shrimp paste (First time in my life to see it with my own eyes!)

See.. Now the fishermen would probably think something like what I just thought of them..

Weird.. she’s never painted a boat before in her life?
Doesn’t she make or eat her own shrimp paste sometime?

The Nature’s still the nature on Koh Phitak

We walked to the very end of the walk way, I can tell you that, the nature’s still the nature.. if you know what I mean. How green the trees and mountains are and how blue the ocean is. Though, I will have to admit that there are garbage all over and that’s because big storms have just passed.

One side of the island is a side where all the houses located and the other is the beach. There’s the walk way for you to just walk across the island straight to the other side. Again, this is like another private island besides the one I went. No one’s there.

I didn’t like the beach that much as it’s quite rocky. We decided to just swim around the homestay we’re staying which was so aweeeesome!

Koh Phitak was truly awesome and exotic. I love the vibes and how authentic it could be. The fishermen’s lifestyle I don’t really have a chance to experience it often in the cities. 100% recommended!

To get to Koh Phitak : A 10 mins boat ride would easily get you from main land (Koh Phitak Pier) to the island. Normally cost around 20THB ($0.70). If you come with your own scooters or car, you can leave it over night at the place where they take care of your vehicles for 40THB ($1.3) per day.

Address : Koh Phitak, Bang Nam Chuet, Lang Suan District, Chumphon ตำบล บางน้ำจืด อำเภอ หลังสวน ชุมพร

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