‘Oyster for breakfast?’. Well, not exactly. It’s just the place that we suddenly went stay was just right by a river The river called ‘Pak Nam Tako‘ and the place we stayed was very close to the spot where it’s connected to the ocean ‘Hat Arunothai, Chumphon‘.

Arunothai Beach or Hat Arunothai (หาดอรุโณทัย)

It’s such a quiet nice area that I was so surprised there’s not many tourist. Wait.. not at all. We’re actually the only ones there! Beautiful beach and best fried chicken in Thailand found but why.. why not tourists around?

We also accidentally found out abou the beach just because we’re on the way to Koh Phitak for our one night island getaway. Great find!. Anyways, when we’re on the way back from the island, we stopped by at this beach again just for the fried chicken. Suddenly, we wanted to spend the night and that’s when we find one of the most lovely place to stay just right by the Pak Nam Tako River..

Cottage by the river or in Thai called ‘Ruanmai Plai Nam (เรือนไม้ปลายน้ำ)’

Once again, great find! Around the area, there’re most likely a lot of those a bit fancier hotel and this one seemed to be the most affordable one. We went to have a look and just said yes to it just right away.

Ruanmai means cottage
Plainam means at the end of the river

So yes, it’s at the spot very closed to where the river connected to the ocean and oh my, no kidding here, it’s right.. like right there! by the river! The chilling area where you can work and eat.. Oh! They have karaoke too! All those just right there so you can enjoy the lovely view.

There’s not much to do around there but chilling and enjoy the beautiful nature. The accommodation was nice and convenient. The staff who’s the relative of the owner was more than friendly. We never had to ask for anything.

Epic breakfast by the river

The next morning, even before we came out of the room, the breakfast was already prepared and oh my! What a meal we had! There’re 2 types, Thai style rice soup and something we assume it’s American Breakfast lol (Fried eggs and a few sausages).

The dessert was also very exciting.. One of them called ‘Tako‘, the coconut jelly (super soft texture) topped with coconut milk custard in a container made of pandan leaf. The other called .. Well, I don’t even know what’s it called. It’s like mochi like kinda thing stuffed with mashed sweet potato.

Not just that, after we’re done with the epic breakfast meal, the kind staff came up and asked if we wanted to see something interesting. He took us to the dock and show us something below the dock. Oysters and mussels!Like, quite an amount.

‘Would you like to try some?’ He asked

‘Hell yeah!’ No, I didn’t say that out loud. I just smiled and nodded politely

We got a few oysters to try. Rinsed off a bit, opened and ate it freshly just like that. Not the biggy ones but oh my, wasn’t that so sweet!

Ok, one last time here, great find! The quiet beautiful river closed to the nice and tranquil beach that no tourists knows about. If you ever pass by Chumphon, I super duper highly recommend you check out Arunothai Beach and this Pak Nam Tako River. Oh!! This awesome guest house, Cottage by the river as well.

Enjoy your stay, have the epic meal and absorb all the great nature vibes. Say hi to that lovely and kind staff for us too!

Address : 165, Tambon Pak Tako, Amphoe Thung Tako, Chang Wat Chumphon 86220, Thailand
Tel : +66 98 929 6151
Official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/CottageByTheRiver

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