One day hop on and off bus and boat around Bangkok!

1st station - MBK (Legendary shopping mall filled with everything)

We started today around 9 am. from MBK. Me and by brother will hop around Bangkok by orange bus with white monkey logo (Hanuman).

We meet at the registration booth of Siam Hop on Hop of Bus in front of MBK close to the bright to sky train station "National Stadium" and today we choose Heritage rout combine with Hop on Hop of boat on Chaopraya River. Myself want to get in to the shopping mall but they open around 11 am. so we agreed to start the tour and come back again for shopping.

Nammont is the girl in the picture she is our guide on our bus today.

2nd station - Sam Yan (Classic Bangkok street food neighborhood)

After left from MBK the bus heading to Rama IV passed the Sam Yan area where ery popular for street food (but I think there will be more shop in the evening till night as there are only few shops opening at this time). The bus turn right in front of the temple name "Wat Hua Lumphong". I remember this temple that lots of Thai people come for pray and make a wish.

From this area the bus continue on Rama IV and then turn left on Charoenkrung road and then turn right again to small road heading to River city pier.

3rd station - River City (The anchore of arts antiques and dinner

On the way Nammont explains us about the old community name Bang Noi village where lots of Thai Chinese are living for more than hundred years. She recommended cycling tour or walk to tour to Bang Noi area if we have time (may be other day).

Besides of walk tour or cycling tour to Bang Noi Village Nammont told us that the River City pier is the main pier for dinner cruise and in the same area there is small public pier name "Sri Phraya pier" where the shuttle to all highlights along the river pick up tourist(Iconsiam,Asiatique,Lhong etc.,). All the shuttle are free of charge but for Lhong we have to take shuttle to Iconsiam shopping mall which located opposite side and then continue with another shuttle boat from Iconsiam to Lhong as they do not have direct shuttle boat from Sripraya pier to Lhong.

The bus turn left in front of the River city pier close to Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel. And then continue to China Town.

4th station - Hua Lamphong (Golden Buddha temple & main railway station)

On the same road we reached to Hua Lam Phong Railway station (the main railway station of Thailand) again and I saw that there is subway station in front of the railway station. We might come back to this area today and take subway to another side of Bangkok.

5th station - China Town (Vibrant street life is heaven for foodies)

Passing Hua Lam Phong railway station heading to China Town. Before we get in to China town area we pass one of the most famous temple in Bangkok "Wat Trimit or Golden Buddha temple"

Many tourist know about Golden Buddha temple as there is biggest Golden Buddha Image in this temple. Everyday lots of tourist and Thai people come here to see beautiful Buddha Image and some of them come for pray or make a wish.

When we reached to China town area. At this time there are only restaurants,shops in the building opening but few food stalls opening. I came here before in the night time there are more food stall as this area are also famous for street food.

6th station - Flower Market (Biggest flower market in Thailand)

From China town the bus continue to Flower market which well know for Thai as "Pak Klong Talad" where lots of flower shops selling flowers along the road.

Nammont explain about the market that this is biggest market for vegetable and flower and there are some activities which tourist can try such as cooking class, garland making course etc., but as today we want to do sightseeing only so me and my brother did not get of the bus to try any activity.

7th station - Museum Siam (Discovery museum set inside neo-classical house)

The bus still continue on the road and heading to the the Museum Siam.

The building of Museum Siam look very beautiful from out side. Nammont explains to us that this Museum showing the history of Siam (Thailand) with video presentation, letter,photos etc., and if we want to get in to the Museum to see around we might need around one hour.

We know well about this temple so Nammont did not explain anything. The bus turn right from the road beside Wat Pho and continue passing small road where there are many old houses and buildings along the road.

The bus continue on the road Nammont point us to see many famous shops along the road to Tiger God Shrine (Chinese Taoist temple)

8th station - Tiger God Shrine (Chinese Taoist temple)

What makes this shrine attractive is the fame of the Tiger God who is believed to have an extreme power of blessing worshipers with good fortune. The story of the Tiger God was believed to be linked with Luang Por Ruang of Wat Mahanapara (Wat Mahan) since it reflects the relationship between Thai and Chinese population in this area. Unfortunately there are many tents and flower shops in front of the shrine so we can not see inside. On this Tanao road the bus continue to Grand Palace.

9th station - Grand Palace (Offical home of Kings of Siam since 1792)

The bus turn left to the end of Tanao road and heading the parking area in front of the Grand Palace where we can see how beautiful of Grand Palace even it is a bit far but because there are only one place which allowed the bus to pick up and drop of tourist.

After took some shots of Grand Palace the bus continue on the road passing the National Museum.

10th station - National Museum (Home to largest collection of Thai arts & more)

We saw this place from outside but we can see that the buildings are very beautiful in Thai style architecture.

11th station - Tah Pra Arthit - Quain buildings from the turn of 1900's

The bus drop us at the Tah Pra Arthit pier. Nammont explains us that today we will combine hop on hop of bus and hop on hop of boat to go along the Chao Phraya River. This is amazing program. She said that to combine with boat then we will miss some station as Khao San, Giant Swing, Wat Ratchanadda, Wat Benjamabophit and King Power shopping mall. But there is no problem at all as we prefer to get on the boat.

This boat tour belong to Bangkok River Ride. The boat is big and seating are comfortable.

This boat pick us from Tha Pha Arthit Pier and heading to Sathorn Pier. And along the way we saw many beautiful place such as the old market name Wang Lang Market which located on the Thonburi side of the river. And then the boat took us passing by Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) and I think this is the right spot to get this shot.

And today is very good day for us as no rain and sunshine make sky so bright. After Wat Arun we pass by the pier which Nammont told us that is the pier behind flower market. Then I understand that we can get of the boat at this pier and continue to flower market if we want or we can come to get the boat after visit flower market if we start from the market. It is very convenience to hop around Bangkok now as there are boat,bus,bicycle etc.,

After that the boat took us passing the new place call "Lhong 1919" which become popular for Thai and tourist who comes to see the old building which built since 1919.

And now turned to be avenue of shops,restaurants and small exhibition hall by the river.

Inside this place there are many painting on the walls, floors, inside the rooms. All are Chinese style but so beautiful.

One of the wall painting which I like so much is this one. The peacock on the rock look back to something behind him.

Lhong is very old building which turned to be shopping and chill out venue while another place we saw is IconSiam which is the newest luxury shopping mall in Bangkok. So, now along the river there are Asiatique,IconSiam,Lhong and I guess that there will be some more coming soon.

We reached to Sathorn Pier and continue with short walk tour passing Bang Rak Market where there are lots of street food and fruits.

I like Jackfruit so I can not pass her with out buying. I paid THB 40 and got 6 pieces of Jackfruit.

The meaning in his eyes is he has to eat it as for sure that I can not finish them. And not far from Jackfruit I saw other fruit like dragon fruit like Rambutan, Durian etc.,

But I stop again at this shop as I love to eat sweet corn.

I paid THB 10 and got one sweet corn. Now I have jackfruit and sweetcorn and need some small bag to put everything and I found one.

Seem like this walk tour is not that good for me as I bought many things. Lucky that I still full so I can not eat anything now even there are many interesting restaurants.

Fish noodle is one of my favorite noodle menu. I will come again to try this shop soon.

As same as this duck shop. I saw very long queue in front of this restaurant. This is the most famous duck shop on Bang Rak Road, Nammont said.

Time out for shopping, we reached to the sign that we have to get on the bus again to continue bus tour.

We get on another bus to continue to another routing (CBD). Actually, we can go back to MBK by the bus for Heritage route but as we want to see some more places on the CBD route so we change the bus.

This bus go on Charoenkrung road pass the Asiatique night bazar but in the day time the shops not open yet so it look quiet. After that bus continue on the road to Rama iii and then connect to Sathorn road passed by the tallest building "Mahanakorn" I got one shot from the bus.

The bus continue to the first station MBK. And we get of from the bus there and when I checked the time I was surprised that we spent only 2.30 hours but I feel that we visit so many places and saw many things in 2.30 hours. The reason is I took hop on hop of us as the sightseeing tour then I can see around Bangkok in very good time.

It's now 12.00 pm when we walked from MBK to Siam Area. My brother want to have Isan food today. Something like papaya salad, grill pork, fried chicken etc., Then I took him to this restaurant.

And as we are only 2 persons today so I ordered just some menu. Start with papaya salad with salted egg. The taste is very good not too much spice but rich with sour and sweet and they put lots of dry shrimps and roasted nuts.

Next one is my brother's order. He prefers papaya salad with pickled fish and salted crab.

We have vegetable menus already and both are spicy so I order the signature menu of this restaurant "fried chicken wings"

My brother who love "pork lever mixed with Thai herb and sour and spice ingredients" so we ordered.

And because I get used to drink soup with any type of food. Then I order spice pork rib soup.

Totally there are 5 dishes that we order and we finish them all, so full. And all food and drink this meal is only around THB 500 which is very cheap when compare with the quality and taste and services from staff and clean venue. This restaurant is a part of the famous Thai restaurant in Siam Square area "Baan Khun Mae" and actually the name of this restaurant have the same meaning "Krua e Mae".

I notice that the sky become a bit dark and look like it going to be raining soon so we need to be in some place inside the building. And as I heard about "Line Village" but never been there before. So, we start finding them. This place can get in from the main road in front of Siam Discovery as well. We paid for ticket and the walk in to the village.

Inside the village there are 24 sections which we can take nice shots or enjoy seeing the decoration based on character of each line village member like Brown,Connie, Moon etc.,

I saw girls are enjoy in Connie's room more than other room. They have 24 sections but I think there are more photo spots for big fan.

And some amazing room look very nice if we can create good shot.

Besides of those amazing rooms, ,there are some stop where you can take nice shot with your most favorite line family's member.

After we enjoyed all 24 sections and came out from the village. There is big souvenir shop which I'm sure that this will be heaven of the Line lover.

Time now is 2 pm and I think it enough for one day hop around Bangkok. We full with sightseeing many places by bus and boat. Some places are good to see even outside to get idea to plan and come again and get in side to see how it beautiful. Walking tour was very good to try finger foods, cut fruit especially sweet corn which I bough from Bang Rak road.

I think travel around Bangkok by this way is good for everyone either you like to sit in the air-con and see around everything from outside or if you want to see more details and spend longer time at each place you just hop of and then hop on another bus as they are schedule bus which coming in every 30 minutes.


Special thanks to my brother "Nut" who hop along with me today!


 Sunday, June 16, 2019 10:56 PM