Thailand, the seafood land!

A lot of you may know that Thailand’s known for its food culture. Street food is probably our signature. Down south we got all the beaches and ocean surrounded so yes, seafood in Thailand is always fresh and inexpensive compared to many other countries. Todays’ post, I would love to have these 2 awesome facts combined. Street style Seafood! To be exact, Thai street style grilled squid

Seafood’s prepared using many methods in Thailand and served in such many different ways. One way we Thai people cook squid with this fun / delicious method is interesting. Like, really is interesting..

Thai street style grilled squid

This exact stall I’m showing you is in Kanchanaburi. At this Street food market..

I know, it doesn’t sound that much different than the other things you may have heard of but this street food is somehow a bit more exotic. I have travel to many countries in Asia but I have never seen the squid’s prepared exactly like this.

  • Grill sun dried squid on a charcoal grill and flip it around with that metal thing you see.
  • Use this manual squid massager ( if that’s what it called) to make the stripe pattern on squids and thinner it.
  • Served with plum sauce or chicken sauce.

This one we got them from the street night market in Kanchanaburi. There’re many sizes of squid so the price may vary from 10-30 Thai baht each. We got 2 of them.

The squid tastes all delicious but pretty dry. Easy to eat as when they use as when they thinner the squid, they also make the strips on pieces. We normally have it as snacks or something to eat along when drinking.

Besides, grilled squids, some vendors also sell other sun dried seafood.

Oh! one reason I call it ‘Thai Street style grilled squid‘ is because I have never seen it elsewhere but on streets in Thailand. If you ever pass through one of the street vendor that sell this goodness, hit one or two up!

Across the street from Walking Pakphraek Kanchanaburi (ถนนคนเดิน ปากแพรก กาญจนบุรี)
Address : 119 Pakprak Rd, Tambon Ban Tai, Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi, Chang Wat Kanchanaburi 71000, Thailand

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