First time dinner cruise on Chaophraya River on the Thai style wooden boat "Wan Fah"

During 7.00pm-9.00pm if you are close to the Chaophraya river you will see many dinner cruises with difference name take a lots of clients along the river and enjoy buffet dinner. This is one of the must do in Bangkok when you visit especially for the first time. As you can see the most beautiful view of Chaophraya river in the night time.

Almost boat are providing international buffet with singers who can sing variety of songs. But there are some boat providing Thai set dinner with Thai classical dance show. I have tried some boat with buffet dinner already so this time I want to try difference thing as same as my friends who come along with me this time.

It was raining this evening when we reached to the pier but not too heavy. The check in time is 6.30pm but we were there around 6pm so we have time to walk around. The building next to the pier is art gallery where showing many pieces of painting, photograph and other arts.

We enjoy taking photos with the pictures that we like until 6.30pm then we moved to check in counter where located outside of building.

The receptionist welcome with warming smile. We got sticker showing number of table which will be easy to find our table on the boat. In the area of check in you can see that there are many boat name as they are difference company so you should make sure that you check in at the counter of the boat that you book. And suggest that you should arrive the check in area at least 30 minutes before departure time.

At the boarding time, staff took us the gate no.1 where we will get on the boat. Because of the rain so they provide temporary roof and big umbrellas. But before we got on the boat there is Thai girl in the traditional dress greeting us with small orchid brooch, so lovely. I notice that there are not to crowd in the pier and staff told us that this boat will leave the pier as the first boat so there are not many people at the pier yet. Lucky us.

We got on the boat and staff took us the our table. I notice that on the boat are around 10 tables only and each table are for 4-8 persons so every tables are with good view.

The boat depart from the pier around 7pm and heading to Rama 8 bridge. And the food start serving on our table. We ordered 2 Thai set and 2 Seafood set then we can share all for 4 persons.

One of our friend seem very hungry so he is the first one who tried the first menu which staff put on our table which is fried rice with grilled salmon. And next is seafood basket with prawn, squid, grilled sweet corn and potato.

Actually, first dish is vegetable salad and fried spring roll but he is not the vegetable lover so he ignore it.

More menu was serving on the table. There are some Thai menu such as fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, seafood soup in young coconut milk, chicken in green curry and fried mix vegetable.

We start and enjoy eating food with stunning river view. We saw many places lighting up and some places we never notice when we passing during day time.

I like Wat Arun in the night time, so beautiful.

During the meal, they have Thai classical dance show which I saw foreigner really enjoy and play with the dancer.

There are many children tonight and they really enjoy playing with actors of the show.

Staff also friendly and serving politely to all guest even sometime when he talks we fell light he upset with us that order and request many things. But we saw his face keep smiling all the time then we understand that it might be his character.

We arrived back to the pier at 9pm. and very happy with this dinner. Sometime you might need to just sit at your table enjoy the view while staff serving food to your table more than stand in the long queue to get foods and take it to your table and walk back again to line to get other dish then you missed the highlights along the river.

After arrived to the pier we walked in to the art gallery building again for toilet but in front of the toilet there is a souvenir shop. Then shopping is started.

We finished the dinner cruise with very good memory about food, boat, view and souvenir which I bough from this shop. And I like this dinner cruise. We paid THB 1200/person and I think it is not too much expensive when compare with services and quality of the food which they provide.


 Friday, July 5, 2019 10:40 AM