One Day Trip : On the river by Rice Barge, Bangkok written by TipOnTheRoad

"Saturday is a good day to go out. Exploring is never stop as long as you want to know and see" Today we are 8 persons and we meet at Pullman King Power Hotel because one of our friend Mr.John came from Myanmar and he will stay at this hotel during this weekend. So, we all have chance to get in t

One Day Trip : On the river by Rice Barge, Bangkok

One Day Trip : On the river by Rice Barge, Bangkok

 Sunday, July 21, 2019 10:01 PM

 Travel date:  Saturday, July 20, 2019

"Saturday is a good day to go out. Exploring is never stop as long as you want to know and see"

Today we are 8 persons and we meet at Pullman King Power Hotel because one of our friend Mr.John came from Myanmar and he will stay at this hotel during this weekend. So, we all have chance to get in to his room.

The room is very nice, big, clean, look new. But no one sit on the bed as he just checked in this morning and did not unpack his luggage yet. So, we just see and came down.

I like their lobby, but seem that one of our friend like it more than me. It is very good location for portrait shot.

Most of all, I like "Ice Green Tea with Jasmine Flower" at this hotel.

After enjoyed drink at the coffee shop. Then 4 of us move by car to Wan Fah Restaurant at Ratchawong Pier to have lunch before we start the boat tour. And another 4 go by taxi. Actually, taxi from this hotel to the pier is around THB 160 only. So, I suggest to take taxi to go around Bangkok city to avoid traffic as taxi always know the short cut way.

There are no many parking area in this area so I suggest you to come by taxi is much convenience. But restaurant help us get good area for park our car.

This pier is the place to start to go shopping in the big wholesales market called "Sampheng Market" but we will come to this market after we finish canal tour.

While we walking from the parking to the restaurant. Me and another friend saw deep fried fish ball look yummy as well as the sweet and sour sauce so we bough some for all of us.

In Bangkok, you can try and enjoy lots of street food. Price is cheap, quality is average but taste is amazing.

We got in to the restaurant. It is Thai style decoration restaurant with 3 levels and river view. We were lucky that they have space available on 3rd floor then we got table on good location with good view. From our table we can see the pier where a lot of boat drop and pick up people.

They charge THB 350/person for Thai buffet, fruit, bakery,Thai dessert and noodle stall.

The quality of the food are average, not bad for THB 350/pax. We were enjoy eating lunch there. For me noodle is the best menu but others like difference menu. One thing that you have to be aware is normally buffet restaurant do not include drink and you have to order from drink list only.

The long tail boat will pick us from this restaurant at 2.45pm so we have enough time for lunch and relax.

2.45pm, the long tail boat arrived and pick us and other guests. This is joined tour so there are other tourists joining in the same boat with us which is good. It will be more fun when we travel with variety of nationality then we can exchange our experience.

The long tail boat took us from Wan Fah Restaurant and go along the Chaophraya River passing many old buildings, markets, temples etc.,

The tour guide on the boat explain good information for each place in English. She is a good guide explaining some history for each place.

The next one on another side of the river which we (Thai people) know well called "Wat Arun" and well known for tourist as "Temple of Dawn"

And opposite of this temple is another famous temple called "Wat Pho" or well known by tourist as "Reclining Buddha" which located next to the Grand Palace and both are the place which all tourist who come to Bangkok must visit.

I like the way the tour guide explain every places along the river in English as there are many foreigner on the same boat with us.

We passing many places and saw difference type of boats on the river. I never seen so many boats like this on this river during day time. It look lively.

There are some nice old market by the river which we planed to come again later.

The boat continue to the canal called "Bangkok Noi"

"When you visit Bangkok, one place that you must try is river or canal tour. And rice barge is one of good choice to ride along. And Klong Bangkok Noi is very nice place"

Along Bangkok Noi canal we saw lots of old style houses. All the houses lift up higher. The tour guide told us that all this area was flooded with high level of water. That is the reason why all houses lifted up so high.

The tour guide stop the boat in front of a temple and gave us lots of bread. She said that we can feed the fishes in this area with bread. The bread is THB 20/pack but it is good activity to do here. There are lots of fishes in the water and when we trow the bread they are eating it very fast.

After that the boat still take us get deep in to this canal.

We saw more and more Thai style houses. The tour guide explained to foreigner about difference type of the roof of each house which can tell style of the house (we have 4 styles with Northern,Southern, North Eastern,Central. Like above one is Central style.

The boat stop again in front of very beautiful Thai house. The tour guide said that this house cost around 50MB. So, expensive house.

We enjoy and spent around 30 minutes on the long tail boat and then boat taking us back to main river.

We got of the long tail boat at the pier and wait for few minutes. Tour guide told us that we will change to be rice barge and we will enjoy fruit, snack and drink on the boat.

Welcome drink with tasty fruit punch for everyone.

They provided variety of fruit like watermelon, mango,dragon fruit,orange,pineapple etc., Besides of fruit they also serve good cocktail.

Everyone enjoy eating fruits on the boat and stunning view along the way back to the pier.

The boat go along the river to drop some of tourist at River CIty pier which located opposite to the newest shopping mall "ICONSIAM"

But since we parked the car at Wan Fah Restaurant so they will transfer us back to restaurant.

We finished boat tour in 2 hours and it was very good boat tour. Now it is 4.30pm but our day is not finish. We planed to have food tour in China Town today. But as our Myanmar friend prefer to go back to his hotel. So, we separate at the restaurant.

4 of us join in a car and go to China town to find parking. Me and another 2 friends prefer to walk along the market "Sampheng Market". But the time is a bit late and many shops start closing. But I got raincoat only THB 30 and another friend got some nice pencils.

We continue walking to China Town to meet with another 4 after they park the car. After that we all walk along the road to find good place for dinner.

There are lots of people on the road and many shop start opening and prepare for selling. Many shops have long queue waiting to order.

Above is crispy spring roll, fried tofu, fried sweet corn.

China town is another one place where you can find lots of fruit.

We still walking and seeking for good place for dinner.

He got something for his mom.

And I got something which I like "Black Jelly in brown sugar" topping with ice. This menu always make me refresh.

There are some restaurant selling grilled lobster but may be not today for us.

Finally, we got the place ( I like this restaurant) "Fai Kaew" is the name and the meaning is green light.

We were waiting around 20 minutes to get the table as they just open and not ready to cook yet. However, we are the first table.

We ordered "Pork Sate", THB 7/stick so we ordered 20 sticks.

Fried morning glory with oyster sauce.

Deep fried Seabass with garlic.

Stir-flying clams with oyster sauce and sweet basil leaf.

While we were enjoy eating our dinner. There are many people on queue to get table. So,we spent quite short time to finish our dinner.

After dinner then we start walking again to find some dessert.

This is the dessert which I recommended to my friends. But when we reach there it already very long queue. So, we will put it for next time.

We keep walking and searching but seem that every shops are already with long queue.

Finally, one of us got ice-cream and we agreed to finish this day now. 3 of us go back to the car and drive back. Meanwhile, 4 of us keep walking to the subway.

We say good by to China Town for tonight and heading to Hua Lam Phong subway station.

On the way we walked pass one of the most famous temple "Wat Trimit or well known for tourist as Golden Temple"

This temple look very beautiful and peaceful at night. Not many tourist at the temple. The entrance and exit still open and welcome people. But they are not allow to go up to the sanctuary so we prayed from the ground.

After that we continue walking ahead.

We walked pass the main rail way station "Hua Lam Phong" where there is Hua Lam Phong subway station.

Hua Lam Phong Rail way station look very beautiful in the night time as well.

" We completed our day tour on the river and enjoy food together, eating street food together, walking together" The distance from Ratchawong Pier to Hua Lam Phong subway station is long way but we did not feel it. Because we walked with friends" And we already planed for next trip and it will start soon."

China Town is famous with street food but I suggest you walk along the road for one round and you should arrive to this area a bit early around 5pm then you have time to plan and be on queue. This is the charm of China Town.