Have you ever heard of raft house? Have you ever seen one with your own eyes? Do you dream of staying in one someday? Hey, raft house in Kanchanaburi house is the way to go! Kanchanaburi is soooo well-known for their raft houses as the it got this big beautiful river cut across the province.

Raft house in Kanchanaburi city

We stayed in the city for a night. We’d just randomly walked and asked around for a decent place to stay with reasonable priced. We ended up at Sugar Cane Guesthouse 1 with a price of 500THB a night for a private room with a/c. Yes, right by on the river. Though, not that pretty of a spot of a river and you wouldn’t want to swim around there

The next morning, I woke up early to enjoy the river view and all the birds flying around.. It’s actually quite pretty and I loved the private balcony they had for each room. It was a nice (enough) stay but to be honest, next time in Kanchanaburi, I would probably look for another better spot.

Tips! As it’s wooden raft house in Kanchanaburi, some materials kinda got a bit moldy. I found it a bit gross. If you do mind the same thing, do check thoroughly before renting one!

Address : Pakisathan Rd, Tambon Ban Tai, Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi, Chang Wat Kanchanaburi 71000
Tel : 034 511 700

Raft house Tha Kradan (Erawan Waterfall)

Erawan Waterfall is one of the top destinations in Thailand. Oddly, my family and I have never been there until this age of life (Nah, I’m not that old :D). We headed to Kanchanaburi for the only reason actually, it’s the province where Erawan Waterfall located!

Then found out later there are much much more to enjoy in Kanchanaburi !

From Kanchanaburi city, we rode motorbikes for a bit over an hour to get the the closest town to Erawan Waterfall, Tha Kradan in Si Sawat District.

Nope! No accommodation booked beforehand, we just played it by ear and hellllllll yeah! We found this place while stopped by at a gas station. The whole town is along the river, so is the gas station. They actually have the raft house just right off a little hill. Well, Raft house in Kanchanaburi everywhere!

Pae Loong Korn ( แพลุงกร : Uncle Korn Raft House )

This one called Pae Loong Korn ( แพลุงกร : Uncle Korn Raft House in Kanchanaburi ). We’re pretty lucky they let us 4 stay in the same room with an extra mattress. We saved a bit more money for a fancy dinner!

Compared this one with the other one we’d stayed at in Kanchanaburi city, this one get like, 3 times more scores! It’s right on the river, the beautiful spot of river! You can jump off the river and swim if the current is not too strong. There are activities like rafting, kayak and all. Private balcony for each room is more spacious and clean. You could totally enjoy and relax in the nature! I loved it a lot!

This raft house could totally be an instagram hot spot in Kanchanaburi!

The next morning before heading to Erawan Waterfall, we chilled at a small raft in front of the raft house and took tons of photos! The nature, weather, and all the animal sounds were so enjoyable!

For this, I think we paid 1000THB or even less. Sorry, gold fish head over here! I sure recommend this one if you come to visit the famous Erawan Waterfall one day. This is gorgeous!!

แพลุงกร ท่ากระดาน
Address : Tha Kradan, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi 71250

Tel : 092 532 9484

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