Welcome Ceremony

It took around an hour and 30 minutes from Bangkok to Ayutthaya by car. As I shared in my previous story this morning, I will stay at Sai Noi Homestay Ecotourism Village for next 5 days.

We arrived at 4.05 pm and surprisingly we got a great welcoming dance from the community in Soi Noi Homestay. Photo by Amy, my guide in Ayutthaya.

I just couldn't stop smiling, laughing and dancing with them. Suddenly I felt like home (Is it too much? I don't think so). I got 2 garlands that made of Dawreung, the beautiful yellow flower from Mom Mayuree and Mali flower garland from Ph̀o (Father).

They made a photo of me and Mom Mayuree yesterday as a part of background for welcoming me, sweet!

After 30 minutes dancing, we went to upstairs and Mom Mayuree showed us the video of activities in this community. Sai Noi Homestay is an ecotourism village that empower the community to make something from nature that can be valued. It's a real example of community based tourism, travel like local. The community teach the visitors how to cook authentic Thai desserts, build a bio-fertilizer, make a coconut massage tools, make brick and also harvest lotus, corn or bananas from the farm.

Wow, I can't wait until tomorrow. We are going to have so many interesting activities.

Time for dinner!

Homeade food in Sai Noi Homestay. The melon and rice are organic from their farm.

I thought that my weight will increase after I finish this program (but it's ok), so many delicious Thailand food here, aloy mak! They served 5 different main course tonight and made special one for me. I can't eat spicy food, so they made tom yum gai without chilli. Tom yum is a Thai sour sop and gai means chicken. I liked it, but I loved fug thong sai khai most, it made of pumpkin and scramble egg. The other food was phalo, the stewed pork, boiled egg and tofu. We also had omelet and fried chicken with crunchy lime leaves.

Thong yord (round egg yolk tart) and foi thong (shredded egg yolk tart)

After finished eating the main course, we had some desserts, melon, thong yord and foi thong . Both thong yord and foi thong are made of egg yolk and sugar. Can you imagine how sweet it is? We stop eating after the plate empty. Hahaha..

Amy, me, Sun and Mom Mayuree

It was a nice first day in Ayutthaya. Tomorrow morning we will make offerings to the monks in front of the homestay at 6 AM. Then take a bike to go to farm and learn how to cook authentic delicious Thai desserts. It's time to get sleep.

Sawat di kha..

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