I submitted the application of Thailand Village Academy and became 22 finalists. Besides the foreigner finalists, this program also chose 22 finalists from Thailand. Here we are the 44 finalists. Can you find me in this picture?

All finalists go to selected village today and will back to Bangkok on 29 July 2019. See you and good luck, fellas!

Photo source: Thailand Village Academy FB Page

Amy, my guide in Ayutthaya will pick me up at 2 pm. Then tonight, I will stay in Sai Noi Homestay Ecotourism Village, around 10 KM from Ayutthaya. Can’t wait to explore the amazing Ayutthaya.

What makes Ayutthaya amazing?

  • It was the second capital city of Thailand before Thonburi and Bangkok
  • It has some beautiful cultural and historical tourism destinations, more than 5 beautiful temples
  • It has Muay Thai learning center in Wat Prasat Thong: established by descendants of Nai Khanom Tom, the legendary Muay Thai fighter who defeated 9 Burmese boxers without a break. Wow, it's a legend!
  • The location of Sai Noi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • We can go around the city using bike. It's interesting, isn't it?

I have a lot of story to share, but I try to compile it in 3 minutes video, enjoy!

Maybe some of you still wonder, why you should visit Ayutthaya for a few days. Most traveler come to Ayutthaya just for one day trip. Yes, that's enough just to see the temples, but if you want to get the authentic experiences, let’s stay overnight and enjoy the deep Thai culture.

Mom Mayuree and me

I will share my daily story in Ayutthaya in the link below, and update it daily, just click the blue one, enjoy!

Day 1

We arrived at 4 pm and got a warm welcome ceremony from the community. I just couldn't stop smiling, laughing and dancing with them. Suddenly I felt like I am home.

Day 2

My life began at 6 AM yesterday, my second day in Sai Noi Homestay, we gave offering to the monk, had breakfast then rode bicycle to farm. I was so excited when arrived in farm. Harvest corns by myself, first time in my life! Click here for full story.

Back to homestay for lunch then have Mi Krop class. I love Mi Krop! It's crunchy and have strong taste. Continued the class for Thai Desserts, Foi Thong and Golden Jackfruit Seed. The taste were unique, sweet and savory. I bought it for my mom, I though she will love it.

Day 3

Started my third day in Sai Noi Community by praying to Buddha at Maha-Ut temple, a historic site that built during the Ayutthaya period. It usually used by Sai Noi local community. I found Tjiam Si and tried my luck. Got a very nice message from Tjiam Si. Then I prayed to Buddha wish everything will be as well as His will.

Not far from temple, there's a garden full of auspicious plants and lime trees. Nam, the lady who own this garden taught us how to breed these plants. I feel so tired because that day was so hot and it almost lunch time. I learned one more new thing here, breed the plant, I will try it at my home later. Hahaha..

Mom Mayuree took us around the community, I was so amazed with Sai Noi community. They really empower their local people here. It's a good benchmark for ecotourism program. One of the example was coconut massage. The lady, Mom Ben Ja, was so strong and agile! She used the knife machine quickly to clean up the coconut shell. I don't remember how many time I said "Wow!" when watched her doing work.

I tried the coconut massage, it's like a reflexology tools, I preferred using it for my backbone rather than my foot. Maybe something wrong inside my body, it was so hurt in my left foot. Later I will check to the doctor. I bought one for my mom at home, she will love it!

Dance dance dance...

I thought that Sai Noi community really love dancing. After Muay Thai and dance performance by community, they asked us to join the floor. I couldn't say no. Let's dance together!

Day 4

Day 3 was a long day, in the next day we just woke up at 7.40 and ready to make some bricks. Then took a walk around 5 minutes to Lung Chuan home. Lung Chuan is 73 years old man that spent his last 50 years in this brick factory, which located behind his home. He's so funny! After taught us how to produce bricks, he gave some Jumpee flowers. It smelled fresh and sweet. Then we back to homestay for lunch.

Not yet lunch actually...

We would made lunch first, green curry! I am so excited. It didn't take too much time to cook green curry, less than an hour. And we had a very good lunch, the best green curry in my life.

Continued the activity by visiting another home in community who taught me to make a bio-fertilizer. Then we went to beautiful Wat Tha Ka Rong floating market. Wow so colorful! I loved this place and found something unique, beautiful big hat, wohoo! I didn't buy it, just borrowed it and took a picture.

We just bought some snacks in floating market, Mom Mayuree and her husband took us to the Kungsri night market. They were so generous, lucky me to meet them. I tried so many foods, big prawn until cricket. Everything were delicious there!

Day 5

Another new interesting thing I learned was made herbal balm. It took less than 3 hours. Lek, the lady who taught me had herbal plants in her home. She also plant baby jackfruit in her home.

We had a big lunch in our last day in one of the restaurant by own Sai Noi community. Our lunch was completed with bingsoo as desserts. I was not sure I will join Muay Thai class after eating, I was so full and sleepy.

I changed my mind afterMaster Aroon told history of Muay Thai and gave short introduction for basic movement. I was so excited! I joined Muay Thai class in Jakarta but it would be a great experience when I tried it in Ayutthaya. I enjoyed this activity so much!

Day 6

This program will over soon, hard to say goodbye to lovely Sai Noi Community. I gave them all post cards from Indonesia as my appreciation to them.

We had to finish this blog by today so we had lunch at 1 pm at boat noodle, not far from Wat Mahathat. Then continue to Wat Chaiwatthanaram, our last destination before we back to Bangkok.

It was a great unforgettable experience.

It felt like I had new family and sister in Ayutthaya.

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