Just walked 5 minutes from Sai Noi Homestay, we can found a brick factory and today we had try to make it by ourselves. You can learn so many new things in Sai Noi community.

Lung Chuan Bun Pluk

Lung Chuan, the 72 years old man, taught me how to produce a brick. First of all we had to be barefoot and roll up the pants. Deep the foot into water in the bucket. He gave us an example then our turned.

This process take around 2-3 days

Pick a few of soil and put it on a hole full of water for a day

Mix the soil and the water using your hand and foot

Pour some grains and mix with the foot

Put the ash then mix it using your foot

Then, my turned...

It was slippery, I mix it in 5 minutes

Then we made a brick. It was so hot today, I felt burned as the brick.

He poured the surface with the ash then put the soil quickly to fill it

It was not as easy as I thought

My first bricks shape was far from perfect haha.. I have to put some soil after I removed the block because there were some holes. We had to make sure the space in blocks were filled. The bricks were dried in the sun for a day for a side, so it takes 2 days.

This process take around 4-5 days

Time to burn the bricks.

The grain

Pour the grain

Burning process

Stacked the brick and made some holes for grain. The bricks will be burned for 4-5 days. And he showed me bricks with some different colours.

Can you find the differences?

The 2 left bricks need more burned. The good brick colour is red, it burned well. These bricks are used to build high building.

Lung Chuan spent his last 50 years in this brick factory. He's a humorous nice man. Before we left his home, he gave us some Jumpee flowers. It smelled fresh and sweet.

Me and Lung Chuan

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 Sunday, July 28, 2019 12:59 AM