After farming in the morning, we had Thai dish cooking class in the afternoon. We made Mi Krop first, then Foi Thong and golden jackfruit seed for desserts. I loved Mi Krop very much! Maybe I can make it when I back to Jakarta.

Fresh duck egg

Foi thong is only used duck egg yolk and sugar. And add some mashed green peanut for the golden jackfruit seed. Can you image how much your cholesterol will increase. Hahahah... Don't think about it, just enjoy!

The duck egg yolk

First of all, we had to separate the egg yolk, I enjoyed this process. Put the egg yolk in a bowl that already covered by clothes. Then the lady squeezed it.

Squeezed up!

She didn't use mixer to mix it, she just used her hand. The egg yolk was ready to use for foi thong and golden jackfruits seed.

Foi Thong

Foi thong is a Thai desserts shaped as likes noodles.

Make it some circles

Move to water bowl

Foi thong was ready to serve

She preheated the large wok with sugar and water to medium heat. Then she poured the egg yolk into circular shape. After it cooked, she moved it into another bowl that filled by water to make it detached on to another.

Golden Jackfruit Seeds

As its name, foi thong is a Thai desserts shaped as likes jackfruit seed.

Mashed green peanuts

Golden jackfruit seeds are ready to served

First, mashed the green peanuts and make it shaped. Put it into egg yolk bowl, it used the same egg yolk as foi thong. Then boiled it in sugar water wok. It boiled for a few minutes and it ready to serve.

Me and Sun with our teachers in cooking class

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 Saturday, July 27, 2019 11:20 PM