I love it very much, so I said Mi Krop for life! (Yes, maybe it's too much) But really, I couldn't stop eating it until the plate was empty. It is crunchy and chewy. Mi Krop is a Thai dish made of crispy rice noodles that combined with sour sweet sauce.

Lucky me, that I got Sai Noi Homestay ecotourism village, I learned so many new things from the community. They sell it 25 Baht per cup.


We used rice noodles, peanuts and cooking oils. Red onion, chilli powder, tamarind water, fish sauce, coconut sugar, white sugar and water for sauce's ingredients.

Let's start cooking

I said "Wow!" Photo by Amy

Preheated the large wok with oil to medium heat. Added a bunch of rice noodles and cook it until crisp. It just took a few seconds. I were amazed and surprised! When I put the rice noodles, so many smoke above the wok and it need to be moved quickly. Then we prepared the sauce and mixed all the ingredients.

The sauce smelled good!

Mi krop was ready to eat

After the sauce boiled, we poured it into fried rice noodle and stir it. Put some peanuts as topping then it's ready to eat. It took less than an hour to make 30 cup of Mi Krop. It's easy, isn't it?

Put some peanuts as topping.

We were happy! We got 2 cup mie krop for free and eat more than a plate. Haha.. Next cooking lesson is Thai Dessert.

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 Saturday, July 27, 2019 10:13 PM