My life began at 6 AM yesterday, my second day in Sai Noi Homestay, Ayutthaya for Thailand Village Academy program. It was a long day, we had to get ready!

We gave steamed rice, mie krop, soup and flowers to the monks then we got blessing from them in a return. Photo by Amy

Fresh from The Farm!

After gave the offering to the monks and had breakfast, the agenda was farming.

When we were a farmer.

We help this lady to picked the corn, we chose the big one.The first destination was corn field and it was my first time harvest the corn by myself. I was too excited! We got half basket of corn for boiled corn, fresh from the farm. It took around 40 minutes to make it.

1st step: boil the corn for 30 minutes

While waiting the corn cooked, we went to banana field, but picked up nothing. So sad, the big banana already picked. Then we went to lady's home. When I had a rest in lady's home, I found the winter melon there. It's big! As its name, it covered by something white as like the snow.

So happy! It was my first time saw the real winter melon.

Then we back to "kitchen" to check the corn and it almost cooked. She poured salt, so the corn tasted little bit salty. We just waited 10 more minutes until the corn cooked well. We ate this corn for our lunch and dinner, tasty!

The lady used the metal to pick the corn up.

We brought 2 plastic bags full of corn to home. And I just knew that the corn type is sticky corn because it was white and little bit sticky. On our way to home, we're stopping by on Sai Noi School. It was government school and managed by Sai Noi community. Most of the students couldn't speak English. I didn't talk to much with them, but we played volley ball together at 12 PM. So hot! Hahaha..

I loved their uniform, nice colors!

Our lunch set menu.

I was full and sleepy after lunch, Sai Noi Homestay served so many delicious foods for us. After took 30 minutes rest, we prepared for cooking class. We would make Mie Krop and some Thai desserts. Let's continue the story..... in The Flashpacker Series: Cooking.

The Flashpacker

 Friday, July 26, 2019 7:34 AM