I started the day by waking up so late and missing breakfast. Everybody was waiting for me. I rushed outside and got in the tuk tuk

In the way stopped to see rubber trees. Tbh I never knew rubber came from trees. I was so confused. Actually they said the words “this is a rubber tree” so many times and I couldn’t understand until they pointed at the Tuk Tuk wheels and I was like “ohhh okayyyy”. I was told so many locals in southern Thailand plant rubber trees and Thailand is one of the biggest exporters of rubber in the world.

After about 1 hour in the Tuk Tuk of beautiful green scenery, we arrived at the location where we’re taking our long tail boat to plant orchids in the wild.

In the way to, we saw a beautiful mountains that looks like an elephant sitting down ! We took a bunch of picture and then we got to our destination.

A local guide showed us where to best plant the orchids: little holes of dirt in the rocks. We planted a few of these plants around, we got introduced to the different kind of flowers in Thailand and FINALLY I HAVE A PICTURE OF THE WALKING FISH !

After that we visited a local orchid farm. The place was filled with all different kinds of orchids: big, small, white, pink, green ! The owners of the farm then gave us a traditional Thai food cooking lessons. We made a kind of omelette, cut it in pieces and added shredded mango, onions, cucumber, pepper, shrimp and of course rice.

The owners of the farm are also fisherman. They get fish and shrimp and they dry it in a really hot room that has plastic ceiling. I believe the plastic is to reflect the sun and make it even brighter and hotter.

In the way back, we stopped at a dessert place by the side of the road. The dessert was many different kind of coconuts jelly, seeds, herbs, natural red coloring and a lot of ice. It was very delicious but like every other Thai meal, it was a huge portion and I couldn’t finish it.

Thailand is so hot that every time I see a fan I jump right in front of it !!

In our next stop, we planted Nipa Palms back into the wild. Nipa palms is a specifies of palms native to the coastlines of the Indian and the Pacific oceans. There were so many crabs in the area ! I can see them from far but the closer I get, the faster they go into the mud. After we planted the palms, we got rewarded by fresh coconut ! It was very delicious and refreshing. The local guide cut the coconut in a way that I can have a part of it as a spoon. Being from Tunisia, we don't really have any coconuts so the whole experience of them showing me how to eat it was so funny and exciting.

Ines Said

 Sunday, July 28, 2019 2:50 AM