What an amazing way to start off the day than with this beautiful soul!

This morning we had the pleasure of spending it with Hathairat Prompech as she welcomed us into her home which she turned into an art pottery gallery and where she also teaches people how to make her amazing clay pottery. She teaches them to draw, step by step and making beautiful pieces of art.

Aww 🥰 I loved meeting this beautiful and special soul!

Hathairat Prompech and her husband have turned their home into a beautiful master piece with their amazing love for clay art 🎨 by converted their living room into a gallery and also teach others to do make beautiful clay art! Was so fun making our own plates today with the city’s traditional and icons and symbols while meeting Hathairat and learning how alike we are 💜💜💜 love seeing people doing what they love and making a career out of it.

When it was time to leave she didn't want me to leave <3 she said love has no language.

Thank you for welcoming us into your home! All the best to you and ur family 💕

Me and Hathairat had a very deep connection from the moment we met. We are very alike in so many ways. It's so beautiful to meet amazing souls like her. Hope to see her again in the future.

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Hofit Kim Cohen

 Monday, July 29, 2019 6:28 PM