This is place called "Klong Rood".

It's a place which we can do kayaking in the Upstream Forest, new sightseeing place of Krabi which manageed by local people group called "Krabi Lazanya Tour".

They provided kayak and guide tour to upstream foreset area which have super clear water, plenty of nice fish and popped of groundwater.

Preparing and ready to go kayak.

So far, I let my friend kayaking as I am too busy with took photo and video...LOL

Both side of view are mountains, with the super clear water beneath.

Starting to upstream forest zone, some small fish are shown up.

Stop over and let's swim in a very clear water.

Some of bubble from popped of groundwater.

Hello little fishy!

Only cost 300 THB per person with a local guide to take care of during kayaking in the water.

I do recommend this as one of the activity if you visit Krabi.

Check out my Youtube Video for "Klong Rood" by >> CLICK.

Contact for your booking via their FB: Krabi Lazanya Tour

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 Tuesday, August 6, 2019 11:58 PM