As I went to Chinag Rai so often and get a lots of nice photos.

So I will share all my nice photo point in Chiang Rai in this blog.

This photo I got from "Khun Nam Nang Non", It's known as Emerald pond.

This view from the backside of "Mae Fah Luang University".

It's a small dam behind the university like this.

This view from "Pong Phra Bat hot spring".

This photo I got from "Mae Lao Zoo", It's a wildlife sanctuary.

Got this greenery shot from "The Wanderer, coffee shop".

This is also another greenery. I got this from "Chom Phon Coffee", near the army museum.

Nice view from "Le Meridien Chiang Rai Hotel".

British style coffee shop at "Hacienda Coffee & Restaurant".

The outdoor shot of the coffee shop.

Up to the hill to get this view, "Ban Pha Hee Coffee".

Fish feeding area, back of the Rajabhat Chiang Rai University called "Lan Chom Pla, Baan Pa Or".

Last photo set from "Phra That Doi Kao Kwai".

The legend animal called "4 ears, 5 eyes".

Last with the Chiang Rai City View from "Wat Phra That Doi Kao Kwai".

Thanks for follow me and will keep update next review.


 Wednesday, August 7, 2019 12:12 AM