Tak, a small province with a fascinating nature, allows us to travel all year round....Now, let's take a look of the 4 destinations that we should not miss...

1. Elephant Trekking to Palatha Waterfall

Palatha Waterfall is located in Mae Klong National Forest Reserve - Umphang. Since there is no paved road, it may be difficult to travel if it rains. Therefore we should take the villagers' car which is a 4WD car (do not drive yourself). You can contact the Palatha Village for such a service. This village is one of the oldest Karen villages in Thailand (Palatha Village also offers a homestay as well as riding an elephant to explore the nature services).

This waterfall is still very abundant in nature. If you wish for some place peaceful, quiet, and clear water, I recommend this place as one of the top lists for you.

To watch and enjoy the waterfall, if you want other means than taking a car....you can try to explore the nature with elephant trekking.

I can guarantee that your route will be naturally amazing and you can also enjoy taking photos.

To ride the elephant, please contact Palatha Village for prices.

2. Doi Hua Mot

It is a beautiful viewpoint that you can enjoy the sea fog as well as the sunrise and sunset in 180 degrees. We should go between 5.30-6.00 a.m. to experience the full morning light.

How to get here From Umphang district, drive along the 1090 route to Palatha Village. At about 10-11 km, you can park your car on the side and walk up to just 10 minutes, and then you will find a beautiful view on the top of the mountain.

3. Rating along Mae Klong River - Enjoying Sai Fon Waterfall (Thi Lo Cho) ***

It is a very chill and beautiful rafting route to see the beautiful nature. This rafting is not an adventure one like other rafting. But rather, it is a comfortable rafting route from upstream of Mae Klong River in order to enjoy the Sai Fon Waterfall. There is also a rest on the way to the hot spring. This route ends at Thi Lor Su Waterfall *** It is indeed a very breathtaking nature rafting, if you have yet done the rafting, you should definitely come and enjoy it.

Usually, Mae Klong river rafting service is mostly included with homestay accommodation prices. The average price is about 2xxx- 3xxx THB including room and food. (Prices may be up and down depending on the rafting program and accommodation). For the one day trip, the price will be around 12xx THB.

This route comes with slow flowing water, it is such a great place to watch and be with the nature.

Here we are, enjoying the Sai Fon Waterfall (Thi Lo Cho). This waterfall is like rain pouring from the cliff.

Along the route, there's also a resting area where you can go for hot spring service!

4. Thi Lo Su Waterfall

This is the waterfall that is ranked as the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Thailand and the most beautiful one in Southeast Asia. It's like if you not visiting it, you are yet reached Tak province.

It is a waterfall that is 900 meters above sea level. It has strong water flowing all year round. The width of the waterfall is measured to be up to 500 meters and the height is also up to 300 meters. It is especially beautiful during the end of raining season and the beginning of winter season. If you want to try a new route, you may change from a car ride to a rubber boat rafting to reach here.

When is the best time to visit Thi Lo Su? Well, in fact, it depends on what you like...

November - January > During early winter, you can enjoy the waterfall in a relaxed and chill manner but the water is not as much as raining season. Also, the car is accessible.

February - May > Not much water but it is very clear and car is accessible.

***During the raining season, please contact the national park for information first because the opening and closing time in each year varies depending on the weather condition. In case of the heavy rain, you may not be allowed to enter because it is difficult and dangerous. The car may not be accessible and you might have to walk up.

June - July > This early raining season, has lots of water, the entire route is very green and very beautiful for rafting.

August - October > Lots of water, beautiful water, fewer tourists in exchange for difficult journey.

Thank you so much for introducing this beautiful route, the community travel trip of Umphang district, Tak province, teh 4th Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization).

Readme Team

 Monday, August 19, 2019 8:55 PM