Talking about Samui, what will you think of? For me, I will think of Monkey, Kalamare (Thai Caramel Candy), Coconut trees and Luxury Resorts. Today I am going to take you to Samui and stay in a luxury resort, Le Meridien Koh Samui Resort & Spa. Let's go!!!

Le Meridien Koh Samui Resort & Spa located at La Mai Beach on Samui Island

Le Meridien Koh Samui decorated in Chinese Oriental Style. Somewhere in this resort looks like in the Chinese Movie and I think it is great.

The entrance of Le Meridien Koh Samui will cut you out from the outside world by music. It is a notice to tell you that now you are going to be in the world of Le Meridien

Look at the resort entrance during the day but compare with the night, there will be a sensor light following a body movement. It is a well design I like it.

Another place that make me WOW is the lobby. It looks quite common.

But in the evening, there will be a place for launching floating lanterns into the sky everyday at around 7.00pm. It is so elegant and very beautiful. I really like it. If anyone who want to stay here, you should not miss this activity.

A small library

This is the Latitude 9 Bar of Le Meridien. Bar of Le Meridien is located on latitude of each location such as in Chiang Rai is Latitude 19, Chiang Mai is Latitude 18 and Bangkok is Latitude 13.

Roselle Soda for my welcome drink makes me fresh and refills my energy.

All decoration here still keeps Chinese Oriental Style in every corner.

The Fitness Center is below Latitude 9 Bar.

Spa is also another interesting place with unique decoration and design and playing Chinese Music all day long. It is a good matched, I really like it.

A small gift shop in the Spa

Inside a Spa room, they also play Chinese style music.

From the Spa to the public area which is the grassland near Latest Recipe Restaurant and there are two building on both sides.

Normally, Le Meridien always have an Italian restaurant, "Favola" too but here there is only the Latest Recipe Restaurant which is an all day dining. Recommended menu is fried beef with black pepper.

For breakfast, there are less choices on the buffet items by comparing with other Le Meridien. However, they are still keeping Le Meridien Concept and food tastes are still good. So I think better not to compare with the others.

Near the restaurant is the Main Pool; there is only one pool by the beach with good atmosphere and not that big.

P.S. there is a sharing pool in some room types.

A small pool bar where you can borrow towels and games.

For beach, I would say that it is quite usual. If you like a beautiful beach, Chaweng beach is recommended.

The Complex Pier is the highlight here. At the end of the pier is a natural pool with seawater.

Look!!!! Fishes are all around ^^

A creative place for a romantic diner

Or a general romantic diner, wedding party or any party can be arranged here

Let's go for a room tour >>>

Starting with Verandah Suite, is quit a small room but have a good design.

Terrace Suite, it is a bigger room than the first one with a big balcony for you to party.

Plung Pool Suite, is the same as the first room but there is a Plung Pool in between bedroom and bathroom.

Pool Access Suite is a sharing pool; there are 3 pools and sharing by 6 rooms for 1 pool. The advantage of this room is if there is no one sharing a pool with you, this room will be a pool villa with a very big pool.

They are still keeping concept of small bedroom.

But big bathroom with all convenient facilities provided.

Amenities set is provided in every room with a smell of lemon and vanilla. Personally, I really like a smell of amenities of Le Meridien.

A gift before bedtime, today I get a Mango with sticky rice and Dried Mango. And it will be different in each day of your stay.

See!!! The next day is Spicy Fruit Salad.

Pavilion Pool Villa is a room with private pool, surrounding with wall so you will not be able to see any views.

Ocean Front Pool Villa is the most beautiful room.

This little monkey is a no disturb sign just put it in front of your room.

To finish my trip today >>>


1. The most comfortable bed ever by comparing with the same chain.

2. Keeping the decoration concept of Chinese Oriental Style which make it charming and attractive

3. I really impress with Yeepeng Festival (Launching floating lantern into the sky) in the evening, I like them to keep doing it.

4. My room is Pool Access Suite and I am so lucky that there is noone sharing a pool with me. So this room become a pool villa for me^^.


1. Breakfast is quite general, does not like the other Le Meridien. For me, I always think about incredible breakfast when I come to Le Meridien.

2. The main pool is quite small and there is only one.

3. The beach is quite usual because we are on La Mai Beach

Chakhrit Paksabuy Chart

 Saturday, April 25, 2015 9:00 PM