Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong written by Chakhrit Paksabuy Chart

Reyong is one of the most popular seaside provinces in Thailand. In fact, this province is quite popular for Bangkokians to spend their weekends or holidays. But this province has a lot more differences than other seaside provinces because most of people only want to visit Samet Island.

Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong

Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong

Reyong is one of the most popular seaside provinces in Thailand. In fact, this province is quite popular for Bangkokians to spend their weekends or holidays. But this province has a lot more differences than other seaside provinces because most of people only want to visit Samet Island. They believe that there are few things to see on the mainland with only industrial places. I can't argue with them because I was thinking the same thing...LOL....By the way, today I will take you to spend a holiday in Rayong. So, we can see the real perspective of this place.

Sangchan Beach is a beach that located near the city centre of Rayong province and closed to Chonburi province. The most distinctive feature of this place is a customisation of the beach to create many coves along the sea from the beginning to the end of the beach.

Actually, Sangchan Beach and Laem Charoen Beach is located on the same beach but the appearance and the atmosphere of these beaches are quite different. Sangchan Beach is suitable for welcoming tourists while Laem Charoen Beach is the area of a fishing village.

For this beach, if you aim to spend your holiday here, I think it is really good option. The sand is quite fine (but the colour of the beach is not really beautiful) and the seawater is quite clean and clear.

You can have a look at some pictures here, so you can decide whether it is suitable for your desire or not.

Of course, a hotel that I am going to take you to experience will definitely be located on Sangchan Beach. As I had a look on the Internet, I finally found that the Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong was really interesting.

Why this hotel is interesting? And why it has to be this hotel?

In my opinion, Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong is one of the hotels that belong to Kasemkij Company. This company has many hotels all over Thailand such as Cape Nidhra Hua Hin, Cape Panwa Phuket, Kantary Hills Chiang Mai, which are quite well-known.

The uniqueness of this hotel is that the decoration is quite simple and not focuses on luxurious style like any other hotels. But the main selling points are a design for comfort and warm feeling like home, as well as delicious food with reasonable prices....Follow me!!! I will take you to check-in at the reception or you can wait for me at the lobby and I will check-in for you :-)

The atmosphere at the lobby is quite warm, cozy, and airy. It feels like you are in such a place between home and hotel....Anyway, let's sit down on a sofa for a while.

After check-in, I receive a "Complimentary Drink Voucher", which would be my welcome drink. I really like this because it's not just a normal welcome drink like other hotels.

We can use this voucher for buying a glass of beer, cocktails, Italian soda, or soft drinks in 3 places, which are Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong, Classic Kameo Hotel & Service Apartments in the heart of Rayong city, or even in a chic bakery shop like the Café Kantary....It's so good...(I would like to suggest you to use at the Café Kantary...It would be really worth)

Below is a glass of special cocktails in the month of April.

If you want to keep this voucher to use at the Café Kantary and you feel like you are tired and want some things to drink or eat, no worry, I will take you to find some free hot or cool drinks, some free cookies and some free fruits.

After check-in, just follow me to the 2nd floor, we can find something to support our stomach here :-)

There is a "Reading Room" on the 2nd floor. The ambiance of this room has white tone with colonial style, which I really like it.

The advantage of this room is that apart from its looks, there are free drinks, cookies, and fruits in the room for the whole day...It is really cool.

There are sweets, cookies, fruits, coffee, tea, mineral water, ice cubes, and so on. The most important thing is that it's complimentary with no limit for the whole day, which I believe many of you will be pleased by this...Including me...LOL..(So we can keep a voucher to use at the Café Kantary instead)

Ahhh...I almost forget this....If you want to read books, you can visit this corner and select your favourite books to read at a table.

Well, after having some light snacks and some drinks at the Reading Room, let's take a luggage to the room.

Does anyone want to stay in "One Bedroom Suite"?

This room is quite spacious with separate living area, a bedroom and a kitchen (there is a washing machine is the kitchen). There are also a working desk and a dining table in the living room, which make you feel like you are in your own apartment.

The view from the 6th floor is quite good (these pictures taken on the 6th floor). If you stay in a corner room of the front building like this room, you will enjoy seeing full sea view.

There is a fully furnished kitchen with everything you need.

This is a sea view from a corner room's balcony on the 6th floor.

Let's have a look at the atmosphere in this room at night.

A view from a balcony of the room 616...I think it's really beautiful.

Let's have a look inside a bedroom... It is decorated with simple style and white tone.

A bathroom also has simple decoration style...Ohh...There is a toilet rinsing spray! That's great.

There are standard amenities in the bathroom, which I think it's quite normal. However, a shower gel can makes a lot of bubble, which is very cool.

Who want to stay in this "Two Bed Room Suite"?

I have a glance around this room and it looks like a big apartment. A bathroom and a kitchen look similar to the one in One Bed Room Suite. The area is very large, which is suitable for a family around 4-6 persons or for a group of friends who aims to arrange a party :-)

Does anyone want to stay in this "Studio Suite"?

A Studio Suite is a standard room type of this hotel. The room area is smaller than other room types but still has the same concept with kitchen, dining table, sofa, and bathtub.

Well....After keeping my luggage in the room, I'm going to take you to walk around the hotel. Let's see what would be interesting here.

The first thing is a swimming pool. Here, there are 2 swimming pools with different style.

This first one is the main swimming pool located in front of the building and the fitness centre. I really like this pool rather than the second one because it has different depth. So, we can choose to swim in shallow or deep water.

The main swimming pool is located in front of the fitness centre. There are full amenities in the fitness centre such as all essential equipment, a steam room, and a sauna room.

The 2nd pool is smaller than the previous one. It is hiding behind the building.

Currently, they are constructing a bowling rink, karaoke rooms, and a game room, which would be a full entertainment centre of the hotel.

PS. There should be a mini theatre room as well :-)

Now I am going to take you to visit "The No.43 Italian Bistro", which is the main restaurant here.

The selling point of this restaurant is that the food is delicious and not really expensive. I want to say that I am so happy to have breakfast here in every morning. Because apart from its tastiness, there are various choices I can eat almost every dish.

Let's have a look at all pictures of the breakfast....Let's see how much it can make you feel hungry...I can't believe that some dishes are also included in breakfast.

My favourite thing is a Japanese food station, which has been set every morning. Also, the egg station also have a dish of pan-fried egg with sausage, cooked ground pork and seasoning on top....So delicious.

There is a lunch buffet, which is arranged 3-4 days a week. The selling point of the lunch buffet here is that the food is delicious, and the price is not expensive (around THB 380++ / person). There are Sushi and Sashimi dishes as well.

Moreover, there are many variety of food with high quality, so I think it's really worth for this price.

For one dish meal, I think Japanese food is the best. The price is similar to Fuji Restaurant whereas some dishes are cheaper. And the quality is similar to the Fuji Restaurant. So, I'd like to give my vote here.

Unfortunately, there's no set menu for lunch. Otherwise, It will be more interesting....

For Thai dishes, I order a dish of stir-fried seafood with holy basil, which the price is around THB 100 (not really different from Japanese dishes). For me, overall is okay but it has a bit lack of spices.

Do you still remember that I received a voucher for a complimentary welcome drink? This time, I am going to use this voucher at Café Kantary.

Let's see the atmosphere of the café...Overall, the café looks really sweet and very pretty with vintage style.

Since all drinks are free, I won't mention it here because you can select whatever you like. Anyway, I would like to suggest you for dessert dishes with full of mixed berries. If you like berries, you will love this place.

There's nothing better than eating ice cream, which I would like to recommend you for this summer. Here, there are some selections of homemade ice cream with Italian taste.

A dish of 3-layer pancake with caramel sauce served with mixed berries. Is anyone interested in this menu?

The highlight dish of this restaurant is "Honey Toast". I believe that many of you already know this menu very well. The taste is not really different from any other famous restaurants but it's more sweet here.

A dish named "Berry Berry Crepe" is a soft crepe with whipped cream, stuffed with delicious ice cream and served with berries. Does anyone like this menu?

If you are not a fan of dessert dishes and prefer tasty and spicy local food, I would like to recommend you to visit "Krua Thai Chai Nam" restaurant where you can find many tasty local dishes. You can have a look at the map below. If you can't find the direction, you can call to the number, which is mentioned in the map.

The atmosphere around the restaurant.

A dish of deep-fried whole red fish with sweet and sour sauce on top. The price is THB 320.

A dish of red curry with river snails is very delicious. It's really creamy and full of spices. The price is THB 130.

A spicy "Tom Yum" soup with soft pork spareribs. It tastes spicy and yummy. The price is THB 150.

A dish of New Zealand mussels, which is my favourite food and I can't miss this. The price is THB 250.

At the end of this trip, I paused in Sriracha for doing my own things. So I have a chance to have a meal at Cape Sriracha Hotel. There is a restaurant named "Le Marin Mediterranean Restaurant" situated inside the hotel.

Even though it's Mediterranean style, many Italian dishes are also included in the menu. Besides, the atmosphere is quite good with simple decoration and high ceiling.

I have a chance to try a delicious pizza with the price is THB 300 / dish. I would like to recommend for a dish of pizza with baked spinach, cheese and prawn. In addition, you can find this menu at Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong as well. If you are staying in this hotel, you can order this menu at the restaurant. It has similar taste.

For anyone to doesn't like vegetables, I'd like to recommend a dish of "Smoked Salmon Pizza", which is quite delicious and the pieces of smoked salmon is quite big and thick.

Let's have a look at these two dishes of spaghetti!

The left picture is stir-fried spaghetti with dried chilli and baby clams. If you like stir-fried spaghetti with dried chilli and bacon, you will love this menu.

And the right picture is spaghetti with mushroom and bacon cream sauce. If you like creamy sauce with strong favour of mushroom, you shouldn't miss this dish.

For desserts, I don't forget to try having a meal at Café Kantary, Sriracha branch. Ohhh...There are many customers in this branch. All seats are already occupied.

By the way, I finally order a piece of cake from a display shelf with a drink for this meal.

Let's conclude a little bit.

- In my opinion, a definition of the Kantary Bay Hotel Rayong is "big guest room, comfortable stay, feeling like home, good food, great sea view, with a suitable price" (starts from THB 2,000 on weekends). If you prefer luxurious places, this hotel may not suit you.

P.S. "A wonderful Thailand 2014", which the Tourism Authority of Thailand organised at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre during 15-18 May 2014, a promotion of One Bedroom Suite is only THB 2,000.

- Café Kantary is really chic with great atmosphere. Desserts and snacks are delicious with many selections. The prices are acceptable and there are many dishes with full of berries :-)

- Krua Thai Chai Nam has many yummy Thai dishes with local taste. The price is not quite cheap but not too expensive.

- Le Marin Mediterranean Restaurant has delicious pizza dishes, good location and the price is not too high.