"Chaophraya River is the main river in Bangkok where you can explore by difference type of vehicle. Hop on Hop off boat is also new choice and it is good one...."

This Saturday I am free and there is some friends who we did not meet for long time. And lucky that all are free today then now we are 5 persons who will explore Chaophraya River from Pha Artit Pier to Sathorn Pier. We will take the boat from Chapharaya Tourist Boat the decision is mine. And the reason is just I like that they have painting of Alex Face who is one of my favorite painter. I like his art concept, the way he use color, and the places where has paint. See from the boat above. Is that baby, rabbit, or baby rabbit or.....

We agreed to set Tha Phra Artit (Phra Artit Pier) to be our meeting point. And we will hop along the river to visit all places in the map.

We arrived Phra Artit road a bit early than meeting time so we are 3 persons have to find some place to wait for another one friend. We all walking from the end of the road heading to Phra Artit pier along the road we saw lots of small coffee shop by local people, cafe, Thai restaurant, book shops, souvenior shops, this area is so nice for walking. And there is small street call "Chanasongkram" where the local people told us can walk to Khao San Road.

We were reached to the popular noodle shop name "Khun Dang" the noodle is Vietnamese style mix with Thai taste. I cam here many times so I want my friends try it for our lunch. Unfortunately, another 2 friends have to cancel on last minutes then there will be only 3 of us today.

They have 2 size, normal size is 50THB while special size is 60THB and if you want to put boiled egg you pay 10THB more.

This time we got table on second floor, the second floor venue is not bad even the room look quite old but clean. But personally I prefer to sit on ground floor as we an see more view of the road wider.

After finished the noodle, we walk back to the pier to get the boat.

The pier is opposite to the noodle shop. We almost miss the place because there is very small soi from the main road to the pier.

But when we walked in then we realize that this is very nice small road to the pier, there are small souvenir stalls selling local product and handmade things.

Before we reach to the ticket counter I notice that there are public restroom which look nice. They charge but I think it good to have toilet near the pier as many tourist have problem about toilet when they do walk tour or sightseeing tour in Bangkok.

Just 5 minutes we reached to the pier and check at the counter for our booking.

Staff gave us the map and ticket which we need to show to staff on the boat during the trip then told us to sit and wait for the next boat.

Around 10 minutes then they called us go the boat. I saw many mix nationality of tourists join this boat. Then it should be nice tour.

Before we got on the boat. I saw that there is a nice cafe by the river and next to the pier which should be nice for dinner. May be we come next time.

When the boat arrived the pier I saw many tourist also join the same boat with us.

Staff waiting there for check the ticket again before we get on the boat. It seem that they have difference type of ticket.

Finally, we got on the boat and I like this boat as they have upper deck with open air without roof then we can see 360 degree view.

I saw that only European prefer sit on the roof while Asia People prefer lower deck under the roof.

The boat left the pier and first stop is Thonburi Raiway station pier but if we get of there then we have to walk too long to Wang Lang market which is the place that I want to visit.

So, we decided to get of at Maharat Pier and then take local ferry boat (THB3.50) to Wang Lang Pier.

here at Wang Lang market (old market) we walk deep into the small street where there are lots of things selling either food,drinks, souvenirs, fashion etc.,

But as the because I'm coming with boys so it is not good time for shopping. So, we got icecoffee and then came back to the pier to wait for next boat.

While we were waiting for the boat I saw a restaurant next to the pier with lots of foreigners enjoy eating. This should be popular restaurant in this area. We will try next time.

We took ferry back to Maharat Pier to get next boat of Chaophraya Tourist Boat to Pakklong Talad (Yodpiman).

But while we were waiting for next boat then we walked around the Maharat Pier where they have lots of coffee shops, cafe, food, and relax place to sit.

We walked around and I got big crape to share with all of us.

(it too big to finish by one).

What I saw here is they have many toilets available and clean and I think this is very important for this kind of community mall.

And I like the name of this shop. "Golden Pillow" actually this name in Thai is the type of Durian. This shop selling products made by Durian but when we translate one by one word it sound funny.We finally got on the next boat and continue to Pakklong Talad pier.

There I saw many shops and cafe, coffee shops etc., but behind of this community mall is Pakklong Talad where they sell vegetable, fruits and flower.

But as we do not have much time to day to explore deeply for each stop so we just walked around the pier and took place to sit and wait for the boat. However, I got my favorite drink from Starbuck Here "Pomegranate tea no syrup"

We got the boat and then continue to next pier which is "Lhong 1919" this place is small but I came here many times and still like it.

I like the decoration with the old building.They still keep the building look old but make them more lively.

We drop by at a coffee shop name "Ploernwan Panich" the decoration of this shop is look like coffee shop in 50-60 years ago. The tables, chair, and all decoration are look old but nice and I like it.

Only me got a drink and it is "Black coffee with sugar and condense milk. The taste is amazing. But I think they need more smile of the face of staff there then they will have more customer who share comment by word of mouth. They have some authentic Thai menu but it is not time for meal so we just took a drink.

We walked from the coffee shop along the souvenirs shops, treatment shops back to the pier to get another boat to Sathorn Pier as we do not want to drop by at IconSiam.

Reaching to the Sathorn Pier then we walked to Bangrak market to find something for dinner. But one of my friend have idea about dinner cruise because today we saw this river in the day time and he wants to see in the night time.

Then we take tuk tuk from Bang Rak to River City Pier ( 100Baht) to buy ticket for dinner cruise. Today we choose "Wonderful Pearl Cruise" as one of us tried and recommended that this cruise is good.

When the boat arrive to the pier. There are lots of people got on the boat. We got the table next to the windows and close to the Sushi line. One of my friend very happy.

The food are nice and variety. They have Japanese food, Western food, Thai food, Noodle, Thai dessert etc.,

I tried their sushi and I can say that it's taste better than some place I tried.

But the most I like is noodle and Thai dessert.

We all enjoy food and then go outside (we sit inside air-con room) to get nice shot along the river.

Actually, myself tried dinner cruise many times and I saw similar view but every time I come I still take photo of same place.

The reason is when we compare the same place which we took photo in difference time.

There always something difference showing in those photos.

We finished dinner cruise and reached back to the pier around 9pm. Got of the boat and then take taxi from the pier back home. It was full full day tour today and we have talked about next trip "Why don't we try walk tour around the river ?" a question from one of us. He said then we can see different view of these old town. Why not then ?



 Wednesday, August 21, 2019 10:31 AM