It is my second trip to Mae Hong Son within 2 years. First time I go there because I was broken heart during New Year's day so my senior invite me to go back to his home in Chiang Mai. Then, I intend to go to my senior's home in Chiang Mai and think that living in Bangkok when I was broken my heart would be nothing enjoyable. And, it is the same time that senior's friend is going to go back in Mae Hong Son, so my senior's also invites me to visit him too. I have ever been to that province for more than 10 years, so I really want to go there. But, we have stayed for only 1 day so I tell them that I will come back here again in next year and I really go back and this time I intend to look for the beautiful view of this province. There are 2 ways to go to Mae Hong Son. You can take a flight from Chiang Mai or drive a car. I recommend from my heart that you better drive to this place and you will see the beautiful view of the road side which would be unforgettable of the view and the long distance because I drive to that place, we open the window to feel a cool breeze and through the cold of a trees. I would say that you should spend time worthy because you will find it hard to reach here.

Let's the pictures tell you a story because I personally not good at describing things. Further more, I prefer to focus on telling story through a beautiful of nature and culture of this province.


 Monday, May 23, 2016 1:19 PM