"It's Friday,it's traffic day and it was raining in Sukhumvit area. While I am free today noon so nothing better than stop by some nice place to spend some time with friends. I was at Nana sky train station while my friend calling. Yui said that she bought voucher of high tea at Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit and want to go today if I am free. Yes I am free, I told her.

Then I call to another friend Radar to join and lucky that she was around that area then we become 3 persons for this high tea time.

Yui arrived as the first one and she got very good table with stunning view. The place is Market Cafe at Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit next to Nana skytrain station. I came by sky train then I walked in to the hotel easily.

Waiter start serving their high tea set. It is big set which even we are 3 persons can not finished for sure.

We impressed with the design and decoration of the tea set. Waiter explain the meaning of the pink flower which had meaning "never ending" and white color flower mean "love" so this tea set mean "never ending love". Such a good meaning.

First item he served is Sampanee.
"Sampanee dessert or Sampani is an ancient Thai dessert. It is considered one of the auspicious sweets that are popularly used in wedding ceremonies. Because in the old days it was believed that Sampanee had the meaning of the name which is "Beloved" because those who eat it will gradually dissolve in the mount, aware of aroma and sweetness Nostalgia for love and fragrant, smelling candles.Shaped like a colorful flower"

Here is the first time I tried this dessert. And I think I like it.

Second item is Thai pan cake. Coconut with flour topping with yellow mango, spring onion. Radar like this menu.

Mini samosa with fish and bean inside.

This one is fruit cake topping with avocado and crab meat.

This one have good name "Chor Muang"

Tart topping with cream and bake tomato.

But I like this tart topping with yellow mango.

This one is the most I like today. It's spicy spring roll with mango and shrimp.

Lovely Macaroon.

Mini soft chocolate cake.

Mixed dried fruit. And you can see the white one. It is ginger.

Yes, this is big set of high tea.

This is the reason why I said even we 3 persons still can not finish this big tea set.

They have 3 types of tea. I chose white tea, Radar got green tea and Yui share both as we do not want to try red tea.

From the purpose of meeting and chitchat become working again because all of us came with laptop.

We spent 2 hours here seeing raining outside the glass wall and the view of sky train go and back.

It is very nice place for working, meeting and enjoying tea time. Very convenience if coming by sky train but if you come with car. You have to pay for parking fee. My friend Yui paid THB 100 for 4 hours. Actually, if we are here for enjoy their afternoon tea I think we should not pay for parking fee. But it's their policy.

We left there around 4.30pm because Radar have meeting, I have another meeting at Terminal 21 shopping mall while Yui have to go back to work at her office until the traffic is better then we all will go back home. It was very good meeting.

During the Friday evening. Everyone know that you should not be on the road during 4-7pm if you do not want to spend all time on the road.

In overall I like high tea at this hotel. Next time we might come again to try their roof top bar.



 Friday, September 13, 2019 10:59 PM