"One of my friend who always siting with her works seven days a week for years. She live in Bangkok so many years but there are so many streets in Bangkok that she never step on. So, the mission today is take her out from the room and explore the city with us"

Me and another two friends arrived to Bangrak Road and waiting for Radar who is the main actress today.

It was raining this early morning and we three arrived 30 minutes before time so the good place to wait for Radar is a coffee shop.

Amazon coffee shop is what we chose for this morning. After sit around 15 minutes then we start walking to the meeting point at Sathorn Pier.

Along the Bang Rak road there are lots of shops, restaurant, food stall selling their food.

I got a small bag of crispy pork only THB 30. I started walking tour already when I start buying food from food stall on street.

We reach to the pier around 8am which is meeting time but Radar was not arrive yet. I bought the ticket (THB 15 per person) and understand that we have to get on the boat with orange flag.

But as it was raining and Radar got problem with traffic then we missed the boat at 8.15am. Radar arrived after boat left and we wait for next boat.

Radar is my friend like my older sister. She loves outdoor life actually but never try how it feel because she spend almost the time in her office. I invited her to try today and another 2 friends. We are 4 and we will walk across the Chaophraya River to see difference cultures, architecture, lifestyle etc., between both side of the river. They are Thonburi which was capital city of Thailand before Bangkok.

Firstly we took the public boat (Orange flag) from Sathorn pier to Yodpiman pier.

And from here we will start walking.

Yodpiman market is the the market where they sell vegetable,fruits,flower,garlands etc., And the pier is on the back of the market. After we reached to the pier then walked through the market to the front.

There are lots of vegetable.

And flower.

And Radar really enjoy walking in this market.

As we are going to visit some temple then as other Thai people. We preparing garland and flower.

This lovely small garland is only THB 10.

We spent around 20 minutes inside the market then we left and keep walking to the bridge which will take us to another side of the river.

Radar got flowers and garland and ready to go to visit temple.

There are so many thing selling along the road and Radar stopped with steam sweet potato. She paid 20 Baht and got big bag of potato.

We continue walking to the green bridge call "Saphan Put" which was built since around 150 years ago.

We all crossed over the Chaophraya River by walking on this bridge.

The stunning view from the bridge stop us to take some shots.

Reached to Thonburi side. Thonburi is an area of modern Bangkok. During the era of the kingdom of Ayutthaya, its location on the right bank at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River had made it an important garrison town, which is reflected in its name.

Wat Prayurawongsawat Worawihan, known in short as Wat Prayun is a 19th century Buddhist temple complex, located near the Memorial Bridge (Thonburi side).

Main Stupa, an ancient white stupa of the temple build in the reign of King Mongkut, inside contains the Buddha's relics.

The stupa receives UNESCO Cultural Heritage Conservation Award of Excellence in 2013.

We continue walking to the back side of the temple along the small street heading the walk way by the river.

It is very good view during walking along the river. This walk way is small and allow only bicycle and walk only. Everywhere look clean.

We continue walking to Santa Cruz Church as the next stop. It is around 200 meter away from the temple.

Along the way there are some benches which you can sit and relax.

We reached to the church but as they are preparing for cerebration tomorrow so they are not allow us to get inside the church then we can just walking around.

Santa Cruz Church also known as Kudi Chin is a Roman Catholic church in Bangkok. It is in Khwaeng Wat Kanlaya of the Thon Buri District on the west bank of Chao Phraya River, in the neighbourhood known as Kudi Chin. A church was first built on the site, which had been granted to a community of Portuguese Catholics around 1770.

It was then the main Catholic church in Bangkok and served as the seat of the Apostolic Vicariate of Siam until 1821 when Assumption Cathedral was completed. The current building, in Renaissance Revival style, was built in 1913-1916 to replace a second structure from 1845.

And next to the church there is a famous community call Kudi Chin Community. People living in this area are mixed Christian and Buddhist.

But before we start walking in to the community. I found nice local coffee shop close to the entrance.

A small house was turned to be a coffee serving coffee, beverage and some authentic Thai food. But it was not the time for lunch yet so we just ordered drinks.

Mo got fresh milk with ice.

Me and Deer got honey lemon soda.

And Radar got red syrup with soda.

You can see a lovely magnet in front of our drinks. They are a souvenir which the money will be donate to the temple. So, I bought 10 pieces of them as a souvenir for my friends and also donate to the temple.

The drinks here are good but the highlight is the view from the table which we sat. Radar said that if we stay a bit longer she can sleep here.

The walk way start from Soi 4.

The small street lead us walk deep inside the community.

The more we walk inside then we saw very easy living of people in this area.

There is a sign point us to the most famous bakery shop name "Thanusingha"

And this shop is very famous for this bakery.

Radar bought one pack for her niece.

And the next stop is mine.

This is very lovely house.

They turned the houses to be a museum combined with souvenir and coffee shop.

And I got a nice hat from here.

Three glasses.

We walk around the museum to learn the history Thonburi district.

After the museum we continue walking.

Radar enjoy with everything along the road.

We saw a nice Thai restaurant.

The menu look nice but unfortunately we do not have time today.

I got menu and we will try next time.

I like this community where the people try to make the wall of their house look more friendly to the visitors. They painted and sharing the history to the tourists.

And also the map to show us the way to walk around.

We finally reach back to the church.

And we agreed to try some signature menu.

We stopped at the small lovely house of aunt Jaew.

Both are so nice and kind. Most of all the food they cooked are amazing.

We ordered the signature menu call "Khanom jeen kaeng kai kua" it is similar with what I have tried just a little bit difference as they put spring onion on tip and also a yellow sauce made by coconut milk.

While we were waiting for our food. I heard some one order another menu "Stir fried shrimp with black pepper and celery.

You can not guess how much this menu they sell. It is only THB 60 with jumbo size of shrimp. And total for shrimp,noodle and a bowl of jasmine rice. We paid only THB 105.OMG!!! so cheap and very delicious.

Now our energy was full fill so we can continue walking. And next stop is Kian An King Shrine.

Along the way before we reached to the shrine. I saw a very beautiful house but the house is look so old. I just thinking that should be someone renovate and keep it as museum to show this beautiful stay longer.

We reached to the shrine. There is small bridge connected the main walk way and the shrine.

Luck us that there was a group of cycling just left then the place a bit empty.

Since they put a sign "no photo" inside then I can take only some shots from outside. But the architecture are amazing. In some part remind me when I visit a shrine in Talad Noi where there is a god with black skin color.

We spent around 15 minutes at the shrine for pray and take some nice shots.

This shrine is a Hokkienese joss house. It's one of the oldest shrines in Thonburi and Thailand by King Taksin and brought the Goddess Guanyin statue to be enshrined here. The Guanyin Bodhisattva is different from other shrines because mostly the Guanyin in other shrines are in standing position, but here the Guanyin is in sitting position. The Guanyin statue is made of wood carved and coated with gold. There are also murals and paintings of the classical novel Romance of Three Kingdoms, including dolls decorated on the wall decorations for visiting and worshipping.

Its name is assumed to be the origin of the name Kudi Chin, which means that the Chinese cloister.

We left the shrine to next step. We start exploring Thonbur with Thai temple, then Christian temple now Chinese and next is again Thai temple. Wat Kalayanamitr.

See flowers in Radar's hands. She bought it from Pakklong Talad because she wants to put in the temple as same as Thai people when we pray to the Buddhist statue we bring candle,incense and flowers.

Wat Kalayanamitr Varamahavihara is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple is located in Wat Kanlaya sub-district, on the Thonburi bank of the Chao Phraya River. The temple was established in 1825 by Chaophraya Nikonbodin, a wealthy Thai Chinese trader, who donated the temple to Rama III.

After that we continue by walk to the next stop which is Wat Arun. We walked to the exit of the temple as a guy there show us the short cut way to Wat Arun.

Before I explore this area. I got information that this area is combined with 3 religious which is Buddhist, Christian,Muslim. So, on the way to Wat Arun we stop by Ton Son Mosque.

This Mosque was built since King Rama II. But the original one was built by wood but later they built again with cement. But the walk around the mosque still maintain original till now.

This mosque open for children to learn Al-Quran

We met some girls wearing nice school uniform and Radar very happy to take photos with them.

While I was paying my attention to the bbq meat ball in front of the mosque.

Only THB 10/stick. Very cheap and very delicious especially the sauce.

But another 2 friends was looking at the hand made candy.

I love street food and always try everything.

We really enjoy eating.

And the next stop is Wat Arun.

Radar did not come to this temple for long so she very happy.

I like this temple, I can walk around every times I come as all area are very beautiful.

Finally the garland which we bought from Pakklong Talad reach to the right place.

We left the temple from the back side as we want to take a ferry boat to another side of the river.

Radar can get good shot every where she go.

We reach to the pier and queue to wait for the boat.

The fare is only THB 4 per person.

We reached to the city side of Bangkok. Tatian pier which located close to Wat Pho.

This poster stopped us to this restaurant even we are a bit full but finally we order 2 dessert.

The red one called "Ruby" and another one called "Emerald". The red one is the right name because the color is read and they put some nut inside. But for green one just my guess as I saw the color is green.

After finished dessert we continue walking to the last stop. But something stopped Radar again. Pink Rabbit Cake Shop. Orange cake attack her eyes but unfortunately they do not have available table and Radar doesn't want to carry home. Then we just take some photos before we leave.

They said that they have branches in Siam Paragon and also Sukhumvit soi 23. I think Radar will go there soon.

We finally reached to the most beautiful subway station in Thailand. Snam Chai station which located in the front of Museum of Siam.

We took subway because we want to go to China town (this place is extra stop by Radar's request).

When we reached to the Wat Mang Korn station then we realized why so many people stop by at this station for long time.

This place look like gallery of painting about 4 guardians Dragon,Swan,Tiger and Turtle in Chinese believes.

Dragon protect The East, Tiger protect The West, Turtle protect The North and Swan protect The South,

We came out from the station and just a few step then we reached to Dragon temple but since there are lots of people inside so we decided to visit again next time.

We walking a little bit but as it a bit late evening and one of our friend Mo have to catch the last transportation to his home. Then we decided to take tuk tuk to send Mo to the sky train station.

Tuk Tuk driver name is Uncle Tong (Lung Tong) she is so kind he charged us only THB 50 for 4pax from China Town to River City Pier. Radar said that this is very cheap as normally other Tuk Tuk might call the prices around 100-200 THB. But I think it depend on the driver as tuk tuk do not have meter so the price depend on agree between both passenger and driver.

However, as we like the way he drives and also the kind with service mind he has. Then we paid him THB 100. And this is Loong Tong. If you meet him in China Town please use him.

Finally we completed our mission to take Radar out today. We started the trip since 8.00am with a cup of coffee at Amazon while waiting for Radar. Till now we spent 8 hours together and go around two shade of Bangkok. The Thonburi look like sepia shade telling us the history of Siam from the art, architectures, houses, culture of food and living while Bangkok side like a new shade showing the modern living, developed city.

However, to visit both side of the river in one day is the best way to see history and present of Bangkok.



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