When going anywhere at all in the world, I would always assume ‘China Town’ would be such a food heaven. In Thailand, it’s like that. In San Francisco too. Oh! In Vancouver as well. Singapore seems like it works the same way.. so yes! I think it’s always like that. Good food around in China Town! Last time when visiting Kuala Lumpur, we went for food tour! and we get a great long list of What to eat in Chinatown (Petaling Street), Kuala Lumpur!

Our first time ever in Kuala Lumpur

Last time when we’re in Kuala Lumpur or ‘KL’ shortly. Even it’s just a short while, we enjoyed it to the last bits. First day was a bit overwhelmed as really, KL is huge and spread out! To go eat at a restaurant where we thought it’s pretty closed to the accommodation, we walked like half an hour, oh my. Now you think, ‘It’s just half an hour, come on’. Then, I will have to inform you, the weather is not that enjoyable to walk during the day. The heat would just burn you raw.

Kuala Lumpur’s China Town. Petaling Street and all around

Even a few of my Malaysian friends told us not to go to China Town as it’s not really China Town no more. It’s more like, Bangladesh town these days, we’re too stubborn and went there anyways, Petaling Street and all around..

As mentioned, we believe there are always good food around China Town so we took the whole entire day exploring. Of course, a bit of researching before hand but there are still some of them we just came across and we think it’s worth your visit!

1. Raw fish porridge and stir fry frogs at Hon Kee Porridge Petaling Street

Let’s just start the day with this weird breakfast.. I mean, ‘weird’ in a really good way. It’s also a new and exciting thing to experience when you are in the city. I had never before had Raw Fish Porridge and also Frog Porridge. Got some info from the internet and we went to try it out.

The shop itself is not new. Been open for decades since 1949. Though It’s so new to us, the menu items they feature as well! Imagine eating sashimi in a Japanese restaurant but no need to pay an arm and a leg. The raw fish could be eaten just like that along with some porridge or you could also stir it around in the porridge bowl and make it cooked a little. Both ways just taste great! The stir fry frog is pretty decent. Nothing special but it goes well with the porridge.

Feel free to get there as early as 4AM as that’s the time the shop’s open!

2. Silky smooth soya bean curd at Kim Soya Bean, Petaling Street

I love soy in general. Soy milk, soy ice-cream, soy dessert, soy curd or just the soy alone itself could be just delicious. This busy soya bean curd shop on one of the busiest street in KL, Petaling street just take soy to the next level. Remember that unrealistically smooth Lao Ban Soya Bean curd we had in Singapore.. This is pretty much like that. Well, I lied. It’s not that soft but still, it’s super duper silky and refreshing. Not too sweet and you could have it in ginger tea, soy milk or just with a bit of syrup.

In the Malaysia’s heat, this cup of soya bean curd or a few of them would just cool you down a lot more. Their soy milk is delicious too!

I love the fact that it’s really a family-run business where the dad and son help each other at the stand welcoming customers with their lovely smiles.

3. Best of the best freshest egg tarts at Bunn Choon Egg Tart

The crispy crust, filled with egg custard served right off the oven, dang, probably one of the freshest I have ever tried..

Bunn Choon founded since 1890’s. Been serving these yummy looking and best taste for centuries. Nowadays, just a few minutes walk from Petaling street, you can come enjoy a few flavours / colours of the crust. Green Pandan, Golden Original, Black Charcoal.. They all sound and looked really good but we chose the original one as it looks Golden! I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere less than RM 2. So reasonable price for what a treat.

The egg tarts can come right out of the oven any minute and you will just notice it right away both because of its super duper great smell and also, the baking station is just there! You can always see the process of them making the crusts, putting them into the oven and see them coming out.

The crust is still so crispy and warm. The egg custard is melt-in-your-mouth soft. It’s so eggy and not too sweet. Both thing combined in the mouth and I felt like I fell in love once again. I even brought a few boxes with me back to Thailand!

4.Delicious Boba Milk Tea at Taione

Taione, Pronunciation : Taiwan! If you don’t know so, Boba tea is originally from there, Taiwan. When I was there, boba tea shops just in every corner. I love boba tea so much that I even my own shop. I think it’s an edible art where you could chew when you drink! Isn’t that so clever!

It just can’t go wrong with boba tea but there are too many shops nowadays. Not all of them are good, sadly. Sometimes, I walk past a shop and feel a bit skeptical if it would really be a good one or I would just waste my few bucks.

Taione didn’t disappoint me! It’s actually one of the best I have tried. The boba has that perfect texture. Not too soft not too hard. The tea aroma is so fine and they don’t make it too sweet. It’s milky but at the same time, it keeps me wide awake. Love it!

The shop also claims to use the right ingredients with the freshness they always provide. That’s another big plus +

5. Being chic at Vintage 1988 Cafe & Accessories Store

This cafe was really my cousin’s request. He read something online where people reviewed about the place. It’s good for photos as the decoration and all are so cute and like its name, it’s vintage! I consider this also a pretty chill place to hang out with friends or even to come alone, have some quiet moment to read your favourite book. The place is pretty spacious so you sure will find your right spot.

We didn’t try any dessert or food but people say it’s good! A coffee.. A little cup of coffee was pretty decent. A smoothie was also delicious.

One funny thing of visiting this place, we found one of a really good spot for handmade/homemade noodle! It’s just right next door!

6. Hand-pulled noodle at Mee Tarik Restoran

I always get so excited to dine at a noodle place where they actually make the noodle themselves. Especially, when they make it just right there for you to see with your own eyes! It’s like that at this Mee Tarik Restoran.. as fresh as it could get right there just in front of you!

Lamian in Chinese or Mee Tarik in Malaysian is Hand-pulled noodle, is a type of Chinese noodle dish.

This place offers 2 types of noodle. Round and flat. We went for both with 2 dishes, stir fry and soup. It’s delicious, at the same time, I found the soup was a bit too bland then the stir fry was a bit too oily. Though, at the end of the day, the fact that they hand-pulled (Mee tarik) and make it in house right there just in front of the customers would just always win my heart and yes, sure will be back if I ever visit KL again

7. Beef noodle soup at Kedai Kopi Lai Foong

I have heard so much of this place. Not because of this beef noodle soup but most of the time, they mention Lala noodle. Lala noodle is a clam noodle. Sounds just real interesting and that’s why we went.

Unfortunately, the line was just too long that we didn’t think we would want to wait so.. There it was! Beef noodle soup in a real hot day of Kuala Lumpur.

It was a HUGE bowl and if you weigh the same as I do around 90lbs more or less, literally share a bowl with someone! Well, I loved all the beef and all the offals. Yes, we Asians love the offals too! The broth though was a bit lack of taste. This is not the first place I feel this way so I kind of think, it’s really Malaysian taste.

There! 7 places we went and loved. I sure recommend you go to all these places if you have enough time. They’re various and not really same types of food. Though, it’s just right around the corner of one another. You could even try it all out in a whole full day just like we did. Kuala Lumpur’s China Town food tour!

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