"The Big Apple through my eyes"

Day 3 : Roosevelt Island - Central Park - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Our airbnb was in Astoria, in Queens. We just took a bus straight to the tram station on Roosevelt Island.

By the way, the island is famous for its calmness closest to the chaotic Manhattan. There is also a long line of Cherry Blossom trees, which you can witness its full bloom in April. The island is mostly occupied by the area of rehab center, and other residential buildings.

Roosevelt Tram is a modern tram crossing the river from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. You can use a regular metro card to get on the tram. The tram line is right by the Ed Koch Queensboro bridge. It goes slowly so you can get a good view of East river.

We're arriving on Manhattan side! the tram can get you this close to the ground.

We then spent a few minutes walk to the Central Park. But food came first.

We tried the infamous Luke's Lobster, the branch in Plaza Food Hall located right in front of the Central Park.

You can guess how pricey it is. I'd say it's a weird combination since the lobster was cold but fresh. While the toasted bun was so goood.

When you can't get enough from must-try luxury food. Try Nathan's, the original New York hot dog. It's cheap and everywhere.

typical american sausage = salty af. I recommend buying a set or buying for 2 persons to a get a super worthy deal.

We didn't plan to walk around the Central Park completely. To save time and energy, we would stop by the MET today. And that would make the half of Central Park's lengthy side if we start from the south gate.

I realized this is how it feels like when you can isolate yourself from the messy NYC vibe just the other side of the park gate.

Not to mentioned, the weather that day was freaking nice. There was a sign of rain but luckily it didn't rain after all.

The Bethesda Fountain is a gorgeous spot for hanging out, if not for the torturing summer heat. It's also a tourist trap.

There was a few of wedding photo-shooting sets when we went there. People taking pictures, street music. Great place for people watching.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in the middle of the east side of the Central Park. We usually colloquially call it the MET, the largest art museum in USA.

Tip: if any, use your student status to get a discount for entrance fee. You can buy tickets from kiosks around the lobby, don't waste time in a long queue.

Good to know: there are 3 of the METs. They are used for totally different purposes. The MET which exhibits arts throughout the year is the MET Fifth Avenue.

There are 3 main floors in the huge ass building. Millions of arts. I spent 4 hours there trying to see the most. But, I think you can spend 5 days to cover literally everything.

There is always a special exhibition going on at the MET. In May'18, It was the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, which showcased the stunning design of medieval fashion by the modern designers like John Galliano (Dior) and Robert Goossens (Chanel).

Don't forget to study the floor plan and the ongoing closed area for special events, or you will get lost easily. (even the elevators are confusing)

We didn't miss the chance to visit the MET Roof Garden Bar, overlooking the Central Park. It offers cocktails, wine and comfort food.

And this would conclude my NYC trip. Still, there's a lot of places I wish I could have gone. Maybe next time NY! the city people hate to love you.


 Monday, October 14, 2019 10:28 PM