I've wanted to go to an Izakaya in Bangkok for ages.

Izakaya (居酒屋) is originally Japanese, means a place where people go to drink, traditionally especially after work. Or what we call Nomikai (飲み会) please don't mind me for being a japanese geek, hey I'm not a weeb!

While Yatai is commonly known as street food-selling carts in Japan, the restaurant setting and what they offer are far from being just street foods lol I guess they use Yatai as 'a hut', and that's ok as well.

The location is quite challenging. It's hidden in the infamous Thaniya area. But if you go with the Google map, you'll be fine. Car parking is out of the question, try your luck.

The atmosphere is like that one narrow alley in Shinjuku full of small bars where you would spend time talking and eating cheap food.

Aburi Yatai offers Asahi nama beer with an option of fruit flavors. I beg you to try.

Tofu Itame (Fried tofu with squid and asparagus), the dish is a nice starter, fried with soy sauce, not too oily.

Yakitori (Grilled chicken) and Grilled asparagus bacon, so freshly made it makes you want more.

Kimchi Nabe (Kimchi hotpot), the protagonist of the night. It was so good we finished everything in the pot.

Souffle Ebi Omelette (shrimp), a combination of western and eastern style. worth a try.

Nankotsu Karaage (Fried chicken gristle), this would be closest to Thai style.

The service was excellent. Staff know very well about their menu and draft beers.

I would recommend this place unless you want to go as far to Sukhumwit area and have to wait in a long queue.

How to go: BTS Saladaeng, MRT Silom + 5 mins walk if you're not lost.


 Saturday, September 28, 2019 7:17 PM