DAY3 : I am pretty excited this morning because I will travel to a new country. Let's go to Cesky Krumlov!

We have reserved Bean Shuttle Bus. I suggest you to take the shuttle bus run by Bean Company to Cesky Krumlov because it is cheaper than CK Shuttle Bus. However, all shuttles will drop you off at your hotel. They all have the headquarter at Cesky Krumlov. The ticket costs 1,600 CZK per person.

We are half awake and half asleep along the way because the driver tries to talk to us and tell us so stories all the times. There is a stop as well for passengers to have a quick break. You can use the toilet here as well as find something to eat. I am telling you, I am very impressed with the cost of living here. It is quite cheap.

It takes about 3 hours to get to our hotel, "Pension Nostalgie". Well, we almost can't get into the hotel because the front door is locked. Luckily, we have met other Thai people who are staying here and they tell us to contact the owner at the Antique shop located at the beginning of the alley.

We found him surprisingly wearing a T-shirt of Bangkok City to welcome us. This is so lovely!!

This is it, this is Cesky Krumlov!! I am already so in love with this town. Locals are very friendly and talkative such the owner of the hotel we are staying as a good example. This same owner said that he like Thai food very much. That's why I give him one cup of Thai instant noodle of Tom Yum Goong flavor for him on our departure day.

Please don't forget to have some of your money exchanged into local currency of CZK because you will need it for buying museum pass and stuffs here.

We are lucky that we have got a restaurant recommendation from ourfriend before coming here. We also have found out that this recommended restaurant is very close to our place. However, we didn't know that we need to make a reservation in advance. If you don't reserve in advance, you won't get a table upon arrival!!

Luckily, there is a table of a Thai couple. They come and tell us that they are about to check the bill so we can wait for their table right away. Oh my god! Thai people are always super kind (we didn't cut the line, you can stand by to reserve your needed outdoor table directly)

I guess I will have a good night sleep tonight because I had such a nice Bohemian Food. I am still think of the Onion Soup topped with cheese served in Bread Bowl.

DAY4 : We have the breakfast at the hotel which is cooked by the owner because he has only 3 guestrooms here. There are also some fresh coffee available which smell so good. And it is time to say goodbye to him with a cup of Thai instant noodle like I said earlier.

We have reserved a shuttle bus with CK Company to go to Prague. It is a door-to-door shuttle. They will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off at your hotel in Prague. The ticket costs 1,800 CZK per person.

This is where the surprise happened. It occurs to us that this shuttle just picked up a Thai couple we met at the restaurant yesterday, they who gave us the table. We get separated in Prague because we stay in different hotels. We stay in Andel area. It is very convenient here since there is a subway station, tram stop, and bus stop nearby. There is even a Tesco supermarket where we stop by every day. We just had lunch and will take the subway to the Old Town now.

The price of subway ticket here depends on how long you will travel. For instance, you need to buy a 90-minute ticket to go to the Airport plus a luggage fee. Please be noted that the luggage fee is a must to pay, without paying you might be fined a big amount of money when the staff come and check!!

Then we are here at Charles Bridge. It is a pity that it is very hot today so we have walked only half of the bridge before deciding to go back to the hotel. We are going to do some grocery shopping at the supermarket then cook. It is cheap and the food is tasty this way.

The new day has come and we woke up not too early as always (it has never been early for us to wake up because we are lazy and our day normally begins after 9 AM). We are going to Prague Castle today (opened from 9 AM - 5 PM, the ticket is 250 CZK or around 10 EUR). We have found that there is a big tour group about to get into the castle when we arrive. We think we better wait for a bit maybe chilling at a cafe.

I would say that St.Vitus is truly beautiful. It is the most beautiful church on this trip so far.

We would like to have today very relaxing. Our plan after a visit at Prague Castle is to find a nice restaurant in the Old Town area to eat before doing some shopping and go back to the hotel.

We are going to cook for dinner again. Then we will pack and get ready for tomorrow flight at 12.30 PM. We will leave Eastern Europe --> to Western Europe.

C U West Zone!!


 Monday, April 4, 2016 10:29 AM