DAY6 : Get on the plane from Prague to Milan by Easy Jet for about two thousand baht per person

Going to the airport, we have to buy 90 minutes plus luggage ticket. But it actually takes 40-45 minutes. The airport is very quiet, we can use free WiFi without password needed. To travelling by plane in Europe is quite easy because do not need to go through immigration again, just check-in and you are ready for boarding. After one and half hour, we arrive at Malpensa Airport, Milan then take a train to Milano Centrale and continue with ItaliaRail to Regiio Emilia which we already booked (66 USD/Person)

This is the train that we will take

It takes about 50 minutes to my sister house in Regiio Emilia. It is a small town, shady and livelier than Milan. The city square is an old church, quite a peaceful town. We are walking around with welcome drink from the bar before heading home.

Real Italian style for dinner today then get some rest and prepare for going to Venice on the next day.

DAY 7 : "Ideal Venice" I would say that it is a Dream Destination of many people. For me, I have no expectation but once I arrive, you have to come once in your life!!!!

First of all, we have to buy boat ticket and choose our pier to get off because each boat will stop at different pier. We design to go to the city square first to see the view and find something for lunch and then continue to other destination.

View from both side is really beautiful and the weather is really nice...Even it is quite hot but I do my best ^^

Arriving at the main pier..let's go>>>

St.Mark's Campanile

San Marco Bell Tower is where we can see panorama view of Venice from the top of the bell tower.

St. Mark's Basilica

It is an important church of Venice.

There are many shops around St. Marco Square both brand names and cafes.

Caffe Florian

It is the oldest coffee shop in the world.

Time for food...

Hotel Danieli from The Tourist (Movie)

Next is "Murano", All houses here are very colorful. Here we are looking for Blown Glasses Show. Luckily, there is a special group here so we can join them for the shown. Price for blown glasses is quite expensive as it is difficult to make and they also have to work in a very hot environment.

Lastly in Venice, "Rialto Bridge" which is a famous bridge but it is still under construction, next time I will take a photo of a complete bridge.

Say goodbye to my sister's family and Regiio Emilia with PaPa Pizza which is very delicious.

DAY 7 : Milano..Here we come!! We have limited of time here before going to Switzerland

First stop is Duomo Church. We just take a few photos and move on.

For lunch, my sister and my brother-in-law suggest to eat at the balcony of the mall next to the church. But it is really hot so we design to eat inside, the food taste is very good especially fresh mozzarella cheese!!!

When it is time for shopping, our energy level is rise up.!!

I will find the answer how they can do it when I get back.

No complain even it is hot, heavy or how much we are hungry. <3

It is really a time to say goodbye to my sister and my brother-in-law. Before get on the we stop by the Asian shop next to the station for food stock because we have to spend the next 4 days in a country that have very high living cost.

We buy SBB Train Ticket from "Milano Centrale" to "Brig" (37 CHF/Person). We only buy the ticket to Brig because after this we will use the Eurail Pass.

And our destination to night is a small town that surrounded by mountains and waterfalls "Lauterbrunnen"


 Wednesday, July 27, 2016 4:35 PM