Que loco! This hidden street is crazy cool! It’s not too big, not too small, not too long but it’s fun to walk through and see/learn/try different things Thai northern. Many things I have never seen/eaten and here, first time at this Lampang Cultural Street Market, Lampang, Thailand. That weird way of cooking omelette, you know. Oops, spoiler alert! Let’s go for walk!

Lampang Province

Lampang is the third largest city in northern Thailand. Not often I visit the city and I’m sure other people, especially, foreigners.. when talking about traveling in Northern Thailand to enjoy the cool(er) air, we all think about Chiang Mai. Lampang is nice too. One thing that would pop up in mind right away when thinking about it would be a horse-run rickshaw with an easy-going vibe, clean air and such local sceneries as a background.

Not so far from Chiang Mai so last time when we went visit Wat Phra That Doi Kham (One of the famous temple in Chiang Mai), we stopped and stayed a night in Lampang..

Lampang Cultural Street Market

Crazy! We had no clue where was that and what it would offer. We drove past a sign ‘ถนนสายวัฒนธรรม’ or ‘Lampang Cultural Street Market’. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Doesn’t that sound like something you would want to stop and check it out what’s really there?

It did sound interesting enough to us so we swung by..

It’s a bit hidden

I’m sure you could access the market from other entrance but from where we saw the sign and parked the car, it’s such fun little walk journey.. Small street with some greens on the side of it. It was lovely! A lot of locals get here by motorbikes so they could park just right off the Market.

I had no idea that small quiet road would lead us to such a place!

Lampang Cultural Street Market’s something we’re wowed since the first second we stepped into. Full of people. A lot of food, drinks and even clothes offered on both side of the street. It’s quite a small street so it seemed pretty packed..

Once started walking, a lot of food / dishes are something you wouldn’t find in Bangkok or any other parts of Thailand. Some that you could find easily elsewhere, they’re set up prettily that you feel like, they really put their hearts into what they sell.

Food at Lampang Cultural Street Market

Kai Paam

We have tried quite a few things there. One thing that I have to share as it’s so exotic even for Thai people like, my fam and myself. Omelette? I’m not too sure if this is really an omelette is that, the ingredients are exactly what would be in a normal omelette but the way they cook it is a bit unique. It’s called ‘ไข่ป่าม (Kai Paam)’.

Northern Thai Style grilled eggs on banana leaves. Tastes like omelette but the aroma of that charred banana leaf and how not greasy at all of the egg, make it the whole different story.

It gives such a dry feeling because there’s no oil involved. It’s good though, it’s really good! I’m sure if I have it often enough, this will grow on me and I would just forget the regular greasy omelette like, completely. This comes with such lovely price too, that one little banana leaf bowl of Kai Paam for 10 THB (0.3 USD)

Just right next to this Kai Paam stall, there are also a few things they sell that look quite cute. Unfortunately, we didn’t try them all.

Ho Mok, steamed/grilled eggs that mix with a few herbs and curry paste. This one also wrap beautifully in a leaf.

Grilled pork on screwers with literally a whole pig standing there next to the tray. Oh! Forget to mention, fake pig!

The green bouquets? Handmade flowers? or whatever you’d like to call those. They look pretty and smell so nice. No, not really for eating. This handmade-into-flowers pandan leaves are for putting in cars, bathrooms, fridge to Eliminate odor.

Pomelos with that little monkey guarding.

Deep fried Mushrooms

I love mushrooms in general. All kinds of them. Have you known one of the delicious ways that quite oily and so yummy? Batter and deep fry it then dip it in that sweet and spicy sauce. Really good chips!

Street food stalls

This is super duper cute. Street food in Thailand is basically awesome itself. Imagine if someone actually turns it into a mini restaurant where you can sit around the table where they prepare food / or close enough, just right there, on the street! They do it like that here at Lampang Cultural Street Market.

Like, this one.. Nam Ngiao (น้ำเงี้ยว), a Thai Northern noodle dish that’s being served right off a clay pot.

I regret not having more space in my tummy to stuff all these into it. All the food look so good and they’re all well priced. If I lived close to the market, I would go there so often and eat that Kai Paam to gain more protein from eggs without taking any oil in

(Might as well just boil eggs at home and eat them if I put it that way lol)

Drinks at Lampang Cultural Street Market

The weather was never really cold this time of the year. No, not even up north like in Lampang so, cool refreshing drinks needed always. We had a few drinks in that only hour wandering.

Let’s start with the most colourful one I fell for..

Street fruit smoothie stall

I know there’re these fruit smoothie places elsewhere around the world but not many places would have this kind of street stalls like in Thailand. Also, the prices, elsewhere just can’t beat Thai local prices! The fresh pineapple smoothie (Always la piña) cost me 20THB or a little less than a dollar.

Honey and Lime juice and its special handle

My oh my, in Thailand nowadays, buying whatever drink in a cup, you would also get a plastic handle that I don’t really think we need it that much. People need it though, for some reason. At this Lime juice stall, it’s the whole different story as they have this handmade natural handle. So cute and earth loving. We loved it a lot!

Karonda Fruit

I’m sure this is something new to a lot of you here. It’s even not so common around here. A small fruit with sour taste. I love it when they make juice out of it with a bit of sugar and salt. Pretty pink colour with so many health benefits also.

Benefits : Its fruit is used in the ancient Indian herbal system of medicine, Ayurvedic, to treat acidity, indigestion, fresh and infected wounds, skin diseases, urinary disorders and diabetic ulcer, as well as biliousness, stomach pain, constipation, anemia, skin conditions, anorexia and insanity.

Fun fact! I search the name of this fruit in English and google told me this.. Well, if you’re Thai, or know Thai, this would be dang dang funny!

Colourful Miscellaneous Stuffs at Lampang Cultural Street Market

Sugar cane could also be squeezed and made juice out of it.. Though, it could also be a base for a bug to be on.. See! Told you it’s a colourful street!

As it’s not really a tourist street at all. A lot of stuffs they sell here at this Lampang Cultural Street Market are something locals really use or need. A few clothing stalls, flowers (for Buddhism chanting) and even tons of fresh vegetables for home cook.

A small surprise at the market. You wouldn’t really expect any historic sites or ruins here, would you? I didn’t but then, on the way we saw this.. Just right off the street and people were so happy taking selfie with it.

The wanderlust and curiosity took us there, literally.

There, a really nice small local street where we hadn’t even known it’s there. Thanks to the sign and its simply catchy name, ‘Lampang Cultural Street Market’. I love all the food and drinks we had. I love the local vibes and how honest they are about the prices. If I have a chance to visit Lampang again one day (I’m sure I will..), I would totally be back here with real empty stomach and try them all delcious Northen Thai style food / snack and all.

Lampang Cultural Street Market
Address : Wang Nuea, Wiang Nuea, Mueang Lampang District, Lampang 52000
Tel : 054 237 229

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