You think that’s a clickbait, don’t you? The place we went literally ‘AROY ONE BAHT(อร่อยบาทเดียว)’ Both the name and the fact that, the rice soup / congee costs 1THB ( USD 0.033) each. Then you probably have to order other stuffs to go along with the rice / rice soup itself. This is actually not some unusual. 1 THB rice soup (ข้าวต้มบาทเดียว) places are literally all over. This is just another really good one we’ve come across when travelling through Lampang, Thailand on our Northern Thai last trip.

AROY ONE BAHT (อร่อยบาทเดียว)

The restaurant located just 1 min walk from the hotel we booked. Yes, that’s one of the reasons, it’s close. It’s so close. Oh! It’s actually not so far from the Lampang Cultural Street Market too. Both places are good for dinner!

Also, my dad’s been told that the food here is good and really reasonable priced. So there we went. The place is pretty local as I think not many foreign tourists come through here much.


AROY ONE BAHT has quite a lot of menu items varies from Thai dishes and all those Chinese influenced dishes. Actually, a lot of dishes in Thailand are Chinese influenced I’m just so sure.

I had no role on picking any of the food. I let my dad, step mom and the other 5 people I went with choose what they like. I didn’t regret doing that. The food we got were all good looking and quite delicious.

If you don’t believe it, look at Pooh bear kid’s face!

AROY ONE BAHT rice soup and other goodies.

It’s normal here in Thailand that you get your own plate of rice or bowl of rice soup / congee and share other dishes with other people. It’s Asian way of eating, how many times do I have to say this? jk! But yeah, eating like this is more fun. Trying more kinds of food so you experience more deliciousness.

This time, same thing. We got to try tons of tons of many different dishes.

Paloh Pork & Eggs (ขาหมู ไข่พะโล้)

Paloh is Chinese spice stew

This one comes with a really fatty pieces of pork and eggs. Some places make Paloh real salty and some make it real sweet. This was quite a great balance. I liked it maybe for the fact that those are the fatty ones. I love it fatty fat

Paloh Tofu (เต้าหู้พะโล้)

This is pretty much same thing as the one above. It’s just that, instead of eggs and fatty pieces of pork, these are tofu and some lean meat. The lean meat I was like ‘meh’.. but the tofu, not only because I like tofu in general but this one, it’s like AROY ONE BAHT (อร่อยบาทเดียว) stew it so long that all the spices and flavours absorb into the tofu perfectly.

Not just me, all us agreed on this dish!

Stir fry all kinds of veggies (ผัดผัก)

This is something simple. Real simple yet real good. Basically, it’s just whatever types of vegetable suit your preference. Dump all those into the extreme boiling oil (with a bit of garlic..?) then a bit of fish sauce or soy sauce.. As simple as that. The vegetables already have their own unique tastes and texture so..

Morning glory, Chinese White garlic chives, Cabbage and Eggplants.. Those are what we ordered this time. Can’t choose which was my fav. I loved them all like, literally.

Deep fried omelette, shrimps (ไข่เจียว กุ้งชุบแป้งทอด)

What would lure people the the deep fried / fried food does! You know it’s not the best way of cooking (in term of good health), you know it’s fatty and you know you love everything deep fried. Here we go, Thai style omelette with ketchup and the battered shrimps with sweet chilli sauce. If you haven’t done so, with rice, they’re such a treat!

Egg tofu soup (แกงจืดเต้าหู)

Another tofu dish on the exact same dinner table at AROY ONE BAHT (อร่อยบาทเดียว). We all love tofu. The one we saw in the Paloh dish was soy tofu. This one is egg tofu. The textures are really different. This egg tofu give such a nice and soft melt in your mouth kind of feeling. Both types are good in this clear soup but for some reason, the egg tofu is more common to make this dish.

The black stuff floating on the surface is seaweed.

All these cost a bit less than 500THB or $16 roughly.

That’s not bad at all. It’ 5 adults and 3 kids here we’re talking about. All the dishes above plus the rice soup / rice for each one of us. As locals, we’re even surprised how inexpensive that meal was. Soooo worth it every Satang (Thai cents).

We enjoyed it a lot and for sure would recommend to whoever pass by Lampang. AROY ONE BAHT (อร่อยบาทเดียว) is totally to go have a nice delicious dinner without hurting your wallet so much.

Khao Thom Aroi Baht Deaw Restaurant
Address : 7FQW+WC Lampang, Mueang Lampang District, Lampang
Tel : 054 219 233

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