"November is the season of green passing to winter (winter in Thailand mean November-March depend on which area you are)."

4th November is good day to travel to the green zone like national park. To get ozone, to keep eyes relax by green surrounding and the mountains in front of your cottage.

After finished 96 hours in the South of Thailand but that one is for Geopark, temples, sea, seafood etc., I decided to continue with go green trip to Khao Sok.

Because I got one week for vacation while 2 friends who joined with me on previous trip have to go back to work. Then it is time to be “Single Solo Traveler”. I and a big suite case 20kgs+big backpack heading to Khao Sok.

I arrived to the camp around 2pm and it is lunch time.

After checked in at the camp then I was ready at restaurant (actually I’m so hungry)

Chief explains the menu today. But I think that menu is for 4 persons but I am alone and I do not want to waste the food.

Then I beg her cook simple menu for me. She is so kind and suggest some spicy menu.

And I got what I want.

I love spicy food and enjoy eating any time.

I like vegetable and omelet is classic and simple menu but good.

In additional special dessert which chief cook as special menu for today.

And also seasonal fruits. I was enjoy eating all dishes.

And relax there till the guide came to me and inform to be ready to go rafting.

Then I change to slipper and leave all luggage at lobby. Me and another 6 foreigners get in to the minivan.

And the van took around 20 minutes driving to the pier.

Staff gave us the raincoat in case that it raining during the trip and also gave us water resistant bag to keep all things in.

After get all stuff the walked to the pier. It is not a proper pier but this is normal pier for canoeing and bamboo rafting in Thailand.

There is a couple from Korea prefer to sit on bamboo rafting while me and another European couple prefer canoe.

We have paddler so we just keep siting and enjoy the green view along the river.

The paddler told me that this river connected by 3 provinces. The water came from the Khao Sok Mountain. But this water do not go to the sea it go to meet with another mountains only.

This time is low tide of the river and it is only around 2 meters deep.

We left the pier around 20 minutes then the boat was stopped at small pier.

Paddler told us that we will drop for few minutes to have coffee.

Actually, guide told me about this coffee break and I was curious how can they build coffee shop in the jungle.

Who will buy their coffee? Do they have lots of tourist to visit this area and it enough for the coffee shop to survive?

There was so many questions in my mind but I did not ask them.

But after we get of from the boat and walked up on the small hill. May be around 6metres high from river level.

I saw another one guy there preparing to make campfire but for what ??

Some of the foreigner also do not understand what those guys doing. They sitting on the bench. I walked to see and ask them.

And I got answer to all my question about coffee shop.

They preparing to boil the water to make coffee for all of us.

They put the water in the big bamboo tube and put pandan leaf on top.

Another guy was preparing coffee cup for all of us with small spoon. Both made by bamboo.

The brought instant coffee, sugar and cream and prepare.

After the water ready then they start making and serve us.

This activity made foreigner say wow!!!

Very good creation activity they prepare and no any plastic or straw using here. Only bamboo. The paddler said that the coffee place will be moving depend on the water level.

Some of tourist want to keep this bamboo cup as souvenir and the guy say yes.

I also brought one. After that the boat took us along the river again.

And he stopped at some place and make a sign to us to keep quiet.

And point to the tree by the river. There are something moving.

And when we get closer to the trees then we saw they are many small monkeys.

They are so cute and friendly (there are monkeys at some island like Phi Phi but they are aggressive and naughty).

Everyone used their own mobile taking photo of monkey. And I got some shots (but not that nice)

We stop there around 10 minutes to enjoy seeing monkey and then the boat continues.

The paddler told me that during the high tide the water level become 5-6 meters. And that the reason why there are no people living in this area.

We keep talking about this forest until we reached to the pier and finished boat tour.

The same minivan was waiting for us there in the middle of the rubber plantation.

And I got good shots.

Most of all I got new friend. Natalie and Oliver, a couple from German. Natalie visit Thailand for the first time and she love this forest and the tour today very much. And I got one shot with all of them.

Meanwhile Oliver came here one time and both will come again in December and stay around 2 weeks in Bangkok.

I gave them my mobile number to contact via whatsapp in case that they want information about Thailand. I always happy to share information about my country to everyone who want.

I got new friends, Natalie and Oliver from this trip. So nice.

After arrived back to the camp and my room is ready then I got in the room and unpack my stuff.

The room is tent style (with air-con). With big terrace outside which is very good to sit and write with the mountains view in the front.

I love this view.

I like their bed and pillows.

They provided TV but I think not many tourist want to enjoy watching TV in their room instead of go out to the nature.

And I finished writing about my trip today. And it is 6.30pm, I should prepare for dinner which will be served at 7am.

I fell a bit hungry but do not know what to eat today. Keep finding from the menu but finally I got my dinner.

The chief cooked very good taste of this menu.“Rad nha Talay” flat noodle with seafood gravy with mix vegetable.

I met a Thai guy during dinner. He also travels alone and stay at this hotel for one night and then will move to stay on raft in the dam. I invited him to join table with me.

He is a guy who falling in love to nature especially forest and mountain. He had done trekking today while I did rafting so he share some experiences from his trip. He loves this trekking and he suggest I should bring raincoat as it might be a bit raining in the forest during trekking. Good to know then I can bring.

We kept talking about our travel experiences and seem that we are same type of traveler. Unfortunately, we do not have chance to join trekking this time. However, I met another one new friend during this trip besides of Oliver and Natalie from German which I met during rafting.

We finished dinner and separated around 9pm as he will travel to dam in the morning and I have to prepare for trekking tomorrow.

I went back to my tent and prepare all stuff for trekking before shower. And after finished everything then I spent sometime on the bed with lap top to check emails before turn off the light.

Before I close my eyes, I realized that I did not turn on the air-con but the weather still so good. So, no need air-con anymore. However, to make the air flowing better inside the tent. I use small electric fan which they arrange I the tent.

The tent has net and at the entrance. So, I unzip the entrance and open to see the light and get air from outside and close only the net. The electric fan brought in the fresh air from outside the tent to me. After set up everything, the time to sleep.

I slept deeply for 7.30hours and woke around 6.30am without alarm clock but by the song from the birds singing on the tree near my tent.

I got up and went out to the terrace. There is same view with difference weather from yesterday but so fresh. I take very deep breath to get as much as possible ozone.

Just a few minutes enjoying the view with short exercise then I prepare for shower as I have to be at the lobby at 8.30am for 10kms trekking to jungle today.

7.00am I’m ready at the restaurant next to the lobby for breakfast. There are 3 choices of breakfast which is boiled rice with chicken, American breakfast and fried-rice with chicken. I chose Fried rice which chicken.

But I remember that I bought instant noodle cup from minimart just in case. Then I make a soup to eat with fried rice

And this is my soup this morning.

And fried rice with chicken.

I was enjoying breakfast and relax at restaurant till the time. A guy name “M” introduces himself to me and he will be my tour guide today. Let’s start !!!

Today we do trek to Khao Sok National Park (6 kms). There was shower raining in the morning but it is not a problem to do trekking.

We took around 30 minutes by car to the National Park.

After stopped the car then we paid for the admission fee.

And then start walking.

The first stop is at the tree look like umbrella. M try to find something on the tree.

And finally, he found it. It is a kind of insect. He said the name is stick insect. It really looks like the tree stick with 4 legs and big eyes.

After first amazing nature then we stop at the map of the national park to see the route that we will walk and see what we expected to see along the way.

I saw some foreigner prepared themselves very well with long sock, trekking shoes etc., I’m in long pants, sport shoes and hat. M gave me mosquito spray and said that this can protect me from leeches.

I never seen the real leeches yet but a bit scare of them.

After sprayed then we start walking in to the national park.

We saw a small group of foreigners standing and watching something on the tree. The guide who take care that group showing something to them.

We also stopped and M show me a long tail monkey who look like gangster. And there are around 10 small monkeys playing around him.

This is first wild animal we saw today. They look like friendly animal but M told me better not get too close to them and he also suggest one of foreigner to keep their hand bag in side the backpack as the monkey might come and take it because they might think that there are foods in the bag.

We continue walking and a few steps after that we stop again and M point me to see above the tree. There is small snake sleeping there. The body look green and sleep peacefully on the tree stick.

Another guide came and say that this is “Beautiful poison viper” but he is sleeping mean he still full and do not want any food. So, we are safe (he walks after said).

We keep walking along the way and I really enjoy green atmosphere along the way.

From the sign showing that there are many waterfall inside this national park but M said that today we will do only half day walk so we cannot visit all waterfall.

We saw some flowers blooming, it’s after rainy season so everywhere is green and blooming.

The first stop of the route is here. We get out from the main road and walk on the small off road heading to the stream.

Along the way M point me to see “Flying lizard” . He has similar color with the tree so I had tried for a few minutes to find him but M saw him easily.

The stream looks brown today because it was raining this morning, M said.

But this area is not recommended for swimming because there are some dangerous fish. We continue walking along the stream. And finally, back to the main road.

And get out from the main road again to visit a waterfall. It is not big waterfall but there is amazing with the way to look at water fall.

M show me a big hole on the tree and suggest me try to see waterfall through that hole. And I got this view.

Beside of suggestion from M, I got another good shot.

We left waterfall as there are some more tourist arrived and seem they prepare to swimming.

While we were walking out from the waterfall. I got new friend who can fly.

Normally butterfly do not come close to human. But M said this kind of butterfly like to catch the human and suck the sweat.

Strange butterfly, may be they don’t like sweet like normal butterfly that suck only the syrup from flowers. We continue walking and seeing more and more amazing life in the forest.

The tree which I never seen before, insect which I saw first time here.

Till we reached to the meeting point which selling drinking water, soft drink and provide toilet. But please remember to take of your shoes and change to be slipper which they provide to keep clean and save the water to clean the floor after you left.

We spent around 20 minutes relax there and enjoy seeing the small waterfall and also waiting to see the gibbon because the officer said that there are some gibbons flying in this area.

We were not lucky today so we did not see any gibbon show up then we give up and walk back to the entrance.

On the way back we saw some butterfly. And nice background to get some selfie shot.

We reached back to the entrance.

We spent 2 hours walking 6kms today including spend some time at waterfall and relax area.

It was very good experience walking in this national park. I came here once but it was more than 10 years ago. Forest always change but in term of growth and blooming.

But the same tree that you see today can be seen again even 20 years after (if you still remember them). And as long as we keep and save the forest the nature take care all life.

M took me to another place to do first time activity for me. Taking bath with elephant.

This elephant name "Mali" and she love taking bath while someone scrub her skin.

He allow me to ride on her neck.

And take me walk around.

She is so cute and I like her.

It was a very good 20 minutes with this elephant.

A guy who take are her told me that she is 30 years old.

She look friendly and enjoy playing in the water. But I have short time with her.

After prepared all stuff then I have lunch at the camp. The simple menu with amazing create and wonderful taste “Phat Thai”.

We return to the camp. I already separated my stuff as the suite case is not convenience to bring with me to stay on the raft.

M suggest me bring only necessary things to use for day and night and keep the luggage at the camp and tomorrow driver will bring it to me when he pick up me from the dam.

From the camp we took around 1 hours to the pier. The sky looks a bit dark like it going to be raining soon.

Lucky that we prepare raincoat.

Before get on the boat we have to pay admission fee because this is the national park.

The boat took around 40 minutes from the pier by the driver name Mr.Nong. He is profession driver.

Along the way I enjoy the view of limestone mountain around us. This is the clay dam contained around 5 Thousand cubic liters of water.

The raft house which we will stay tonight is the first one on this direction. The dam is so big and there are difference routes for long tail boat.

The name of the raft house is The “Laguna Chiew Larn”.

There are 20 houses here with the restaurant in the middle.

They provided kayak boat for all guest but we have to pay deposit for paddle at THB 500/time.

Staff start explain term and policy for staying here.

All guests have to pay key deposit THB100 and get money back up on check out.

The electricity available during 6pm-6am. All rooms with air-con.

My room is A03 so a bit close to the restaurant (at restaurant they provide free coffee and tea 24 hours).

I got a key and get in the room. It is nice room and all room set up with one queen bed + one single bed even I stay alone but got same set up.

The room rates of raft house normally. If you come alone you pay full room rates. If we come two persons the resort will calculate price per person but total two person will be higher than stay alone.

I unpack and prepare everything for shower once the electricity available.

And then spent the time to get many ice shots from the terrace with stunning mountain view because this raft house are facing to the big mountains.

I should bring swimming suite because the water looks so clear and clean. May be next time. 6pm sharp, the electricity started while outside the room is getting dark.

Dinner will be served at 7am for all guest. And we were ready at the restaurant.

The menu today is deep fried fresh water fish. Fried cabbage with fish sauce.

Spicy seafood soup.The food is so good.

Me and M finished the food and continue sit at the restaurant and enjoy talking and sharing our experience of travelling.

And we separated to sleep around 9pm as we have to wake up early morning because we will do trekking again (shorten than today). And after trekking we will visit temple and taking bath with elephant and then I go to airport for flight to Bangkok.

I’m ready at the restaurant at 7am for breakfast as we plan to start trekking today around 8.30am. The distance today is only 3kms on difference route.

While I am waiting for my breakfast. I got some more shots. The scenic view look like paintings.

We took long tail boat from the raft house deep in side the dam. Along the way still have beautiful scenic view of limestone mountains.

Before we reached to the pier and start walking. The boat driver stop and point us to see “Horn bill”. It is not easy for me to find them because they are fly from one tree to another tree. The driver told us that in this area there are lots of horn bill but we can see them in difference area.

I kept my eyes focusing at the spot which the driver point to. Finally I saw them, I think they are 3-5 birds. This kind of the bird always flying so high so I saw them very small but the color is so clear with black and yellow.

M said that we are lucky today to see them as it is not easy to see this bird.

The driver continue to the pier.

After stopped the boat and we paid for entrance fee to the Animals Sanctuary. Then we stated walking but driver was waiting for us at the entrance.

There will be 3kms walk today. The track is more narrow than yesterday but not much.

We kept walking deep inside. We will walk to the pier inside to get the bamboo raft to visit the “Coral cave”. The water here is so clean and clear. The color is so green because it deep.

We walked pass the elephant foot prints and enjoy listening insect singing.

I saw one insect who singing so loud. This is another kind of cicada. Their voice sound like small horn.

After that we reached to the pier and get on the bamboo raft.

The water here looks more green but still which difference from outside. As this lagoon is separated from the lake outside.

The officer drove the bamboo raft for us and we heading to the cave.

Actually, it is not far from the pier but there is only way to reach there is by raft.

When we arrived the pier we walked up to the cave. Inside the cave is dark so M prepared lighting.

We walked in side the cave and enjoy seeing the stones and try to imagine to be somethings like women face, monkey face, heart, Alien, lotus flower etc.,

The stone still alive and shining when we turn on the light. M told me that he keeps telling other tourist do not touch the stone because the sodium from our sweat can kill the stone.

Some tourists listen to him while some do not. There are no any warning about touching stone but it depend on the responsibility of people to the nature.

We spent around 20 minutes in side the cave. M explain about the details about the cave and he said that this cave and this mountain should be at least 250million years old.

After that we went back to the pier and took the raft to another pier and start walking again.

On the way back. We got surprises.

First we saw Dusky Langurs. Their body is black except circles around their eyes are white. They are so cute and sitting on the tree stick which is so high. I tried to take photos of them by my mobile. The capture is not that good but at least I got it.

After enjoy seeing them we continue walking back to the pier. I found some flower on the ground and notice that the flowers are difference from the another side of National Park which we walked yesterday.

We kept walking but M stopped and point me to see something up on the tree.

Wow!!! There are another 3 dusky langurs on the tree. I’m so lucky to see them 2 times today.

But this one sitting higher than the first one so my camera can get only this shot.

We continue walking again till we reached to the pier.

We took the boat heading back to the raft because I have to take shower and then transfer to airport for flight at 7.35pm.

But the boat driver stopped again. And then point us to see big group of monkeys came out from the forest and enjoy their time near the water.

They are so cute and they do not care or afraid of us. The driver said that they know that we will not hurt them and also do not feed them. Because the national park do not allow to feed the wild animals.

I agreed with their policy because the wild animals know how to find the food as long as we keep their forest still.

We do not need to worry that they might not have food to eat and we do not need to bring any food for them.

I saw many places that tourist keep feeding animal like monkeys or birds the fruits. They should know that wild animals know how to find their food but if they feed them with difference food which they can find from the forest and once they get used to eat those food. Then they might forget how to find their food by themselves. And because tourist are not living with them so they can not feed them every day. Then who will ? they might die.

After that we heading to the raft. Chief prepared spicy chicken salad for me (I requested them because I don’t want them prepare too many dishes for me.). The food is so good and also they serve orange blend with lemon for me. It is very good refresh after walk.

I finished my food and then take shower and pack all things. And I ready to check out now.

The boat took us to the pier on the mainland. But on the way he took us drop by to see limestone park. It is amazing.

The big stone mountain surrounding with the dark green water.

We spent around 10 minutes there and then continue to the pier.

Finally, we reached to the pier. One thing that you should remember is whenever you take the boat you should wear life jacket.

I say good by to M and Mr.Nong the boat driver with very good memory with both of them.

I’ve told boat driver that I will come back again soon with my friends.

I like to stay close to the water. I make me feel cool and calm and relax. On the raft which I woke up and saw a stunning view of the bigmountain and some of fog floating on the top of the mountains.

This kind of the view you can not find from any shopping mall or city side. You can see lots of nice photos which other traveler took it and post on internet or share to you via social apps.

But you will never get your own shot as long as you never plan to go out and find it. I have lots of nice shots from my own trips.

But I never feel full of them and keep planning to go out again and again. How many trip you did this year? If no even one, you need it !!!.


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