Nonthaburi was declared a city in the middle of the 16th century. It was previously a village named Talad Khwan. During the reign of King Prasat Thong, a canal was dug to create a shortcut for the flow of the Chao Phraya. The river changed its flow into the new canal, which is still the riverbed today. In 1665 King Narai built a fortress, as the shorter river course was giving enemies an easier route to the capital, Ayutthaya. The town was then moved near the fortress.

Above official information which I had shown to my friend to convince him to join me go around this city. He firstly considering join or not join but when I told him that we will do cycling as well. That made me get confirmation from him.

This is joined tour so we have to meet group at “Wat Chaloemphrakiet Worawihan” which is very easy for me when I come from Donmuang Distric which is around 20 minutes by car.

There are 12pax in total including me and my friend. One of them love history about Thailand so he help us explain about this temple.

Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Worawihan, or simple known as Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat is a Thai temple in the area of Bang Si Mueang Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi Province on the Chao Phraya River, regarded as an ancient temple that is older than 160 years old. The temple was completed in The Reign of King Rama IV.

In Buddhis way, people go to temple with flower, stick and candle give to buddha image and make a wish. My friend also brought one.

We went in to the main hall I saw the painting on the wall is so beautiful. Some are already peel off but some still complete.

The doors also painted with lotus flower, birds and trees.

Outside is the small Thai style houses where monks living.

And when we walked deep inside the temple. There is a big white and beautiful pagoda. This is the Lung-Ga style pagoda that height is 45 meters and putting inside with the Buddha dharma relics.

After see around and make a wish then group move to the pier to get on the boat.

Today the sky is so bright so the view from the river so beautiful.

Along the river, we saw Thai people still using long tail boat for transportation because there are many houses and community along the river and boat is better option than car because no traffic.

We continue to another temple (we will visit 3 temples today). This temple name “Wat Si Ma Tai”.

This temple is important in the history of Thailand. There is a story about the main buddha image in this temple that the buddha float along the Chao Phraya River and stopped in front of this temple. The local people then bring him up and keep in side this temple for people to worship.

Inside the main all. We saw the buddha image in a story.

And the paintings on the wall are so beautiful as well.

We continue to the 3rd temple name “Wat Khae Nok” which have the big bell which have long history.

On the way we passed the temple name “Wat Dang Thammachart” we saw very big buddha with 7 heads naka cover his head. Many Thai people come here during new year to pray over last night of the year and welcome first day of new year.

We continue to Wat Khae Nok and see around the temple.

This temple have two main hall, one is the original one was built since the beginning of Ratanakosin kingdom.

Now they built new main hall behind the original one with beautiful painting.

It is lunch time and group agreed to find some place for lunch. And my friend who lead the group suggest restaurant name “River Tree House” or in Thai call “Baan Rabiang Naam”. From the temple we walk around 10 minutes then we reached to the restaurant. Actually, restaurant provide shuttle from temple to the restaurant but we all preferred to walk.

The restaurant is old wooden Thai house located next to the river. The house have big terrace and turn to be the restaurant with 2 floors.

From the entrance to seating area. There is big garden with trees, flower and relax corner.

And because location so we got very good view.

Mainly this restaurant serve Thai food but there are some western and Japanese menu as well.

We are 12 and everyone start order.

Shrimp sashimi with spicy seafood sauce.

Grilled egg-plant with Thai herb.

Pork cake.

Deep fried snake head fish with Thai herb salad.

And the highlight is Grilled river prawn.

We all enjoy lunch because the food taste is amazing.

And after meal, we order one of the most famous Thai dessert. Sticky rice with yellow mango.

After meal and before we all fall asleep. We all walk back to the boat and continue the highlight of the trip “Koh Kret” The small island combined culture of Thai, and Mon.

We arrived to the pier and since we stepped on to the island. There is weekend market where people selling food, drink, snacks etc.,

But before we move around the island we stopped at main temple of this island “Wat Paramaiyikawat” The old name “Wat Pak Aow” Mon people called it “Phia Mu Kia Teung”. Inside the temple is the location of the principle Buddha image which has a very special character than any others “Phra Nontha Munin” the Buddha image in Nonthaburi Province. Also the first original Mon language Tripitaka was found and kept in here. Inside the temple is a Three king’s tree “Ton Same Kasat” which lives more than a hundred years ago and alos a “Mu Tao” Pagoda (leaning) which is the landmark of Koh Kret.

We walked deep inside the temple to visit reclining Buddha image.

And then continue to the organic restaurant which is one of the famous restaurant on Koh Kret “Baan Suan Rim Chon”

Here they served all organic menu. And ingredients are picked from nature around their houses.

For example lotus flower.


We enjoy snack time with herb juice and take a break around 20 minutes after walk.

Then we start choosing bicycle. We are going ton ride around island.

But as there are some area that they do road renovation so the cycling routing has to be changed.

I got this one.

The guide for this cycling is local people who love to present her community to tourist and she will lead us today.

The way they build the road on this island is difference. It is look like long bridge around the community. We did not see any road on ground in this area.

We ride passing the houses, vegetable farm till reach to another temple “Wat Sao Thong Tong”

As we dropped the bicycle here (there was around 700 meters long ride).

The local guide said that we can do cycling around the island and we can come next time. She willing to be our tour guide next time as well.

After that we walk passed the village on another side of island. There are local people selling souvenir shops, dessert shops, snack, juice etc.,

Around 20 minutes walking then we reached back to the pier. And we took ferry back to mainland. The ferry fee is very cheap, only 2 Baht/person.

We finished this day tour fully with experience with local village, temples, cycling, foods. But I think this island have more things to see and we should come again next time. Soon!!!


 Monday, November 18, 2019 11:01 AM