"The more you walk the more you explore. I keep this words in mind and this words pushing me find new route to walk just because I want to know and see new things"

Today we are 5 walkers. Sakda, Eed and Yui are new member but Alem has experienced walking with me to China Town already.

9am is kickoff time and the meeting point today is “Café 511” a small café with 9 small tables with Hua Lam Phong main railway station view. I got one drink to my tumbler before all member arrive.

Alem is second one who arrived and he excited for this trip (actually, he excite with every trip). Around 10 minutes later all member are arrived.

Today we will explore

Tha Tien-Tha Chang-Phra Atit Road, Bang Lamphu-Khao San-Dinsor Road.

Some of them never try subway in Bangkok before. So, we start with subway from Hua Lamphong to Sanamchai station (in front of Museum of Siam next to Wat Pho (only 3 stations from Hua Lamphong). Reached to Sanamchai station then we walk to Ta Tien area.

Eed is the first one who say that I never know that Ta Tien have this kind of the places. Small shops, souvenir shops, café, nice hostel etc., We keep walking along the road next to Wat Pho but this time Wat Pho is not in our program so we did not stop.

I plan to take them by Tuk Tuk to Ta Chang but all preferred to walk, then we walk. Along the road next to the white wall of Grand Palace and another side is Chaophraya River make everyone enjoy walking.

We reached to Ta Chang. This area do not have much interesting place or highlight so we continue walking to Tha Maharaj which is one of beautiful pier after renovation.

Sakda is the first one who have question about the pier. So, I explained to him about the history of Thailand since the time we do not have much road like present. River is the main transport for logistic and transfer. Now we use pier mainly for ferry because another side of the river is Thonburi which used to be a capital city of Thailand. Still many local people use ferry to cross the river to save time and avoid traffic.

However, now many pier turn to be small avenue for café, coffee shops, restaurant, souvenir shops etc.,

Another question is from Alem “Shall we have breakfast here?” It was good question so I took all to “The Coffee Club”. Everyone order and waiting at the table.

Sakda and Yui got coffee while me and Eed got fruit frappe but Alem got difference thing.

We start talking while Alem take care his burger.

Around 20 minutes then we continue walking again.

I took them passing the Amulets market. This area is famous for Thai people and all people who are coming to find amulets. Sakda asked me how to know which one is real and which one is fake. Difficult to answer because I am not expert about amulets 😊

We continue walking and Eed stopped at the bakery shop name” Aroi” the name mean good taste. This shop is very famous for long time, they sell garlic break, cheese garlic bread. Eed bought 2 packs for her friend and I bought one for all walkers.

I invited all to try garlic bread and Alem is the first one who try and also the last one who finish it.

We left Tha Maharaj and walk pass Tha Prachan(moon pier) on Prachan Road (moon road) heading to Phra Atit Road(Sun road. Along The way we passed National Museum and National Theater where they have special event and show. Around 15 minutes then we reached to Phra Atit Road. The road where there are many old houses more than 100-200 years old. I have idea to take them on the long tail boat as none of them try before.

Then we stop by at the pier next to the hotel name “Riva Surya”.

This is nice hotel for both outside and inside. And there is good riverside restaurant next to hotel.

I contact the local Thai for long tail boat. She gave good price THB 1500/boat for private boat for one hour.

Alem is so excited to try long tail boat as same as Eeed and other.

The boat driver took us on the main river Chaophraya River and continue to the small canal.

The weather today is so good, sunshine but not humid and the wind blowing all the time.

The boat took us passing the temple, communities, houses.

Lucky today we found floating shop selling drinking water so I bought for all.

The boat still continued deep in to the canal. We are in another province area “Thonburi” and we reached to a famous floating market name “Taling Chan Market” But seem it quite late so some shops already closed.

We ride around Thonburi area and come back to the main river again.

One hour on the boat was so fast.

Finished canal tour happily then we continue walking again to Bang Lamphu community.

On the way we saw many shops preparing to open but not time for food yet so we just walked pass.

Yui had idea to skip Bang Lamphu community and find some foot massage shop to relax.

Since all are agreed with her idea then I took them to visit the last temple in the program “Wat Chanasongkram” I told Alem that he should visit this temple as Thai people believe that if you visit this temple and make a wish you will win over all enemy (trouble)

The temple is beautiful inside. Alem walked around to get many shots.

After pray and got enough of photos then we walked back to the massage shop name “Fantastic Massage” me, Alem and Yui chose foot massage while Sakda preferred Thai massage and Eed preferred to sit and wait.

Unfortunately, Sadka have appointment in the evening so he has to leave us before we finish the tour. So, we sent him on taxi and then we continue to visit the oldest masjid in Thailnad “Chakkraphong Masjid”.

The small street connect main road of Khaosan to the masjid. We walked there but because it was not the right time so the masjid already closed.

We got only some pictures from outside and then left.

It was time for lunch (3pm already). We walked back on the same road to Phra Atit Road where there are lots of good restaurants, café, coffee shop, tearoom etc.,

We stopped by at the noodle shop. Alem also wants to try this one.

We ordered difference menu then we can share and try difference menu.

Alem preferred crispy wonton with shrimp.

Me, Yui and Eed got noodle.

Next to the noodle shop is a famous tearoom name “Mitramitr”. We were very lucky to get table as this tearoom is very famous for tourist and local people.

We got the last table while other who came after us have to be on queue.

Eed can not eat much dessert then we order only 3 set of tea. Here you can choose type of the tea from menu and the shop will explain you for each menu.

The tea pot come with Thai dessert.

I chose Phu Er.The tea which is not too strong but good smell and good for digest.

Yui chose a tea which good for skin.

And Alem chose Jasmine Tea. His tea have very good smell of Jasmine. But the taste quite strong.

We were enjoyed drinking tea and dessert. Seem that we forgot that we just had lunch.

We want to sit longer but hesitate the long que outside so we finished our drink and dessert and then continue.

I asked staff if I can buy tea leaf but she said they do not have tea leaf for sell. So sad, I like the tea I drink so much.

This restaurant is located on the corner of the road which connected to Tanao Road. They selling drink, food and the highlight is "Pa Tong Ko" it is a kind of deep-fried dough stick. Eed really wants to try but we are too full. Then continue walking and passing the Khao San road but as it was too early for this area so it look like normal market where they sell souvenir, food, drink but for bar, pub still not open yet.

We continue on the road name "Tanao Road". There are lots of silver shops on this road as same as China Tow is famous for gold. The building was painted so all look new but still showing old style architecture.

Actaully, this road is parallel with Chakrapong Road and there are small street of Khao San connected both road.

We walk and heading to another road name “Dinsor Road” The distance is around 900metres so no one want to take Tuk Tuk or taxi but walk. We crossed the big intersection to another part of Tanao Road because this road is connected to Dinsor Road. This area still lots of silver shops.

From Khaosan Road is very easy to walk to Dinsor Road and there are many places along the way as well as the restaurants and café. But we were too full to eat anything so we just walking to the place calling “Baan Khanompang Khing” which Eed wants to visit.

Unfortunately, we were there too late and there was very que already. This place is an old house more which turn to be café for afternoon tea and bakery shop.

I gave idea to the group to visit “Wat Suthat” which is good temple which I visit last time. This is beautiful temple and Buddha image in side.

Alem always happy when visit temple. He like architecture. Each temple have difference architecture.

We spent around 15 minutes at the temple. I told everyone to walk back to a small poshtel name “The Printing House Poshtel” as they have rooftop where we can see good sunset moment.

We reached to the rooftop right on time. The sun was going down. We ordered cocktail and I beg the waiter to serve before the sun gone.

We got drink and got many shots. But Alem got urgent mission so he say good bye before we got our drink. So, he should join next time as this place is very good to see sunset and golden mountain temple at night.

After that antoher 2 friends came John and Radar.

Radar supposed to join us since morning but she got sick.

We decided to have dinner at this restaurant so we start order food.

We mixed Thai, Western food to share.

We were enjoy eating and talking.

The time flies so fast, it was 9pm already.

So, we decided to end our day tour today.

We started today at 9am and now is 9pm already. We spent 12 hours walking, talking, eating, and enjoy our day together. It was a very good time every time we walk. We get new member to join and we explore new places.

So, we will keep walking!!!


 Tuesday, November 26, 2019 2:34 PM