I have meeting with group of friends today at Victory monument and we should stay up late and tomorrow I have day trip to other province at early morning. So, I decided to find small hotel to stay overnight then I do not need to wake up too early.

“Josh Hotel” is a good choice and location is only 2 stations by sky train from Victory monument. So, if I stay at this hotel then very easy for me after finish meeting with friend then I can take sky train to hotel.

I booked a Deluxe Room without breakfast because I have to check out early tomorrow so I don’t have time for breakfast.

I plan to check in at Josh Hotel around 3pm because I have to meet with friend around 5pm at Victory monument so I want to drop everything at hotel first.

I called to hotel about distance from sky train to hotel and how can I get there. Staff told me that I can take taxi or tuk tuk or even can walk if I do not have many luggage. Then I walk.

From sky train I walked along the road in to Soi Ari. On the way is not boring because there are lots of shops, nice café and restaurants. And from sky train to hotel is around 2kms only (around 10 minutes by walk).

I turned right at Soi Ari 4 and keep walking a few minutes then I reached to hotel. The hotel is one building with nice exterior design.

I mean, it’s simple decoration but look nice.

I contact reception counter for check in. And got the room number 305. I paid THB 500 for deposit which I will get it back when I check out.

While waiting for staff process for check in. I walked around the lobby, I like interior design as well. It’s looks like I go back to ’60 years. There are lots of photo frame on the wall. Small corner with big TV and a boutique shop selling cloths and accessories for ladies.

Around 5 minutes I got a key and then staff show me where is the elevator. There is no bell boy services and no staff take care to the room but it is not a big deal. I’m with only small backpack and even with suite case also not a problem as the hotel is not big.

I get in to my room and checked facilities. As always that I will check if they put anything in the minibar or not as some hotels put beverage but some time house keeping did not check stock and might question you when you check out if there are some item missing. This hotel do not put any beverage in the minibar just only 2 big bottles of drinking water.

I got some shots in the room. The size of the room is 20sqm with king size bed. Built in TV on the wall, hangers, washing bowl outside the bath room to keep more space in side. Small leather chair next to the bed look very relax.

I like size of the room, not too big but not too small for staying 1-2 persons.

But I think this hotel is for leisure so it is not suite for business traveler as you cannot find working desk in the room.

I the bed is soft as same as pillows. After took some shots in the room then I decided to walk out to see around area again. I’m living not far from this area but never walk in this area before so there are many interesting thing bear by.

There is small new community mall not far from hotel. A nice Japanese restaurant around 300 meters from hotel.

I stop explore the area because almost the meeting time so I walk straight to the sky train station and heading to meet with my friends.

After meeting, it is around 8pm then I say good bye to all as I have to wake up early tomorrow so I take sky train back to hotel.

And I walk again from sky train station to hotel. But at this time is more interesting than afternoon when I arrived.

There are more food stalls along the street and food that they selling are look yummy. But I was too full to eat anything. I keep walking to the hotel because I want to relax before bedtime.

When I arrived to hotel I saw there are some decoration at the pool. Seem they have small party in the evening so I took some shots from the pool area.

And before go up to my room. I stop by at the restaurant next to the pool and because of the staff present me the homemade coconut ice-cream and because I like coconut so much so I tried one scoop. It so delicious ice-cream.

It enough for today, I go up to the room and closing the day in a small cozy room. I this hotel, minimal decoration but in style.

When you get in the hotel it peaceful and relax. Staff are friendly and bed is so good then I should sleep early to spend longer hour on the bed before wake up tomorrow.


 Thursday, December 12, 2019 11:57 PM