"A very warm welcome you to 1905 Heritage Corner. Bottle of water, Chinese tea & coffee, soft drinks and fruit bowl are available to make you feel at home. We are glad to have you with us and wishing you are enjoying your visit"

That the wordings on welcome letter which put on the bed when I get in to the room. 1905 Heritage Corner is my room tonight. I walked pass this small hostel many times but did not have time to check in till today. I have meeting with friends for dinner at Printing Poshtel on Dinsor Road and normally our party end up late night so I booked this room to stay tonight.

There are only 3 rooms here and I was very lucky to get the room for tonight. Another 2 rooms was booked by American.

I checked in at hotel around 4pm and get very refreshing welcome drink “Mango juice”.

The small living corner next to check in counter look lovely and feel like home.

Staff took me to the room on 2nd floor (there are 3 rooms in total with 2 rooms on 2nd floor and one room on first floor). 

Wooden floor, wooden wall, wooden ceiling. 

Amazing exterior can see from outside but inside is more.

Old style bed with soft and comfortable bed sheet and pillows.

I like the drawing on the wall above the bed.

There are glass windows which can see buildings outside.

Small wooden chairs with coffee table in black color.

Welcome garland put above the minibar make good smell of jasmine flower.

They do not have bathtub but it is not a problem as I prefer shower.

I like to washing area.

And the door.
The room with air-con but they have classic ceiling fan.  And a big size of smart TV on the wall. The room is mixed with authentic Thai style but hi-technology for all electric facilities.

I like the wooden floor, feeling warm when walk with barefoot. Room size is not too big but in good size for 1-2 persons.

Seem I like every details here. I spent around 1 hour for check in and take so many shots in the room. 

And after finished meeting with my friend then I walked back to 1905 and go to bed quite early because the bed and pillow look very soft and comfortable.

The clock alarm at 7am. I heard the chicken singing from the house next door. We get up and prepare to check out and excited to see how they serve breakfast as I saw small dining table next to the lobby and there are only 2 small table.  I assume that one table for one room then there should be 3rd table set up somewhere.

I remember I saw this area when I check in yesterday. But it was like this.

They set up this small corner to be lovely dining table for us. 

First dish served on table.

Seasonal fruit. Rose apple is so delicious as well as pineapple.

And I like all table set.

Fresh orange juice is so good.

I'm not sure if I can explain completely about the taste of this 2 dishes. But we finished them all.

And this menu is peanut with minced pork wrap with rice powder. This menu you can see from many places in Thailand but the real taste is hard to find.

And this is wonderful last dish for breakfast today. After staff put this dessert which made by potato with rice powder and coconut if I want hot tea or coffee. But we ae too full so we tried only this dessert and it very good.

This is all about 1905, the place which I fall in love at first sight and finally I stayed here last night and I like everything here. And if you are looking for a nice place which located in the location of walking distance to all highlight of Bangkok such as Grand Palace, Wat Pho, China Town, Giant Swing etc., This is the answer "1905 Heritage Corner"


 Sunday, December 22, 2019 1:23 PM