In Malaysia, besides all the delicious food. The beautiful mixture of cultures of Chineses, Malays, Indians, etc. I’m pretty sure they’re so proud of their durian culture. It’s everywhere! Not just durian fruits but all the durian snacks and desserts. One thing I was so surprised and excited about was this street durian stand. We don’t have this kind in Thailand!

Malaysian Durian & its Durian culture

When I was in Malaysia, hanging out with some Malaysian friends, of course, there’s some food, some booze and some durian involved. After the delicious Chinese meal, we were heading to a drinking spot but wait… I think I saw something I was not used to.. a street durian stand. No wait, no question asked, I lead the way and had 2 locals experts.

Sooooo many types of durian for you to choose from and the charm of this type of street durian stand is, you can just sit and eat there. Order, eat and order more just like in a restaurant. How cool is that? We had 2 types. First, of course, Musang King, King of the king. Some countries, durians known as the king of fruits and here in Malaysia, Musang King is a king of all durians so…

Then we went ahead and tried some XO durian. This one is different. It’s quite bitter and almost alcoholic taste kind of. Not bad though.

We didn’t eat so much though since Malaysian friends warned us not to. It’s not the best idea to combine durian with the alcoholic drinks we’re going to afterward.
Epic! It was epic. A bunch of durians and many types we could choose from. When you dine in, they give you a plastic glove so you could dive in the way you want without worrying there would be stinky durian smells follow you after you’re done.

Dark side of the durian

Now back to Thailand. There’s always this topic ‘Thai durians vs Malaysian durians‘. Which is better? Which is more delicious. Not gonna lie but the best one I have had so far was in Chantaburi, Thailand.

Anyways, not gonna go too deep about how delicious this fruit is but instead, let’s talk about its dark side.

I was showing an Aussie friend around Bangkok. It’s his first time in Bangkok and for some reason, he mentioned ‘Durian’. Luckily, we’re at Chatuchak Market, the world’s largest weekend market. We’re just so close to Or Tor Kor market, the high quality and pricey food, fruits, and vegetable.

I took him to try Durian for the very first time at Or Tor Kor market

Here, one big piece with so much durian flesh on it. Believe it or not, when people are b*tching about how bad durian tastes and how stinky it smells. I guess they didn’t try the right ones. If you know what and where to get, you would enjoy it quite a lot. It’s creamy delicious. By the way, my Aussie friend liked it and he finished that whole big one himself. I didn’t feel like having some at the time…

Afterward, we went straight to Chao Phraya River to one of my most favorite cafes in Bangkok ‘Coco Chaophryaya’ and of course, a few Chang beer… Weren’t we so lucky, there’s a Free Muay Thai fight event happening so… we also ended up there.

It’s semi indoor and there were so many people watching so it’s not much air at all. I was a small little one trying to get to the front to watch the fight and forgot about my dear friend for a bit. I look back and he was in a ‘not well’ condition. I was like ‘Oh my god, what the hll happens??*’He was fainting!!

No kidding but he’s way far gone. He didn’t know what happened and his face turned pale. The good thing about fainting at the Muay Thai fight was that there’s a doctor around! More fan, water, ammonia, and a few medical devices I had no idea about.

He’s back! and the durian involved!

After almost an hour, he’s back. A doctor recommended I get him some electrolyte drink so I did. 7eleven we went, then while he was drinking the life-saving drink, he was joking ‘Maybe it was the durian I ate today!‘ Holy!!! I suddenly thought of the time I was in Malaysia and Malaysian friends told me not to eat much durian because we’re going for some drinks afterward. That must be it!

I right away look up ‘Durian Beer..’ and you know how google do it, it suggest the most searched words / phrases and that was…

Durian Beer Death

I was like, dang! It almost happened with the one I knew!

Many people who’ve paired the durian and alcohol have suffered from severe vomiting, headaches, nausea and yes, even death. That said, there are no scientific backings to prove if mixing both can kill you. However, people who suffer from heart diseases and high blood pressure are generally advised not to mix the two.

Oh well, you poor Aussie having a friend like myself who knew about the ‘Durian Beer Death’ without realizing I knew it! We’re so lucky this didn’t go a bit too far of the story. Instead, we have a nice story to tell! and yes, we have learned something new. Never again, eating durian and drinking alcohol all at once.

Here’s another Epic Durian dessert journey we had in Malacca, Malaysia. Just not with beer, that’s all.

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