I glad to meet you again. This trip, I will bring you to see South Korea in winter.

Everyone knows that the capital city of South Korea, Seoul has famous for the shopping district. They sell Korean cosmetics, clothing and more. And some product is cheap and good quality.

In addition, I will bring you to see the palace and Seoul's atmosphere in winter.

For dressing up during the winter season, I recommend you take some coat and gloves to protect the cold wind because the temperature is around 4 degrees Celsius to -9 degrees Celsius.

Are you ready?




First checkpoint.. Incheon International Airport

Most of tourists who want to visit to Seoul will be arriving at Incheon International Airport.

It has a very big duty free because it has to support tourists from Europe, U.S., and Asia.

If you don't like shopping in the city, you can shop here instead.

Next... Going to the Capital city.

Second checkpoint... Noryangjin Fish Market

Seoul is located near the sea so I went to the fish market for fresh seafood.

When arrived, I saw a crab walking out in front of the store and Tuna is still alive.

So, I can guarantee you will eat fresh seafood here.

Third checkpoint... Dongdeamun

This place is a famous shopping district. It has a lot of shopping malls which clothes at a bargain price.

I got a coat from here, which the price was discounted by 50 percent.

Fourth checkpoint... Gyueng bok-kung Palace

This place is the highlight. Gyeong bok-kung palace is a famous palace of South Korea and very popular among the tourists.

Well, The transportation is quite simple. You can take a subway directly to Gyueng bok-kung station.

The walls in this stations were made from stone, Tunnel look-a-like, seems Korean antique.

Many tourists here wear Han-Bok costume (Korean traditional outfit).

There is a special offer "Free Entry" for a person who wear Han-Bok. But I didn't have it, so the entry fee cost 3000 WON each.

To purchase an entry ticket, there is a selling spot. And they are also split the line into 2 type, Ticket machine or Normal ticket counter. 

For ticket machine, credit/debit cards are required or Samsung pay is also accepted.

For counter purchase, cash is also available to be paid plus ticket machine payment condition.  But the queue is too long to wait.

After getting in the first tier, there are some decorations by traditional Korean architecture.

Walk deeper into the unknown... no ... inside the palace. There are some buildings look like a place to rest for the duchess. There is a big building in the center of a lake but cannot visit inside. So, I decided to take a picture from afar.

Nature here is beautiful. If you come by snow, the feeling will be totally different. Water in a lake will be replaced by ice. The walking road is so long but I couldn't take it. Too cold for me, I decided to leave.

Fifth Checkpoint... Mojeongyo bridge.

This bridge was re-built an old cobblestone one which was constructed in 1412. (The third king of ๋Joseon realms.

In Christmas and New Year celebration, there are light decorations around CheongGyeCheon. It is a place for the tourists to have some nice photos here.

Sixth Checkpoint ... MyeongDong

Who else doesn't know MyeongDong ? The one of the most famous shopping district in Seoul.

Cosmetics shops are all around. Many brands are available here.

Surely, crowded here. Make it impossible to stop and rest here. Walking and shopping are only the choices.

We made to an end of South Korean part 1.

This is only my first 2 days. There are more !!

Please follow me for the next part :)

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 Monday, January 13, 2020 2:43 PM