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I will tell you that this chapter has a few checkpoints because I spent a lot of time for shopping. And this reason makes me forgot to take photos. Haha

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The first checkpoint, Seoul Forest

Formerly, The Royal Forest allowed the royal family used for hunting animals and for applying to be a soldier. Next time, this area was eventually transformed into a golf course, horse racing and exercise park.

The interior consists of 5 public parks. It has a big size, 1.16 million square meters. And the highlight of this place is the beautiful spots, Autumn leaves viewing spot and Korean Sakura viewing spot of Seoul.

If you visit here in Spring, Seoul Forest will be a very beautiful place.

Seoul Forest is surrounded by many buildings. It is called the forest in the city.

The second checkpoint, KyoChon Chicken Restaurant

It is a chicken restaurant similar to BonChon.

The last checkpoint, NamDaeMun

The biggest and oldest market in South Korea. This market has a long life, opened from 1414 to the present day.

The NamDaeMun market is very famous and popular among tourists, Koreans, and Foreigners.

The NamDaeMun Market is near the Great South Gate, the entrance of the old town in the past.

On the last day, I went to Myeongdong for shopping and I already put the coordinates in chapter 1.

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